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Part Two: The Wrath of Heaven

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- First up: Haven is full of quests. You can find a list of the quests available in Haven here. You may want to complete 'em while you can, since... well... you can't do 'em past a certain point. Just putting it out there.

- After the debacle in the mountains your Inquisitor will wind up in the village of Haven, speaking to the help. Upbraid or ease the woman, as you see fit, then set to wandering around. Have a look around your little cabin to start, where you'll find a little box on the floor with some loot and a note about your Inquisitor's medical condition, unlocking the Patient Observations Codex entry. Then head outside.

- There's not much to see in Haven just yet, as the cabins near yours are largely empty. If you push past the guards nearby (possible by going around them from the right side) you can get to a larger yard with some in-progress siege engines; check around the base of the heaps of wood for some loot.

- Head up the stairs near the guards, leading south. Check the stone column on your left as you ascend for the Andraste's Mabari Codex entry. A cabin on your left has another note, and if you follow the path to your right you'll wind up near a cluster of three shacks. There are a few lootable items inside these cabins, as well as a Codex entry for The Randy Dowager Quarterly, found on a bed. Huh.

- Ultimately you have to head to the Chantry, the big, stone building that sticks out rather keenly. A book on the left side of the main hall will give you a Codex entry for The Fade, and you can check the sides of the hall for assorted loot. Entering the first door on the left side of the hall will take you to a longer lower level, filled with more basic loot (some of which you can't reach if you're not a Rogue) and a variety of books. The books provide the Founding of the Chantry and the Chantry Hierarchy Codex entries. The second room on the left will be more important later, though you can find the codex entry The Children of Andraste in here. The bedroom on the right side contains The Maker Codex entry.

The symbol of the Seekers.
The symbol of the Seekers.
- Pop into the door at the end of the hall to start a conversation. Partway through you'll have the opportunity to agree with Cassandra's estimation of the Inquisitor or challenge it; agreeing with Cassandra will earn her approval. Continue to probe the situation with questions, if you wish, but ultimately you'll remain with the burgeoning Inquisition. Cue intro sequence.

- Once the sequence is done you'll be outside the Chantry again. You're told to head back into the Chantry, but we'll poke around Haven first, as the NPCs are now more open to your presence, and you can speak to your party members if you find 'em. Start with the meal hall to the northeast; it was previously closed, but you can pop inside now to find some info on the camp, a song for the Patron of the Arts collection (keep going in and out to get up to seven such songs, which also count as Codex entries), and a Codex entry called A Tale of the Frostbacks.

- In one of the cabins in the cluster of three you checked earlier you'll find Adan, the Apothecary. You can come here to get more Potions, or to upgrade to newer, more potent brews with raw items you pick up in the field. Speak to Adan for the Haven's Best and Brightest side quest, and ask him if he needs anything done for the Passing Notes side quest. Solas lingers outside this cabin; you can chat with him and ask questions / egg on his pursuits to earn his approval.

- Just north of the Chantry is Threnn, the Inquisition's quartermaster. You can chat with her about her job, and about Loghain (Dragon Age: Origins) to earn the A Study of the Fifth Blight, Vol. One Codex entry, but ultimately she's most useful for the Requisition for Weapons side quest. This will get you started on Requisitions for the Inquisition, which will provide your troops with better arms. You can drop off raw materials for Requisitions at the table beside Threnn.

- Head north through the camp. You'll find Varric near the descending stairs, by a fire pit; remain positive and he'll approve. Head down the stairs and look near a wooden cart for a dude named Seggrit. He'll sell you stuff if you check out his table, notably several upgrades for Varric's crossbow, Bianca.

- Go down the stairs near Seggrit and you'll find a large training yard of sorts. There are tents on your right; look between them for a box with some loot. Cassandra is bashing stuff down here, if you want to chat (time for romance?); agree with her to gain approval. You'll find more near the tents further afield. The wilderness doesn't offer a whole lot besides nice scenery, though you'll find Iron and Elfroot in relative abundance if you feel like wandering around on the frozen lake.

Leliana acts like a spy. Get used to it.
Leliana acts like a spy. Get used to it.
- Head west along the path from the training yard and, after hoofing it for a while, you'll find a bridge. Up here you'll find a codex entry for The Penitents' Crossing, sitting on a box, and some assorted loot. Exciting. Along this path you'll find the blacksmith's station; manning it is Harritt, the smith. Speak to him and ask him about designs to get the Apprentice _____ schematic. (I assume what it is changes depending on your class.) You can use his workstation to improve your arms and armour, which is cheaper - and often faster - than buying stuff from stores. Speaking to Harritt will also earn you The Right Armor and the Piece by Piece quests, which you can complete here.

- If you head east from the training yard, through the trees, you'll find a side path to an empty cabin. Here you'll get a little tutorial for radar pinging your surroundings. Enter the house and ping away to find a quest item for Passing Notes on a rear table. Behind this house is a tree-filled area with plenty of game to hunt, if you're so inclined. Continuing east of here will bring you to the edge of Haven, which isn't much use at this point.

- When all the exploration is done, return to the Chantry. You'll get into a conversation with Cassandra, and after that you'll meet your three advisors: Cullen (warrior), Josephine (diplomat), and Leliana (spy). Once that's done, you'll be introduced to a new feature: the War Table.

The War Table

The centre of your operations, the War Table is a map of Thedas which allows you to determine your next course of action. Here you can order scouts to head into neighbouring lands and look for new locations to explore. At the moment you only have two general areas, Orlais and Ferelden, and you're forced to undergo the Scout the Hinterlands Operation. Operations have a Power cost, and you'll have to complete side quests to acquire more Power.

Each Operation can be undertaken by one of your advisors. Depending on which advisor you choose, the Operation may proceed differently, and with different results. At the moment your only choice is Secrets (Leliana), but the other two categories will be unlocked shortly. Going through this process will also unlock Missions, which are passive Operations that are completed over time. Each Mission has a preferred advisor, requiring less time to complete, and the rewards between advisors for completing a Mission may differ.

In addition to moving about, the War Table allows you to upgrade your Inquisition via Inquisition Perks. These Perks are each tied to one of your advisors, will benefit the Inquisition at large, your party, and, in the case of the Inquisition category, the Inquisitor him / herself. We'll look at these Perks in greater detail later, as you can't unlock any of them right now.

- Once you've agreed to the Operation and accepted the report, you can immediately jump to the Hinterlands, the next major area in the game, or continue exploring Haven. Up to you. We're not done exploring yet, so turn down instant travel and return to Haven. You'll earn a buttload of Codex entries in the process. (No, I'm not listing them.)

- Pop into the door to the right of the War Chamber. You'll find Josephine chatting with an Orlesian in a mask. You can learn more about her, or discover some details about your fellow party members. Check in with her every now and then to see if any foreign dignitaries are in camp, as well. Here you'll also find Minaeve, who accepts Creature Research items you may find on your travels.

- That's most everything done, though if you want to speak to Cullen, you can find him in the training yard. Leliana is also out here now, and you can find her beside the quartermaster, not far from the Chantry's front door.

Part Four: The Threat Remains (The Hinterlands)

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