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Part Thirty-Seven: S.S. Tidal

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Battle Resort

- In order to reach the Battle Resort for the first time you must use the S.S. Tidal from either Slateport or Lilycove. To get a ticket for the ferry you'll have to complete the Delta Episode, which first requires beating the, you know, game. So this area is technically one of the last you'll visit in the game.

- Upon arrival at the Battle Resort you'll be greeted by the other villainous team of your game. They'll give you either a Sharpedonite (OR) or a Cameruptite.

- Head north. After a quick cut scene you'll be free to explore the Resort. Start with the Pokemon Center, to your right. A dude in here named the Judge will give you a quick rundown on the 'potential' of your pokemon, mostly in regards to stat progression.

- Head west from the Pokemon Center. As you make your way around the periphery of the Battle Resort the perspective will skew, putting you on a beach. Here you can teach your pokemon a rather massive number of moves by speaking to the move tutors in the stalls. They require BP, which you don't currently have. More on that before. You can learn the following moves on this beach:

First Stall
  • Heal Bell - 8 BP
  • Tailwind - 8 BP
  • Magic Room - 8 BP
  • Wonder Room - 8 BP
  • Stealth Rock - 8 BP
  • Gravity - 8 BP
  • Electroweb - 8 BP
  • Icy Wind - 12 BP
Second Stall
  • Block - 8 BP
  • Skill Swap - 8 BP
  • Synthesis - 8 BP
  • Role Play - 8 BP
  • Pain Split - 8 BP
  • Gastro Acid - 8 BP
  • Worry Seed - 8 BP
  • Spite - 8 BP
  • After You - 8 BP
  • Helping Hand - 8 BP
  • Trick - 8 BP
  • Recycle - 8 BP
  • Snatch - 8 BP
  • Magic Coat - 8 BP
  • Magnet Rise - 8 BP
  • Iron Defense - 8 BP
Third Stall
  • Uproar - 8 BP
  • Iron Tail - 8 BP
  • Bounce - 8 BP
  • Drill Run - 8 BP
  • Iron Head - 8 BP
  • Zen Headbutt - 8 BP
  • Aqua Tail - 12 BP
  • Dragon Pulse - 12 BP
  • Seed Bomb - 12 BP
  • Heat Wave - 12 BP
  • Last Resort - 12 BP
  • Hyper Voice - 12 BP
  • Foul Play - 12 BP
  • Earth Power - 12 BP
  • Outrage - 16 BP
  • Superpower - 16 BP
  • Gunk Shot - 16 BP
  • Sky Attack - 16 BP
  • Focus Punch - 16 BP
Fourth Stall
  • Bind - 4 BP
  • Snore - 4 BP
  • Water Pulse - 4 BP
  • Shock Wave - 4 BP
  • Bug Bite - 4 BP
  • Covet - 4 BP
  • Low Kick - 8 BP
  • Signal Beam - 8 BP
  • Giga Drain - 8 BP
  • Thunder Punch - 8 BP
  • Fire Punch - 8 BP
  • Ice Punch - 8 BP
  • Drain Punch - 8 BP
  • Knock Off - 12 BP
  • Super Fang - 12 BP
  • Dual Chop - 12 BP
  • Endeavor - 16 BP
- In addition to the moves, you can find a hidden HP Up in the third stall from the right (you can get behind 'em by slipping through the side of the first stall). Speak to the woman in pink on the beach to get into a battle. All of the trainers on the Battle Resort can (as far as I can tell) be battled once a day.

Aroma Lady Carnation
  • Ferrothorn, level 60
  • Victreebel, level 60
  • Tangrowth, level 60
  • Ludicolo, level 60
Reward: $1,920

A fairly hardy bunch. Fire is effective against all but Ludicolo, which is easier to bring down with flying-, poison-, or bug-type moves.

- Continue west along the beach. There's a trainer sitting in a niche in the cliffs as you make your way along. 

Rich Boy Antoin
  • Dragalge, level 60
  • Crobat, level 60
  • Muk, level 60
  • Weezing, level 60
Reward: $7,200

A strong poison-type user. A solid psychic-type can shred this team; anyone else will have a bit of trouble.

