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The Trick House is a fancy little side area in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that's quite easy to miss if you're not a thorough explorer. Located on Route 110, just north of Slateport, it is, at first glance, an ordinary house - but when you step behind a secreted hole in the wall, you'll find an inner area filled with trainers, puzzles, and items. You'll want to bring lots of HM slaves with you to the Trick House to navigate the hazards.

The Trick House features several different incarnations, and you'll unlock more every time you defeat a new Pokemon Gym Challenge. Return here often to see what's been added to the place. The puzzles replace one another, so be sure to grab everything before leaving the Trick House.

Trick House - First Puzzle

- First, make sure you have a pokemon that knows Cut. Without Cut you can't get through this puzzle. You can get the HM for Cut in a house in the west of Rustboro City.

- Check the table when you first enter the house. This will reveal the Trick Master, host of the Trick House. He'll tell you to enter through the scroll in the rear of the room, and give you an Escape Rope in case you muck up or get lost or something.

- This puzzle is barely a puzzle at all, and all you really have to do is Cut through bushes and take on trainers. You'll find a Lava Cookie through the bush to the left of Lass Sally and another Lava Cookie through the bush to the south of Youngster Eddie. North of Battle Girl Cora you'll find a scroll containing the code needed to get through the door in the far north of the area.

Lass Sally
  • Gulpin, level 16
Reward: $256

Easy. You'll fight these out on the Route.

Battle Girl Cora
  • Meditite, level 17
Reward: $544


Youngster Eddie
  • Nincada, level 14
  • Geodude, level 
Reward: $224

Sturdy on Geodude is irritating. Otherwise, easy. Water isn't a bad choice.

- Make your way to the exit. Trick Master will give you TM12, Taunt, if you speak to him, and you can find an Expert Belt sitting on the floor nearby.

Trick House - Second Puzzle

- This time the Trick Master is hiding behind the plant on the right side of the room. Check it to trigger the puzzle. Once inside you can purchase an Escape Rope for $550, rather than getting one for free. This opportunity will exist in the rest of the Trick Room challenges, as well.

- Before entering the puzzle, wander along the left side of the room. You'll find a trainer who is basically guarding an item. Take him out, then return here from the north side of the room to grab a Rage Candy Bar.

Black Belt Yuji
  • Makuhita, level 16
  • Machop, level 18
Reward: $576

Brawly-lite. Easy.

- This puzzle requires the use of Rock Smash, and is not much more complex than the one with the bushes. Wade in, smash some rocks, and take out trainers along the way. You'll find another Rage Candy Bar east of Schoolkid Georgie, and if you smash through the rocks next to Pokemon Ranger Sophia you'll find the scroll with the exit code. The Trick Master will give you a Hard Stone for making your way through the room.

Schoolkid Georgie
  • Shroomish, level 16
  • Beautifly, level 16
Reward: $320

Easy pickings. A team with either fire or flying moves should have no trouble.

Pokemon Ranger Sebastian
  • Cacnea, level 16
  • Aron, level 18
Reward: $1,080

Fire-type moves are quite effective here. You can also nail Cacnea quite badly with a bug-type move.

Pokemon Ranger Sophia
  • Swablu, level 17
  • Roselia, level 17
Reward: $1,020

Trick House - Third Puzzle

- The Trick Master is hiding in the top-left dresser during your third visit. His puzzle this time consists of a small, darkened maze that you can brighten with Flash... though you don't have to use Flash. It's not that difficult to see in the dark.

- The maze is pretty simple. Head northwest until you're beneath a bamboo shelter. You can head right from here to fight a trainer, or go north to find two more trainers. Around the wall north of the trainers you'll find a Lumiose Galette. In the far northwest corner you'll find another trainer, and in the far northeast corner you'll find a set of stairs. These lead beneath the floor and south, to a scroll with the secret code. Check north of the code to find another Lumiose Galette.

- Head through the scroll in the north. The Trick Master is waiting, and he'll hand over TM92, Trick Master.

Lass Robin
  • Oddish, level 16
  • Goldeen, level 18
Reward: $288


Ace Duo Pike & Shiel
  • Numel, level 21
  • Carvanha, level 21
Reward: $1,260

Pretty simple duo, especially with some experience against the villainous team. Water mauls one, standard water weaknesses take out the other.

Schoolkid Ted
  • Ralts, level 19
Reward: $380


Trick House - Fourth Puzzle

- Trick Master's fourth hiding spot is the mirror in the rear of the Trick House, to the left of the scroll. This fourth puzzle consists of a ton of moveable boulders, and you'll need Strength to get through. It's also the first puzzle where you'll actually want to be careful. Note that in order to get the items, you will pretty much have to do this puzzle twice. If you'd rather forego the items, jump to the fifth step.

