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Storm Coast Quests

A Glowing Key

Trigger: Glowing Key
Reward: +40 Influence

While exploring the beaches of Storm Coast you will probably come across the cabin of Apostate's Landing. You can step inside and find some loot, as well as the Par Vollen: The Occupied North Codex entry, but a door inside the cabin remains locked. It will remain locked until you get the Glowing Key...

... and to get it you need to kill a Rebel Mage, a boss-level character found in Driftwood Margin. He's waiting for you just south of the Driftwood Margin Camp, which is in the hills of the far southwest of Storm Coast, and he has a band of Hurlocks to help him. Wipe out the Hurlocks, then corner the boss and stunlock him to death with melee fighters. He takes a lot of abuse, but so long as he can't get off spells he's a piece of cake.

Pop into the cabin and use the Key on the door. Inside you'll find a set of notes, as well as stairs leading beneath the house. Here you'll find a chest containing the Might Offense Tonic Recipe, and another with some random loot.

Antivenom Requisition on the Coast

Trigger: Requisitions Officer
Reward: +1 Power, +80 Influence

Your Requisitions Officer(s) want you to bring them ten Elfroots and five Spider Ichors. Elfroot is as numerous as it ever was 'round these parts, while Spider Ichor is dropped by Giant Spiders. You can find them in the caves of the Storm Coast; one is to the northwest of the Storm's Solitude camp, while two more can be found to the southwest, along the beach. Look for torches. You can also find them (in greatest abundance) in the Waterfall Cave, located at the eastern end of Long River.

Cleaning House

Trigger: Visit the Storm Coast for the first time
Reward: +1 Power, +80 Influence or +4 Power, +330 Influence, +1 Agent

Head south from Storm's Solitude, through the trees and away from the coast. There's an Astrarium on your map to the southwest, and near it you'll find several houses occupied by a bundle of Bandits, largely archers and mages with a Mabari or two. Take them out - not that difficult a battle so long as you don't take on everyone at once - then check the houses. In the second you'll find the Mercy's Crest Recipe, some assorted loot, and a map. The map is the crucial element for completing the quest...

... but you'll also want the Recipe. Mercy's Crest is a requisition requiring two Serpent Stones and one Deepstalker Hide. The Serpent Stones can be found attached to rocks in the south of Storm Coast; the Deepstalker Hide is gained by killing Deepstalkers. You'll find these critters in a cave to the northwest of the Storm's Solitude camp, along the edge of the beach.

Head more or less south along the rocky terrain from here and the area will open into a small valley. In the midst of it is a bandit camp. You now have two options:

  • Take out the bandits with a frontal attack. You'll face a load of Hessarian Archers, two Hessarian Hounds, and a Hessarian Leader inside. All are fairly standard enemies, though they have the advantage in numbers. Take shelter to create a bottleneck for running them down.
  • Equip the Mercy's Crest and enter the camp. The Hessarians inside will be passive, though approaching their Leader will trigger a fight with the man and two of his Hounds. It's basically an easier battle with much better rewards.
After killing or recruiting the Hessarians, check the camp's sole building for The Conversion of Hessarian Codex entry and some loot.

Holding the Storm Coast

Trigger: Visit the Storm Coast for the first time
Reward: +1 Power, +50 Influence per camp

The Storm Coast needs camps. You can find them in the following locations:
  • Far to the south of Storm's Solitude, along the coast. Head south along the beach until you're forced up into the hills. You'll find Apostate's Landing above. On the other side of this mountainous terrain the beaches resume, and you'll find the site for the Small Grove Camp near some particularly blocky rocky formations that are visible from a fair distance.
  • In the far southwest corner of the map, again along the coast. You'll find the Driftwood Margin Camp in the region of roughly the same name; head south until the coast veers west, then check in the hills to the south.
Rift at the Falls

Trigger: Close the Fade Rift
Reward: +2 Power, +200 Influence

This Fade Rift is similar to those listed below, though it belongs to its own, separate quest, and is a bit more difficult to close since it has more than two waves of enemies. You'll find it in Waterfall Cave, a shaded, rocky area located along the eastern edge of Long River. Follow the water inland and you'll find Waterfall Cave. 

Rifts on the Coast

Trigger: Visit the Storm Coast for the first time
Reward: +1 Power, +80 Influence per Rift closed, +2 Power and +200 Influence for closing both.

Yep, the Storm Coast has Fade Rifts, too, though only two. They're in the following locations:
  • Morrin's Outlook, south along the initial stretch of beach from Storm's Solitude and on its own separate island that juts into the western sea. The Rift is on a small, northern outcropping of Morrin's Outlook, down from the heights and by some seaside docks. (Also look near here for a table with the A Challenge! Codex entry sitting atop it.)
  • Almost directly north of Small Grove Camp, along the beach. If you wander west onto the beach from Storm's Solitude and follow it south you'll eventually come across this Rift.
Wardens of the Coast

Trigger: Visit the Storm Coast for the first time
Reward: +1 Power, +80 Influence

The Grey Wardens aren't on the Coast at the moment, but there are plenty of signs of their presence if you know where to look. You can find Signs of the Wardens in the following areas:
  • Small Grove, a region located south of Apostate's Landing (which, itself, can be found by following the western beach to the south until it terminates). Slide or climb down the steep cliffs near the Landing (there are some massive rock formations to the west, if you need better landmarks) and look for a small, rocky passage in the trees. Beside the passage is a bundle of letters which you can ping.
  • Apostate's Landing itself. Once you've established Small Grove Camp, head east through the foothills until you find an Astarium. (You can also find a small camp near the Astarium with the From the Canticle of Transfigurations Codex entry, eff why eye.) Southeast of here you can find a tent; outside the tent is the heap of letters to ping. Doing so will also give you Grey Wardens Treaties for another quest.
  • Westridge, found to the east of the Driftwood Margin Camp, on the high ground. As you ascend into the region you'll see a heap of rocks on the rise to your left; look behind it to face some Darkspawn. At the rear of the rocks you'll find the pile of papers to ping.
  • Also in Westridge, a short jaunt southeast of the first spot. You'll find a small, mostly-ruined shack through the rocks, overlooking a rather precipitous drop in the land. Ping inside to find Grey Whiskey/Ritewine/Conscription Ale hidden on a table, a Warden Commander's Badge (Blackwall greatly approves, and 40 Influence to boot) on a bedroll, loot in a box, and the Sign you've been looking for in a heap of papers.