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A Common Treatment

Trigger: Hinterlands Healer
Reward: +40 Influence

Off the main area of Redcliffe (the cluster of houses in the middle of the village) you'll find the home of the Hinterlands Healer. She needs herbs. Check the list on the table beside the door for the quest. She requires two Spindleweeds and four Elfroots. Elfroot is freaking everywhere, and you can find plenty of Spindleweed down by the docks.

A Healing Hand

Trigger: Hinterlands Healer
Reward: +1 Power, +50 Influence, Cassandra Approves

The same woman who asks you to complete A Common Treatment, above, can also be asked to help out at Crossroads. Put Cassandra in your party and she'll convince the Healer to go to Crossroads, completing the quest.

Apostates in Witchwood

Trigger: Stronghold of the Apostate Mages (letter)
Reward: +2 Power, +200 Influence

While travelling the Outskirts to the southeast of the Outskirts Camp you'll find Inquisition scouts battling Apostate Mages. Take out the Apostates, then check the bodies to find the letter. This will trigger the quest.

The Witchwood is located to the southwest of Redcliffe Village, via a thin, rocky path on the west side of Redcliffe Road. Upon entering the Witchwood, look to your right to see a massive ice formation jutting out of the ground. There are Sellswords and Rebel Spellbinders protecting it. The Sellswords are no big deal, but the Spellbinders create glyphs that can severely damage your party. Take them out first, if possible, as their defences suck. Dispel can get rid of the glyphs, if you have it on one of your Mages.

Near the ice you'll find a fire barrier. Bring it down with ice magic and you'll trigger a battle with more Spellbinders and Sellswords. This area is dangerously narrow, allowing the Spellbinders inside to protect themselves with long lines of dangerous glyphs. Dispel will nullify their traps; barring that, use ranged attacks to take them out. Charging in here blindly is a poor idea indeed, so if you're forced to use melee attacks, try to draw the Spellbinders out of their cave and onto open ground. Killing all of your opponents will end the quest; check around their lair for loot, notably a lot of Embrium, some Royal Elfroot, and two chests.

An Advanced Treatment

Trigger: Hinterlands Healer, complete A Common Treatment
Reward: +40 Influence

The same ol' Healer from A Common Treatment needs yet more help. Talk to her again and she'll refer you to the list on her table. This time she needs six Elfroots and one Royal Elfroot. Elfroot remains easy to find, but Royal Elfroot is a bit trickier. You can find it near the entrance to Lady Shayna's Valley, through the Rebel Queen's Ravine off Redcliffe Road. Everything here is found south of the village. Don't go too far into the Valley if you're low level, as a dragon living here will gladly burn your face off.

A Rare Treatment

Trigger: Hinterlands Healer, complete An Advanced Treatment
Reward: +40 Influence

Yep, this lady again. Check her list a third time and she'll want two Crystal Graces and five Spindleweeds. Crystal Grace can be found to the southwest of Lake Luthias, back near Crossroads and along the Avvar Blade Valley. Spindleweed grows near water, and can be found quite readily at the docks of Redcliffe.

A Spirit in the Lake

Trigger: Storyteller
Reward: +40 Influence, Warlord Greatsword

There's a Storyteller standing next to the Fast Travel stone of Redcliffe Village, just up from the docks. Speak to her and she'll tell you of a spirit in a nearby lake who likes Red Lotus flowers. Head to Lake Luthias, west of the Outskirts Camp, and you'll find a bowl on the end of one of the docks in the south of the Lake. Place a Blood Lotus here (you can find them along the banks of Lake Luthias) to complete the quest.

Blood Brothers

Trigger: A Letter in an Empty Home
Reward: Mercenary Lord Blade, +40 Influence

Head south from the Outskirts Camp and down into the lowlands, towards the Crossroads. If you follow the path as it winds west you'll see a circular house on your left. Pop inside and check the walls for the letter above, which triggers the quest. Have a look around for loot, as well.

Head to Crossroads and follow the road northeast out of town. Keep running along the path until you reach Redcliffe Road. Take to the high ground in the north, climbing rocks until you see a house. Inspect the body outside the house to complete the quest.

