Crystal Beach

- Though your next major destination is Capital City, east of Home Town, there’s one rather large roadblock in your way: Crystal Beach. If you want you can completely skip this area by using the taxi outside the VP’s House, but doing so will take you past a bunch of useful stuff. We’ll walk instead, and see what there is to see.

- The first thing to note about Crystal Beach is the local wildlife. The area is inhabited by a number of new and exciting enemies, and though most of them are pretty standard fare, you may have some trouble with the Cone Crabs. Quite often these little bastards will pull themselves into their cones, replenishing their HP and completely protecting themselves from attack. This can be really annoying if you’re facing them in crowds. I recommend doing your best to catch them unawares while they’re loitering on the beach so you can avoid a fight completely.

- Head east. The road splits after a short jaunt, heading north and further east. North leads to a new area, so ignore that path for now and carry on east. You’ll soon come to a Car Lot, where a Car Salesman awaits. Talk to him to initiate the Car Salesman Quest.

- Wander southeast. The Bartender’s sitting on the right side of the road, and if you carry on south for a fair while you’ll find a talkative Anchory Bird on your left. She’ll plead with you to find her missing duckling, which was carried off to the west. This triggers the Duck’s Tale quest.

- To the east you’ll find a series of cabanas. In the first is a Crab Roll, sitting on the ground. Along the beach to the south of the cabanas you’ll find the Lifeguard, who can (if you haven’t gotten it before) give you the Lifeguard Recruitment quest. Once you've beaten the next 'boss' you can return here and she'll offer a path into Seabottom, an underwater area.

- Head straight north and onto the greenery on the left side of the road. There’s a present at the end of the northern path that contains a Muffin.

The Safety Squid, irritant supreme of Crystal Beach. Flash the dastard right in the eyeballs.
The Safety Squid, irritant supreme of Crystal Beach.
Flash the dastard right in the eyeballs.
- To the northeast you’ll find a bridge, though unless you came here in a taxi it will be blocked by an enormous, pushy Safety Squid. You can’t bypass this thing just yet. First, follow the beach north of the squid until it takes you up onto a series of cliffs, then follow the tops of the cliffs southwest. Go south when you hit an intersection (you can also get the Scientist Recruitment quest hereabouts) and you’ll find a road to the lighthouse. Turn it on. While you’re near the lighthouse, check near the helipad for a Donut, and just south of it for part two of the Photographer’s recruitment quest.

- Head back towards the beach. Take a left at the intersection along the way to find an Apron for the Barista. Once you get to the bridge you’ll have to face the squid’s Tentacles.


Tricksy. The Tentacles are only troublesome if you don't have strong electrical attacks, or even just attacks that will take them out in one turn. They'll either inflict stop status with their hits (the 'Stop' sign), do normal damage (the 'Yield' sign), or do nothing (the green circle). Stop is annoying, but there are only two Tentacles to stop you, and they're no more durable than normal enemies. Slap 'em down with electrical attacks from Conspiracy Guy. You’ll get a Pickle Jar for the Bartender for besting the Tentacles.

- With the Tentacles out of the way you can cross the bridge. Go north along the beach on the other side and you’ll find a way up onto the cliffs to the east. On the southern edge of these cliffs you’ll find a Cappuccino.

- Head back to the road, then travel south. The Musician is standing on the right side of the road - he can give you his recruitment quest if you didn’t get it earlier - but there’s little else to see here. Head south to find the way to Capital City.