- Further west you'll find a custodial hut. Inside you'll find a slew of items, including a Calcium, an Iron, an HP UP (notice a trend?), a Carbos, a Zinc, a Protein, and a Gengarite. Back outside, look up and to the left of the hut for a cluster of three rocks. Look between the rocks to find a hidden Full Restore.

- Onward to the west. There's a trainer between several trees who will take you on if asked. Far to the west you'll find a confused dude who will look familiar to long-time players of Pokemon; he'll be hauled away elsewhere. Keep going left until you find a rock formation near the bottom-left corner of the beach; check the south side of this formation for a hidden Big Pearl. It's down and to the left of the megaphone pole, assuming you haven't changed perspectives. Last here you'll find a biker who will admire your Bike, assuming you have one. This contributes to receiving both the Mach and Acro Bikes simultaneously from Rydel.

Fairy Tale Girl Josephine
  • Wigglytuff, level 60
  • Florges, level 60
  • Aromatisse, level 60
  • Azumarill, level 60
Reward: $960

A mass of fairy-types. A grass- and poison-type pokemon is ideal here, as poison covers everything and grass can take out the Azumarill and hold off the Florges.

- Continue west. The beach will loop back to the beginning of the Battle Resort. Here you'll find a Day Care where you can drop off and raise pokemon. A woman in here will 'allow' you to give her $100, and if you comply she'll give you TM87, Swagger. South of the Day Care is a woman who will offer to change the music played at the Battle Resort, which, I dunno, is fun. Or something.

- Climb the stairs by the Pokemon Center. You'll wind up outside the Battle Maison, the main feature of the Battle Resort. We'll look at it in a moment. For now, chat with the two trainers to the left of the Maison for battles.

Poke Maniac Kelvin

  • Hippowdon, level 60
  • Garchomp, level 60
  • Nidoking, level 60
  • Gastrodon, level 60
Reward: $1,680

This group is a mixed bag. Hippowdon falls easily to water or grass; Garchomp dies to ice (and is the most dangerous of the lot, while we're here); Nidoking goes down against quite a few moves, including, oddly enough, ground; Gastrodon is best handled with grass.

Bug Maniac Felix
  • Ninjask, level 60
  • Scizor, level 60
  • Heracross, level 60
  • Pinsir, level 60
Reward: $1,680

Ninjask is the irritating factor in this group, as it will use Swords Dance and Speed Boost to up its stats, then pass the boosts on to the next pokemon in line. Potential for pain is high. Bring fire to this fight for the best results.

- Head north of the trainers. A woman up here will put on a show wherein you must follow a group of dancing Whismur. Pick the Whismur she singles at the end of the dance and you'll receive an item (I got a Big Mushroom; different for anyone else?). You can play this game once a day.

- Head east and down the stairs. There are two huts at the bottom. In the left hut you'll find a woman who will give you a random Berry each day. In the right hut you'll find a love story in the making, and if you come back after the cut scene the two Grunts inside will give you a Camerupt and a Sharpedo, assuming you have spaces in your party.

- Head east across the bridge from the huts. You'll find two more huts to enter. In the left hut you'll find a dude who will give your pokemon Footprint Ribbons if you've spent enough time levelling them, as well as a girl who will give you a Level Release for Secret Bases. In the right hut you'll find the amnesiac dude from earlier; speak to him and he'll give you Audinite. Eventually.

Battle Maison

A special area for the most hardcore of trainers, the Battle Maison is the closest the single-player game comes to matching online matches in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The Battle Maison allows you to engage in a series of matches - Single, Double, Triple, Rotation, or Multi Battle - against opponents that match your pokemon's level (50 maximum). These fights are typically much more difficult than normal battles in the games, as your opponents are roughly matched with your pokemon in level, so only the best teams will succeed.

If you manage to get through nineteen battles in a given category, you will be confronted with a Battle Chatelaine for the final battle in that category. These ladies are much tougher than the usual trainers, and will offer greater rewards upon defeat. Beating the Battle Chatelaine will unlock the Super level of that category, and you'll have to complete fifty consecutive matches in the Super category to battle the Chatelaines again.