(While you're here, use a Rogue to get inside the house. Use your radar to ping the table to the right of the front door to find the Bootles of Thedas Codex entry.)

Business Arrangements

Trigger: A Letter Found on a Dead Templar
Reward: +1 Power, +50 Influence, Solas slightly approves; +1 Power, +50 Influence

After finding your way to the house listed in Blood Brothers, look a short way to the north of the house to find a camp with several Templars. There's a body here after you've taken out the Templars; check it to find the letter and trigger the quest.

Head back to Crossroads. If you look along the line of cliffs in the north of the small town, not far from a waterfall, you'll find a Mage named Ellandra. Speak to her to hand over the phylactery. If you're a Mage, you can ask Ellandra to join the Inquisition as an Agent; if not, you can bring Vivienne here later and she'll do the persuading for you. Take the Arcane Perk and you can also have her tag along.

The quest isn't done, however. Head to Redcliffe Village and look in the north. You'll find a lay sister called Tanner by a campfire. Speak to her and you can reveal her as a smuggler. You can either ignore the situation, which simply ends the quest, or you can recruit her as an Agent if you consult Cassandra or Varric. Having the Underworld Knowledge Inquisition Perk will also bring Tanner into the fold.

Conscientious Objector

Trigger: A Letter Found on a Dead Body
Reward: +40 Influence

Travel south along Dwarfson's Pass until the Pass is split in two by a large rock formation, just north of the exit from the map. Climb to the top of the rock (you'll find a path up on the east side) to find a Landmark. There's a body beside the Landmark. Check the body for a letter and a Key.

Head to the Witchwood, found via a thin passage on the west side of Redcliffe's Road's northbound approach to Redcliffe Village. To the west of the entrance, near a Landmark, you'll find a house. Pop the house open with the Key and you'll complete the quest - and get into a battle with a Greater Terror. Though potentially troubling, the Terror can be easily cornered and knocked around in this house by a team of melee fighters, and shouldn't prove too painful. (You can even close the door and simply leave, if you want, but there's a chest to open in the house. Just sayin'.)

Deep Trouble

Trigger: Find Valammar Gate

To trigger this quest you must first discover the front gate of Valammar. Head southwest from Crossroads and you'll find a location called Lake Luthias, flowing down from atop a large set of plateaus. At the southern tip of Lake Luthias you'll find a huge waterfall feeding the lake, and behind it you'll find the door to Valammar. It's protected by a bunch of Carta soldiers, essentially Rogues, though they're pretty easy to take down if you keep them jammed near the door and spam spells or archer onslaughts.

The door you've found is, unfortunately, locked. You'll have to find the key elsewhere. Continue southwest from Lake Luthias and through the Avvar Blade Valley, until you find a bandit camp. Wipe out the bandits, then look along the southern rock wall in this area to find a stone arch. This leads to an open area with a Fade Rift. (I'll come back to this. The demons near the next section are way too strong for me.)

East Road Bandits

Trigger: Recruit Belette
Reward:  +1 Power, +80 Influence

Head northeast from Crossroads along the main road, towards a small wall built into the surrounding rock. This provides passage into the East Road region. Guarding the doorway is Belette, and if you speak to her she'll tell you about a well-armed group of 'bandits' blocking the East Road ahead. She advises caution. Head through the archway behind her to enter the East Road.

To your right and through some sparse trees is a small camp, guarded by two melee Outlaws and two bow-toting Outlaw Archers. It's pretty easy to spot them from a distance and get the drop on 'em, though make a point to take out the Archers first. They smart. These are not the guys you want, so don't think the quest is done yet.

Keep going northeast until you see a heap of goods, watched over by more Outlaws. Take them out (there are fewer than the last time) and check the bodies for a Letter. Take a left from here, through a narrow stone valley, to find Rebel Queen's Ravine.

