Epic Battle Fantasy 4 created by Kupo Games.
Images used for educational purposes only.
Epic Battle Fantasy 4 begins with a most heinous crime. The Greenwood Jewel has been stolen, and three warriors of ill-repute are suspected to be behind the theft. Green-haired Anna, an archer of no little skill, sets out to track down the bandits and bring them to justice.
You start off in Greenwood Village. This central area is where the Jewel is usually found; right now it's full of mourners and some basic instructions on how to play the game. There's also a blobby cat on a tree stump that will teleport you to other areas once they're unlocked. In short, not a ton to see. (Though checking out the cat will earn you the Slime Cat medal.)
Head west to start. Here you'll find Anna's home. Out front is a bucket of water where you can restore your party's HP and MP in the future, courtesy of a Slime Bunny. Inside her house you'll find Panties (as well as the Panty Thief medal) and two Coffees in her dresser and Crisps on her desk, and if you check the mushroom outside you'll find two Bad Mushrooms and a Cherry. Click the lower window when you're outside and Anna will find a Lollipop, three Kiwis and two Cherries.
Anna explores Greenwood Village.
Anna explores Greenwood Village.
South of Anna's house is a small puzzle area that's full of stones you can move to access the treasures within. (Moving one will net you the Used Strength medal, and checking the chicken will label you a Chicken Molestor.) Check the treasure chest in the northwest corner for BeefCheese and four Bricks, and move the stones in the southwest corner - the top right stone can be pushed two squares south - for a Potion Badge, three Muffins and one Milk. Check the large stone beside the green-haired goof here for one Iron Ore and four Bricks. There's more to get here, but you need a hammer first.
North of Anna's home is the Equip Shop. You have no gold, so there's not much point to going inside. Squeeze behind the Shop to find a Honeycomb and two Ogle Berries and check behind the second tree for a Clover Pin and three Turnips.
Back here is also a path into Lankyroot Jungle. You can't go far into it, but you can pick up a few items: Sushi, Ham and a Speckled Egg.
East of the Equip Shop is an area populated by people with small tasks. You don't have anything they want just yet. Check behind the pig for Soft Wood and three Bricks and the bucket for two Dirt Balls. There's also another Slime Bunny here, and the path north leads to Lankyroot Jungle.
East of here is a Food Shop. Check the tables for a Chocolate CornetBeef and Bacon. There are two more fetch quests to be had here, one of which requires a Speckled Egg, Bacon and a Chocolate Cornet. You now have all three, and in exchange you'll get a Pocket Clock, five Spring Springs and five Chain Links.
Anna finds some treasure in Greenwood Village. Huzzah!
Anna finds some treasure in Greenwood Village. Huzzah!
South of the Food Shop is an Item Shop. You still don't have any money, leaving this place useless. It's a good source of materials for the future, however. East of here is Ashwood Forest, your next destination. Don't head there yet.
Further south is a small area full of woodpiles. You'll learn a little about helpful monsters, and if you check the rock on the right side of the screen you'll find three Turnips and one Lanky Root. Check the woodpile just south of this rock for two Gash Nuts and three Bug Wings, and the woodpile in the northwest corner for six Ogle Berries and a Soft Wood.
Almost done. The last area to the west of here has a treasure chest sitting amid a pond. Anna notes that she's too heavy to walk across the lilypads, so you can't get it yet. Ask around for more help and another quest.
All done. Head to the east side of Greenwood Village and into Ashwood Forest. You've got some nutty heroes to hunt down and bring to justice.