- Push the first boulder as far north as you can. This will allow you to get at a Casteliacone. Next, approach the boulder on your left and push it twice to the west. Once more than this and you'll block your passage to the left side of the room.

- Travel along the boardwalk on the far left side of the room. Ignore the first boulder and push the second right until you can slip past and around. Push it left so you can head north, then push the next boulder up here to the north. Return to the boardwalk and head to the top-left corner of the room. Push the boulder up here to the right so you can slip past and access the eastern side of the room.

- There are three boulders in a clump up here. Push the top-left boulder left once, then slip into the gap this created so you can push the lower-left boulder south. This will allow you to get to another Casteliacone.

- Return to the beginning via Escape Rope. Push the first boulder in the north from the entrance only far enough to slip west. Do not push it all the way north. Once you're back to the three boulders, push the top-left boulder right, then carefully slip into the middle of the boulders and push the right boulder one square right. This will allow you to push the bottom-left boulder out of the way so you can arc around the boulders and get to the side of the room.

- One boulder left. Push the final boulder once to the left, then come at it from the bottom and push it north. This opens the path to the scroll. Jump down the ledge from the scroll to exit the area, then speak to the Trick Master for a Smoke Ball.

Trick House - Fifth Puzzle

- This time the Trick Master is hiding in the cupboard in the top-right corner of the house. This challenge is more straightforward, as it forces you to answer a series of questions. Fail at any one and you'll be knocked back to the beginning. The quests are kinda randomized, in that the Mechadolls may ask one of three questions; the answers are below. You'll find an Old Gateau halfway through the course and another Old Gateau by the exit, and the third Mechadoll will give you an Escape Rope. Beating the challenge will earn you a Magnet from the Trick Master.
  • "One of these Pokemon uses Scratch. Which is it?" - Nincada
  • "One of these Pokemon is not found on Route 103. Which one is it?" - Nincada
  • "One of these Pokemon is not of the Grass type. Which one is it?" - Nincada

  • "What Pokemon was the Devon researcher looking for in Petalburg Woods?" - Shroomish
  • "In Professor Birch's Bag, there were three Pokemon. Which one was at the right?" - Mudkip
  • "Which Pokemon was offered for a trade at the Pokemon Trainers' School?" - Seedot

  • "Sell one Escape Rope and buy one Antidote. How much money remains?" - $175
  • "Which costs more? Three Poke Balls or one Super Potion?" - Super Potion
  • "Which would cost more, a Full Heal plus a Great Ball, or one Revive?" - Revive

  • "Was the first Trainer in Dewford Gym male or female?" - Female
  • "Rustboro Gym Leader Roxanne used a Geodude. Was it female or male?" - Female
  • "In Dewford Hall, were there more men or women?" - More men

  • "How many people give you Berries at the Pretty Petal flower shop?" - One
  • "How many Bikes does Rydel have on display outside his cycle shop?" - Two
  • "How many signs are there in Lilycove City?" - Eight
Trick House - Sixth Puzzle

- This time the Trick Master is hidden beneath the bottom-right cushion around the table. Check out the puzzle room this time 'round and you'll find a room with a ton of arrow transporters. Step on an arrow and you'll be sent in the direction it's pointing until you're redirected by another arrow or hit a wall and stop.

- The left arrow from the entrance will shunt you back to the entrance, so ignore it complete and step on the right arrow. Head one room east from where you stop and hop on the arrow pointing right. It will send you to a small shack with three arrows; step onto the right arrow that's pointing north. You'll wind up on the north side of the shack.

- Step on the top-left arrow pointing to the west. You'll wind up south of another shack. Step on the western arrow that's pointing west to pop into the next room over, then op onto the southern arrow in the next room. You'll now be one room north of the entrance. Walk into the room on your left, then hop on the next southern arrow to wind up in the room to the left of the entrance.

- Run around to the left side of the south-western shack and touch the top arrow out of the line of three to get shunted north. Walk west out of this room, then go north to find a shack. Step on the middle arrow north to wind up near a Shalour Sable. Hop on the southbound arrow near the Sable to wind up back in the previous room.

- Head east two rooms to wind up beside another shack. Step on the lowest arrow to zip up and to the right. Slip between the walls and head to the far east of the area, then head south without touching arrows. You'll find another Shalour Sable in the southeast corner of the area.

- Head back north until you're in the northeast corner of the area. Next door is a shack with three arrows. Step on the top arrow and it will eventually deposit you one room north of the scroll. Step on the southern arrow in the southwest corner of this room to wind up near the scroll, then hop on the northbound arrow to find the path back to the shack that sent you here in the first place. Return to the set of three arrows beside the shack, then step on the lowest arrow to jump to the exit. Yeesh.

- Speak to the Trick Master. He'll give you a Red Tent for besting his annoying puzzle in Omega Ruby and a Blue Tent in Alpha Sapphire. Accepting this will bring his antics to an end.

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