Capital City

- You’ve hit the big time. You can either enter Capital City by walking through Crystal Beach or by taking a taxi from the VP’s House; this walkthrough will assume you walked instead, and start from the Crystal Beach entrance / exit to the area.

- The first thing to note here are the enemies, because, yes, Capital City is populated by monsters. If you wandered through Crystal Beach there’s nothing new here save for the Stop Vines, which can be quite annoying if you attack them while they’re facing forward. Doing so will result in a powerful counterattack. Either take them down when they’re facing the opposite direction, or use very powerful attacks. Simple as that. Stop Vines also make great targets for charging attacks while on the map, as they’re stationary until approached.

- Head south along the first street until you reach the beachfront. Behind a cluster of three trees at the edge of the beach you’ll find $1,200. Follow the beach as far east as you can go, even unto a second screen. At the far, far end you’ll find a present containing a Snazzy Suit for the Car Salesman. You can also meet the Captain along the way, if you so wish.

- Back to the street on the first screen with you. The first building to the north is the Breakfast Bistro. Check the book near the entrance and the display cases for experience, and check the kitchen for a Spicy Dragon Roll. The Bistro is filled with Gourmands, and you can attack and take them down at your leisure. Sound based attacks work best. This is a pretty awesome place to level so long as you can land sneak attacks every time. There’s a Birthday Cake sitting on one of the right tables, as well.

- Wander southeast along the street from the Bistro. The first building you find is locked; the second is the Hotel when you’re sent if you take a taxi to Capital City. You can sleep in any bed you like upstairs. The Exterminator on the second floor will give you the Exterminator Recruitment quest, as well as a series of Extermination quests. The Pilot is on the third floor, and aside from shuttling you around she can give you the Pilot Recruitment quest. You’ll find a Dirty Sock in a room on the third floor, as well. On the final floor you’ll find the Security Blanket for the Psychologist, as well as the Gambler. He’ll give you the Gambler Recruitment quest.

- Next door from the Hotel is the Architect’s Firm. There are plenty of experience-worthy observations to make in here. The Architect is in here, and for $1,000 you can trigger the Architect Recruitment quest.

- Leave the Firm and head north through the parking lot to the right. There are two buildings up here. In the right you’ll find a heap of experience-yielding thingies, and on the second floor you’ll find the Weather Lady. She’ll give you the Weather Lady Recruitment quest. Beside her on a table is a Teapot. The Car Salesman lives on the third floor, and on a counter near him is a Muffin. The next building over is locked.

The VP visits Eden Enterprises. Lookit that 'fro.
The VP visits Eden Enterprises. Lookit that 'fro.
- Head west. Past a city square where the Cat Lady and Super Fan linger you’ll find two buildings, both of them locked. Head all the way west, where you’ll find the path back to Crystal Beach. Head north from here to find a Moonbucks, though there’s not much to see in here.

- Head north of the Moonbucks, through an alleyway and onto a new screen. You’ll find two brick buildings. Both are Warehouses; the left contains a Metal Ruler for the Teacher, while the right containsssss nothing!

- Head north from the Warehouses, then northwest. There’s a small beach up here. On the other side of the fence from the road you’ll find a present containing Bread.

- Head northeast from here. There are some ragged buildings on the eastern stretch; between two of them is a gap in the fence. The Homeless Guy is in here, and speaking to him will give you the Homeless Guy Recruitment quest. (Just keep giving him money.) Next to him is a Warehouse; inside you’ll find the Cop, as well as a present containing Devil’s Food Cake.

- Wander east to a new screen. All of the northern buildings are locked, though you can speak to the Firefighter. To the south, in the middle of a dirt pit, you’ll find the Moody Foody criminal for the Cop’s Wanted Posters. Through an alleyway to the southeast of the pit is a locked door; to the east you’ll find a path to the Grasslands. We’ll explore the Grasslands in another article.

- Head further south. There’s a lit building on your left; inside you’ll find some Buggies milling about. This is part of the Renter’s Remorse quest, available via the Exterminator. The Musician lives on the second floor; you’ll find $460 on the third floor; the Bartender lives on the fourth floor.

- Almost done. Before wrapping up, head to the southeast corner of Capital City. You’ll find a road to…

Eden Enterprises

- First up: check the parking lot for a Birthday Cake. Woooo.

- Pop inside, checking everything for experience. You’ll find a Donut on a table on the second floor, not far from the Artist. Speak to him for the Artist Recruitment quest.

- The Programmer is on the third floor, and you can complete his recruitment quest from here. There’s a Cream Soda on a desk to his right. On the next f(and final) floor you’ll find Bread, and from here you can recruit the Musician. (I hate his minigame so, so much. Especially when it crashes after I successfully complete it.)