Now for the tricky part. Rebel Queen's Ravine is a bottleneck that will force you to take on multiple Outlaw Archers and one Outlaw Enforcer, a heavily-armed melee fighter who hits really hard. If you have ranged fighters, attempt to draw the Enforcer out of the Ravine and surround him with your team, then go after the Archers. If your team consists predominantly of melee fighters, let one or two engage the Enforcer while your other guys take out the Archers. They're fragile, but their incessant rain of arrows is very annoying.

Taking out the Outlaws will end the quest, and in the rear of the Ravine you'll find a place to set up camp. Don't keep going from here if you're low-level, though, as a dragon waits in the rear of your campsite. Ouch.

Flowers for Senna

Trigger: Widower

By the docks of Redcliffe you'll find an elf Widower mourning his lost love, and his inability to take flowers to her shrine. Agree to do it in his stead to trigger the quest.

Hinterlands Iron Survey

Trigger: Requisition Officer
Reward: Hinterlands Geographic Survey, +1 Power

When you first arrive in the Hinterlands you'll find the Requisition Officer down a small slope from the main camp, beside a wooden cart. Speak to her to receive the quest. You need ten Iron and five Onyx to fulfill the survey; you can find both by keeping a close eye on the rocks in the area. You may also have enough Onyx left over if you searched the smith's crates back at Haven.

Hinterlands Puzzle Box Requisition

Trigger: Requisition Officer, complete Hinterlands Iron Survey

This time your Requisitions officer requires three Drakestone, five Obsidian, five Ram Leather, and one Crystal Grace. You can find the Drakestone and the Crystal Grace to the southwest, along the rocks of the Avvar Blade Valley; watch out for a well-guarded bandit camp out here. You can also find Drakestone in incredible abundance in the Ash Warrior's Refuge, a small cave on the far east side of Dwarfson's Pass, though you'll need fire magic to get inside. Last, you'll find Ram Leather by hunting Rams. This is best done with a Mage up front to zap the poor bastards before they can flee.

Holding the Hinterlands

Trigger: Arrive in the Hinterlands and speak to Hardy
Reward: +1 Power and +40 Influence per camp established

The Hinterlands needs to be tamed a little, and you can do that by establishing base camps for Inquisition troops. You'll already have one set up and ready upon arrival; that leaves five more. You can set 'em up in the following locations:
  • On the bluffs to the southwest of the Crossroads, just north of Lake Luthias (Upper Lake Camp)
  • To the southeast of the Crossroads, up in the hills of the Outskirts (Dwarfson's Pass Camp)
  • To the northeast of Crossroads, through the East Road and in Rebel Queen's Ravine - watch out for a sizeable Outlaw presence hereabouts (Dusklight Camp)
Hunger Pangs

Trigger: Speak to the Refugee Hunter
Reward: +1 Power, Solas slightly approves

A Hunter at the Crossroads, near the massive statue in this small village, wants help hunting Rams. Kill ten of them and bring back their Ram Meat. You can find Rams exploring most parts of the Hinterlands; attacked them with ranged strikes for the best effect. Trying to run them down with a melee character is... silly.

Love Waits

Trigger: Lord Berand
Reward: +1 Power, +50 Influence

You can trigger this quest by gaining access to the cult building that's part of the Praise the Herald of Andraste quest, detailed below. After you've done so, check the second floor of the building to the right of the entrance. Lord Berand is on the balcony, and he pines (and worries) for his love, who should have been here days ago.

Head east from the fort and wander north along the eastern cliffs that form the boundary line of the Hinterlands. As you pass through the crags that lead into the Outskirts you'll find a body on your left. Check it for a letter. Return to Berand after finding the letter to end the quest. You can tell Berand to join the Inquisition, if you wish; doing so will net you another Power and an Agent.

Master of Horses

Trigger: Arrive in the Hinterlands and speak to Hardy

The Inquisition needs horses, and Horsemaster Dennet may be able to help.

The Mercenary Fortress

Trigger: Letter on a Bandit in the Hinterlands

If you make your way southwest from the Crossroads you'll eventually pass through the Avarr Blade Valley, a thin stretch of land that opens onto a bandit camp as it begins to widen. Engage the bandits from afar with ranged attacks, taking out their archers to strip them of their lethality. Their melee fighters are powerful, but they don't want to leave their camp behind, seemingly, and they won't come too far into the rocky terrain to engage you.

