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There are seventeen Landmarks in the Hinterlands. They include:
  • The Departure of Her Lover, a massive statue in the midst of a village to the northwest of the first camp established in the Hinterlands - you'll visit here as part of your first trip to the region
  • Thelm Gold-Handed, the Dreamer, a statue in a ruined keep - you'll find it in the mountainous region to the south of the Crossroads, atop some stony crags - watch out for a Fade Rift up here, with lots of nasty Lesser Shades
  • Tyrdda Bright-Axe, Avvar Mother, a stone monument - you'll find it on a small island in the middle of Lake Luthias, southwest of Crossroads and up some rocky terrain
  • Thelm Gold-Handed, the Tempter, a statue in the midst of a small graveyard - you'll find it southwest of Lake Luthias, through the narrow Avvar Blade Valley
  • Lornan's Exile - Found in the fortress of a cult in Dwarfson's Pass - climb the hills to the right once you enter the Pass, then keep looking to the right to find their fortress
  • The Tempter Burns, a small shrine - you'll find it atop a massive rock formation on Dwarfson's Pass, roughly dividing the southern half of the Pass in two; look for a dirt path leading to the top, where the Landmark waits
  • The Redcliffe Windmill, a ruined building - found up the hill to the west of Redcliffe's entrance
  • The Hero of Ferelden, a monument to awesome - it's located roughly in the middle of Redcliffe Village
  • Hendir, Dwarf Prince, Friend to Tyrdda, a stone monument in the midst of the Witchwood - it's a short trip southwest of the Mage Hideout, near the entrance of the Witchwood

There are twenty-nine Regions in the Hinterlands. They include:
  • The Outskirts, the starting Region in the Hinterlands
  • Calenhad's Foothold, found north of the starting camp - it covers a fairly broad area
  • Lake Luthias, a body of water found up the rocky foothills to the southwest of Calenhad's Foothold and the Crossroads - if you see ruins, you'll know you're on the right path
  • Valammar Gate, the front door of Valammar - you'll find it on the southern tip of Lake Luthias, behind a waterfall, guarded by several Carta goons
  • Avvar Blade Valley, a thin strip of land through the terrain that's located on the southwestern side of Lake Luthias
  • Hafter's Woods, a rocky stretch of woodland on the southwest exit of the Avvar Blade Valley - you'll have to go through a bandit encampment to get to it, so remain wary
  • The Crossroads, found northwest of the Outskirts Camp - you'll have to go here as part of the main quest
  • Redcliffe Road, found by heading northeast out of Crossroads while following the main road, then turning north
  • Redcliffe Village, found at the end of Redcliffe Road, in the northeast of the Hinterlands
  • Witchwood, found by searching for a narrow, rocky path on the western side of Redcliffe Road as it sweeps north towards Redcliffe Village
  • Apostate Stronghold, found on the east side of Witchwood, behind a fiery magical barrier
  • Gully of the Burnt Man, found by heading almost directly west from the Apostate Stronghold through some rocky terrain
  • East Road, found by heading directly northeast from Crossroads and through a gap in a bridge
  • Rebel Queen's Ravine, a narrow, rocky pass to the northeast of the East Road - you'll run into lots of Outlaws if you walk this way
  • Lady Shayna's Valley, found at the far end of Rebel Queen's Ravine, near the Dusklight Camp site - be careful, as this place is home to a brutal dragon
  • Dwarfson's Pass, found by heading southeast through the Outskirts and past the camp site of the same name
  • Winterwatch Tower, located on the climes of Dwarfson's Pass (west side)
  • Ash Warrior's Refuge, found along the eastern stone cliffs of Dwarfson's Pass; you'll need fire magic to get inside
  • Smuggler's Cave, located to the southeast of Outskirts Camp, on the border with Dwarfson's Pass - it's not far from the Astrarium, and if you follow the eastern boundaries of the area you'll find it pretty easily

There are twelve pieces of a Mosaic in the Hinterlands. They include:
  • On the side of a cabin on the western bank of Lake Luthias
  • In the fortress of the cult that lives on the Dwarfson's Pass; you'll find it on a wall on the third floor of the fort, accessible by climbing ladders through the insides of the fortifications on the left side of the fort (and be sure to look for treasure boxes on the way up, as well)
  • Atop a ruined tower on the east side of Redcliffe Road. You'll find it shortly after going through an archway and taking on a Fade Rift. The Mosaic Piece is up a ladder, attached to the wall at the end of the wooden path atop the tower.