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A Difficult Decision

Location: School, Home Town
Trigger: Chat to the School Mascot
Reward: 15 XP

The School Mascot’s special power allows him to change the difficulty level of battles, thereby increasing the rewards gained at battle’s end. Chat with the Mascot to receive the quest, 

Class is in Session

Location: School, Home Town
Trigger: Chat to the Teacher
Reward: 30 XP

Talk to the Teacher on the first floor of the School and he’ll offer to tutor one of your citizens. Leave a citizen behind for any amount of time ($100 for fifteen minutes is probably good at the beginning of the game), then come back and speak to the Teacher about Class once it’s over to complete the quest.

Dirty Politics

Location: Home Town
Trigger: Talk to the Protester
Reward: Flashy Jewelry, 164 XP 

After dealing with Moonbucks in Home Town you can find a Protester standing outside a house in the far north of Home Town. He’ll tell you about some juicy info regarding the Opposition Leader, and further expands that there may be Evidence regarding him in the Capitol Building of Capital City.

Advance through the plot until you're raiding the Capitol Building. Once you gain access to the west wing of the second floor, look for an office to the northeast of the stairs. Inside is a desk, and on the desk is a stack of papers. Check these to get the Evidence you were looking for. Take this back to the Protester for your... reward.

Duck’s Tale

Location: Crystal Beach
Trigger: Talk to the Anchory Bird
Reward: Legwarmers, 190 XP

To the west of the cabanas on Crystal Beach is an Anchory Bird and her ducklings, and unlike the rest on Crystal Beach she’ll talk to you. This Bird has lost one of her young, and she implores you to find the duckling. Head to the southern half of Home Town and check out the east side of town, near the docks. The duckling is here. Bring it back to mama for your reward.

Go Nuts For Donuts

Location: Bakery, Home Town
Trigger: Chat to the Farmer
Reward: Donut, 15 XP

The Farmer in the Bakery wants three Donut Pieces. You’ll gain Donut Pieces by defeating Protesters, which roam Home Town in abundance early on. Bring back three, then Combine them via the Farmer

Not-So-Special Delivery

Location: Capital City, Capitol Building
Trigger: Talk to Not-so-Secret Agent
Reward: Can o' Beans, 130 XP

After finishing the nonsense with the Capitol Building and beginning Chapter III you'll find a Not-so-Secret Agent hiding out front of the Capitol Building. Speak to him and he'll ask you to deliver four Not-so-hot Coffees to his fellow agents, who are spread throughout Capital City. They're in the following locations:
  • The far northeast corner of Capital City, hiding in front of several red-bricked buildings
  • The far northwest corner of Capital City, hiding near the small beach north of Moonbucks
  • The far southwest corner of Capital City, hiding in front of the Breakfast Bistro
  • The far southeast corner of Capital City, hiding in front of a building near the exit to Eden Industries
Return to the agent who gave you the quest to receive your reward.

Reality 2.0

Location: School, Home Town
Trigger: Chat to the Programmer
Reward: 34 XP

Check out the bottom-left room on the second floor of the School. The Programmer’s in here, and if you chat with him about the PC to his left he’ll give you the quest. Complete any battle in the VR Arena he mentions to complete the quest.

Squid Pro Quo

Location: Crystal Beach
Trigger: Approach the western bridge
Reward: 134 XP

If you first go through Crystal Beach via taxi you’ll see a giant squid blocking the western bridge. The taxi will get through. If you decide to walk the squid will still be here, and it won’t let you pass without a ‘bright idea’. Follow the beach north of here and up onto the cliffs, then follow the path along the cliffs southwest and south. You'll find a lighthouse. Flip it on to annoy the squid.

Head back to the bridge and approach the squid. The thing's Tentacles will attack. They're boss-ish, but overall pretty easy. Use electrical attacks to take 'em down.

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