Once you've wiped out the bandits, check the beds around the campfire to find the letter mentioned above. It will trigger the quest, requiring you to find an old fort somewhere in the woods of the Hinterlands.

My Lover's Phyalctery

Trigger: A Letter Found on a Dead Templar

Head southeast through the Outskirts until you come to Dwarfson's Pass, an extremely rocky area. On your right as you enter the Pass is a hill. Climb it (it's a little steep, but you can get up here easily enough) and you'll find what looks like a sacrificial altar at the top. Check the body beside it to find the letter.

Open a Vein

Trigger: A Letter found on a Dead Dwarf
Reward: +40 Influence

Head southeast from the Outskirts Camp. If you follow the eastern boundaries of the Hinterlands you will see a cave on your left, just before you pass into Dwarfson's Pass. This is Smuggler's Cave, and aside from an abundance of Drakestone and a bit of loot inside you'll find the letter. Read it to learn of another such cave.

Put a Mage in your party with fire magic (or a fire staff - Solas can pull this off) and keep following the eastern boundaries of the Hinterlands far to the south. Eventually you'll find another cave, this protected by an ice shield. Blast it open with fire magic and you'll find the Ash Warrior's Refuge. Kill the demons inside (easy) and poke around for items. In the rear of the cave you'll find a dude who found some Red Lyrium, and, um, isn't looking so fantastic these days.

Playing With Fire

Trigger: A Letter Found on a Corpse
Reward: Enhanced Belt of Spirit Resistance, +40 Influence

Head into the foothills to the southwest of the Crossroads, past Lake Luthias and down into the Avarr Blade Valley. There's a corpse down here, a short ways northeast of several stacks of logs where you can claim a Logging Stand. Check the note on the corpse to begin the quest.

Continue southwest into the valley until you come across a Landmark, a statue bearing a crown. This Landmark is mentioned in the note. Run clockwise around the statue three times, close enough that you're touching it. (This is irritating, as you sometimes get stuck and veer off at odd angles. Keep at it.) Eventually a Grandfather demon will appear nearby. It's got a host of resistances, but it's vulnerable to both fire and spirit magic. It's also on its own, and won't take too much effort to kill, despite being an Elite mark. Check the corpse after the kill for your reward, as well as the Corpse Codex entry. Delightful.

Praise the Herald of Andraste

Trigger: Speaker Anais
Reward: +50 Influence, +1 Power

To trigger this quest you must locate members of a cult to Andraste. They're southeast of Crossroads, past the Outskirts and on the Dwarfson's Pass. After entering the Pass, climb the hills on your right and keep looking right along the next stretch of rocky land for a fortress. Speak to Speaker Anais out front (and confirm or deny your Inquisitor's awesomeness) to gain access to the fortress.

Once inside, head straight through the fort and out the other side. You'll find a Fade Rift. Destroy the demons guarding it (pretty easy) and close the Rift, check to the right of the Rift for a box of loot, then speak to Anais again. She'll offer three forms of service; choose anything but helping the refugees and you'll gain an extra Power, plus you'll gain an Agent.

Rifts at Dwarfson's Pass

Trigger: Arrive at Dwarfson's Pass
Reward: +1 Power and +80 Influence per Rift closed, +2 Power and +200 Influence for closing all three

There are three Fade Rifts to close in Dwarfson's Pass. They're in the following locations:
  • In the cult HQ on the west side of Dwarfson's Pass, part of the Praise the Herald of Andraste quest
  • At the far southern end of Dwarfson's Pass, in the valley near the edge of the map (this one is kinda tough, so don't come here at a low level)
  • On the eastern end of Dwarfson's Pass, almost directly east of the Dwarfson's Pass Camp
Rifts at the Foothold

Trigger: Arrive at Calenhad's Foothold and / or the Witchwood
Reward: +1 Power and +80 Influence per Rift closed

