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Mauville City - Mauville Hills

- In order to gain access to New Mauville you need to first speak to Wattson, the gym leader of Mauville City. You'll find him in the courtyard in the middle of Mauville City, standing beside Square Tower in the centre of the courtyard. He'll appear here after you've completed the ordeal with Kyogre and Groudon. Feel free to counter this in the comments, because it seems to be different for everyone. (In the original game he appeared here after beating Norman and getting Surf, but I don't buy that anymore.)

- Wattson will give you access to the second floor of Mauville City, an area you can't otherwise reach. You can get to Mauville Hills via the two elevators in Mauville City, north of the courtyard and to the right / left at the intersection ahead.

- Mauville Hills consists of a ring of apartments. We'll make our way clockwise around the floor, checking the apartments as we go. Start with the right apartment in the north and the younger tenant will give you a Ribbon. (The older girl makes a Pokemon joke. Yar har har.) Which Ribbon you get depends on the day you win it:
  • Monday - Alert Ribbon
  • Tuesday - Shock Ribbon
  • Wednesday - Downcast Ribbon
  • Thursday - Careless Ribbon
  • Friday - Relax Ribbon
  • Saturday - Snooze Ribbon
  • Sunday - Smile Ribbon
(Thanks to Carl Bullock in the comments for pointing out that you get different Ribbons on different days. I love how thematic they are to the days of the work week.)

- Head southeast. There are apartments to explore. Pop into the first apartment on the left and the dude will claim to be powerless, so powerless, but if you check his balcony you'll find TM89, U-Turn. Down the row from this apartment is another, where a man in black is waiting; speak to him, watch the little cut scene, then leave the area and come back. The dude will be there again, and he'll give you Lopunnite.

- Head to the far south. Wattson's apartment is here. Pop inside and he'll give you access to New Mauville. Keep heading clockwise from here to find another cluster of four apartments, though they're of significantly less use. You'll wind up back in the north soon enough; check the left apartment up here and you'll find an old lady who will engage you in a Rotation Battle. You can return here each day to battle her.

Rotation Girl Circie
  • Simisage, level 42
  • Simisear, level 42
  • Simipour, level 42
Reward: $3,360, Elixir

This is a weird battle if you've never played previous Pokemon titles. In a Rotation Battle you can either spend your turn attacking, as normal, or you can rotate another pokemon in to perform an instant attack. Strategies change, but it's an easy enough battle (you're facing fire, water, and grass pokemon, all pretty simple creatures) and shouldn't challenge you overly much.

New Mauville
Pokemon Rarity Version Time of Day Location
Magnemite Common Both Either Walking
Voltorb Common Both Either Walking

- Head south to Route 110 and Surf across the nearest patch of water. Head east from here and you'll find a small building on its own island. This is New Mauville, and now that you have permission from Wattson you can pop inside.

- Start with the right side of the first floor. North of here are several 'item balls' that may actually be Voltorbs in disguise. The far-right item is an Escape Rope, the rear-middle item is a Paralyze Heal, and the rear-left item is a Thunder Stone. The other two items are Voltorbs.

- Head west. If you check the bottom-left corner you can find a hidden Max Repel. It's on the brown tile nearest the corner. North of here is a Voltorb, as well as a door to the rear of the area.

- Pop into the back. There's a Full Heal sitting against the north wall, and if you head west of here you'll find a large computer system. Interact with it to complete your New Mauville mission. In the eastern corner of this short path you'll find three more item balls - the top-left is an Ultra Ball, the bottom-most is a Metal Coat - and, just north of the Coat, an Ampharosite. Nice.

- Return to Mauville Hills and speak to Wattson, right where you left him. As thanks for your time he'll give you TM24, Thunderbolt.

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