Home Town

- With Moonbucks somewhere in the stratosphere, the south of Home Town has opened up to exploration. You can reach it by heading south of the VP’s House. There’s plenty more to explore down here, and more citizens to recruit.

- There’s a red building on your left as you enter the screen. This is the Fire Station, and the Firefighter is sitting at the front desk. Speak to her for the Firefighter Recruitment quest. Climb to the second floor and you can find a Jump Rope for the Bodybuilder on your right and a Donut on your left.

- Back outside. Southwest of the Fire Station is a house with a purple roof. Check the bookshelf, TV, and fridge inside for some experience, and check the couch for a Ginger Ale. Further south of here you’ll find the Hydro Plant, a rather dilapidated building; inside you’ll find an Ipecac and a Bulletproof Vest for the Cop.

- Across the street is the FedUPS office, where Brother usually hangs out. Check the rear of the place (accessible via the garage) for a Ginger Ale, $200, a Latte, and a Bun. This last item is just barely visible to Brother’s left. South of FedUPS is a large house with a green roof; inside is a bookshelf that yields up experience.

- Next to the FedUPS office is a nondescript brown building that serves as the Pharmacy. The Pharmacist inside will sell you all manner of pills. He’ll also give you the Pharmacist Recruitment quest. South of here is another house; this belongs to the Plumber. He’ll give you random items at regular intervals. He’ll also give you the Plumber Recruitment quest. Check his bookshelf for experience before you leave.

Hangin' with the Psychologist in the Hospital. Also, a Heckevator.
Hangin' with the Psychologist in the Hospital.
Also, a Heckevator.
- To the east is the Hospital. Similar to the School, there’s a lot of stuff that yields experience in here, so check every heap of notes, filing cabinet, bed, and plaque you come across. You’ll also find the following by searching the floors, via the stairs:
  • A Latte in the rear office of 1F
  • A Latte on a desk in the rear of 2F
  • A Muffin in the rear bedroom of 3F 
  • The Psychologist on 3F, who will give you the Psychologist Recruitment quest if asked
  • $350 on the roof
In addition to all this you’ll find the Hospital to be inhabited by the Heckevator, a nasty boss-level creature that can hit a single target pretty hard… but doesn’t do a hell of a lot else, besides eject the party after several turns. If you manage to reduce the Heckevator’s health to zero it will eject you onto the fourth floor, where you’ll find a Neuroleptic in the southeast, a Crab Roll in the northeast, and the Handyman in the northwest. He’ll join your team when spoken to. You can thereafter use him to exit the floor normally, as the Heckevator refuses to die and won’t eject you again.

- East of the Hospital is a small, white building. This is the Soda Shoppe, and the Bartender inside will sell you various kinds of soda. Talk to him for the Bartender Recruitment quest. North of the Soda Shoppe is the Gym; inside you’ll find Adrenaline, a Donut, and several items to inspect for experience. You’ll also find the Yoga Instructor and Bodybuilder inside, and the Yoga Instructor will give you the Yoga Instructor Recruitment quest.

- Head east to the shoreline from the Gym. You’ll find a dock. Standing on it is the Captain, and nearby is the Lifeguard. Talk to them for the Captain and Lifeguard Recruitment quests.

- Wander north along the road, until it forces you west. On the side of the road you’ll find the Musician, and he’ll give you the Musician Recruitment quest. The store next to him belongs to the Sushi Chef, and he’ll sell you, well, sushi. Rolls, to be exact, two of which (Crab and Salmon) you can find on the tables in his establishment. If you didn’t speak to him earlier you can do so now to get the Sushi Chef Recruitment quest, as well.

- Almost done. To the left of the shop is a small field where the Beekeeper waits. She’ll give you the Beekeeper Recruitment quest. Up the bridge to her right you’ll find the Farmer, if you didn’t meet her earlier in the game.

That’s all for southern Home Town at the moment. You can explore further south, if you wish, but you’ll run into a new area that strays away from the main game. For now, we’ll head towards our next major destination: Capital City, to the east.