There are two Fade Rifts in Calenhad's Foothold and the Witchwood, found to the southwest of the Crossroads and up some rocky terrain. (Look for ruins at the top as a guide.) They're in the following locations:
  • Right beside the aforementioned ruins, a short jaunt from Lake Luthias
  • To the west of the entrance of the Witchwood, along Redcliffe Road.
Rifts on the Outskirts

Trigger: Arrive in the Hinterlands and speak to Hardy
Reward: +1 Power and +80 Influence per Rift closed

In order to complete this small quest you must clear a pair of Fade Rifts that have appeared in the Hinterlands. They're in the following locations:
  • A short trip south of the Outskirts Camp. Turn just a touch southwest to find it.
  • A longer trip south of the Outskirts Camp. You'll find the Fade Rift near a small house on the bluffs. (Check 'round back of the house for a chest.)
  • North of Crossroads, on Redcliffe Road. Head northeast from Crossroads, then up the bluffs and to your left. It's floating on the other side of an archway bottleneck.
Shallow Breaths

Trigger: Refugee
Reward: +40 Influence, Solas and Cassandra slightly approve

You'll find the trigger NPC for this quest, who's only named 'Refugee', standing at the Crossroads to the northwest of the first camp in the Hinterlands. He's a short walk from the Crossroads' massive landmark statue, beside a cluster of tents. Speak to him and he'll ask you to find his son Hyndel, who has joined a cult in the hills of the Hinterlands.

Gain access to the cult's fort, as detailed in the Praise the Herald of Andraste quest, found above. Once inside, check the building to the left of the entrance. Wander through here until you find a ladder. (Don't neglect the loot box near the ladder, or the book that gives you the Queen Asha of Antiva Codex entry.) Hyndel is at the top. Speak to him, then return to Crossroads and talk to the Refugee (he's in the house now) for your reward.

Shards in the Hinterlands

This is part of a larger set of quests that we'll look at more in another article, coming soon.

Sketch of Calenhad's Foothold

Trigger: Find Sketch of Calenhad's Foothold
Reward: +40 Influence

While wandering near the Outskirts Camp you can find a body slumped against a rock wall, semi-hidden in a cluster of greenery. (I'll be totally honest, I found this and didn't write it down, because I'm stupid. Can anybody give me directions so I can edit 'em in? Thanks.) Check the body for the Sketch.

Head to the ruined fortress of Calenhad's Foothold, and look along the western wall... or what's left of it. You can climb a section of this wall with some careful jumps and get to a ladder. Slide down to find a small, innocuous chamber. You'll find a chest inside, a Recipe on the ground, and the weakness you were sent here to ID. Sonar ping the top-right wall from the ladder to complete the quest.

Stone Dreams

Trigger: A Letter in an Abandoned Home
Reward: +40 Influence

If you head north of Crossroads and onto Redcliffe Road you'll find an archway leading to a Fade Rift battle. After dispensing of the demons, look on the left side of the road near the archway to find a small shack. Look at the book inside to trigger... and complete... the quest. (Yes, it's that easy.)

Strange Bedfellows

Trigger: Worried Scout
Reward: +1 Power, +50 Influence

The NPC for this quest is found in the Outskirts, southeast of Crossroads and a quick jaunt short of a potential campsite. You'll know you're in the right area if you see fallen statues. He's looking for his fellow scout, a woman named Ritts.

After setting up the Dwarfson's Pass Camp (assuming you haven't already), head south through the Outskirts until you reach Dwarfson's Pass. Climb the hill on your right and continue south until see a fort on your right. Keep travelling along the hills past the fort and you'll eventually spot Ritts battling a pair of Templars. Take out the Templars, then speak to her to verify that she's okay. If Ritts died, return to the Worried Scout for your reward.

There's a picnic set up nearby. Radar the heck out of it and investigate the body and the bottle of wine. This will bring Ritts over. You can either let her off the hook or upbraid her for her foolishness. If you have Varric in the party, however, he'll come to a different conclusion, and you'll gain one Agent instead, which is the preferable outcome.

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