Succeeding in the Battle Maison will earn you Battle Points (BP) that you can spend, both on the beach (mentioned earlier) and in the Maison's foyer. You'll receive more BP for each batch of ten consecutive matches you complete, so your initial matches will earn you one BP, while matches eleven to nineteen will earn you two BP. The Super category will start at two BP instead, then work up to three, four, five, six, to a maximum of seven per match. Defeating a Battle Chatelaine for the first time will earn you 20 BP; the second match against that Chatelaine will earn you 50 BP.

Items for purchase in the Maison itself via BP include the following:

Left Vendor
  • Protein - 2 BP
  • Calcium - 2 BP
  • Iron - 2 BP
  • Zinc - 2 BP
  • Carbos - 2 BP
  • HP Up - 2 BP
  • Power Bracer - 16 BP 
  • Power Belt - 16 BP 
  • Power Lens - 16 BP 
  • Power Band - 16 BP 
  • Power Anklet - 16 BP 
  • Power Weight - 16 BP 
  • Protector - 32 BP
  • Whipped Dream - 32 BP
  • Sachet - 32 BP
  • Electirizer - 32 BP
  • Magmarizer - 32 BP
  • Reaper Cloth - 32 BP
  • Up-Grade - 32 BP
  • Dubious Disc - 32 BP
  • Rare Candy - 48 BP
  • Ability Capsule - 200 BP
Right Vendor
  • Toxic Orb - 16 BP
  • Flame Orb - 16 BP
  • White Herb - 32 BP
  • Power Herb - 32 BP
  • Absorb Herb - 32 BP
  • Luminous Moss - 32 BP
  • Cell Battery - 32 BP
  • Snowball - 32 BP
  • Red Card - 32 BP
  • Eject Button - 32 BP
  • Weakness Policy - 32 BP
  • Ring Target - 32 BP
  • Wise Glasses - 48 BP
  • Choice Specs - 48 BP
  • Scope Lens - 48 BP
  • Zoom Lens - 48 BP
  • Wide Lens - 48 BP
  • Muscle Band - 48 BP
  • Focus Band - 48 BP
  • Choice Band - 48 BP
  • Choice Scarf - 48 BP
  • Assault Vest - 48 BP
  • Focus Sash - 48 BP
  • Expert Belt - 48 BP
  • Razor Claw - 48 BP
  • Razor Fang - 48 BP
  • Bright Powder - 48 BP
  • Life Orb - 48 BP
  • Iron Ball - 48 BP
  • Air Balloon - 48 BP
  • Binding Band - 48 BP
  • Safety Goggles - 48 BP
After you've beaten one Super level challenge in the Battle Maison, Wally will appear in the lobby. You can take him on in a battle. Thereafter he will randomly reappear in the lobby, and you can take him on in a more difficult battle.

Pokemon Trainer Wally
  • Altaria, level 64
  • Delcatty, level 64
  • Magnezone, level 64
  • Roserade, level 64
  • Gallade, level 64
Reward: $2,640

Though he's definitely improved, Wally isn't that different from your last battle back at Victory Road. Ice Altaria, smack Delcatty about with fighting, ground the hell out of Magnezone, and use any of the umpteen weaknesses available for a grass- and poison-type pokemon with Roserade. Mega Gallade is the greatest threat, as before, though a swift flying-type pokemon should be able to take it down. If you can complete a fifty battle challenge, Wally should be a breeze.

Pokemon Trainer Wally
  • Roserade, level 79
  • Talonflame, level 79
  • Azumarill, level 79
  • Magnezone, level 79
  • Garchomp, level 79
  • Gallade, level 81
Reward: $3,240

Wally receives a substantial bump in difficulty here, as he has new pokemon, new moves, higher levels, and some fiendish held items. Roserade is the weakest of the group, though there's now a slight chance that it'll evade your attacks. Aerial Ace is a decent, surefire way to hit it. Talonflame is a horrendous opponent with its Life Orb; use a powerful rock-type pokemon to offset its attacks and dish out lots of damage. Azumarill is a bulky threat, and its Assault Vest makes it even harder to kill; use physical moves that target its types (water and fairy). Magnezone is the same as before, though now it's protected from ground-type moves until you attack and pop its balloon. Tap it with another move before employing your ground-type attacks. Garchomp is hideously strong of its own accord, and its Rocky Helmet dishes out damage if you use contact moves; get around this with a strong ice-type special move, likely Ice Beam. Gallade is as dangerous as before, but its strategies haven't changed.

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