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Scorched Slab

- It is worth noting, before anything else, that Scorched Slab is pretty useless when you first reach it. It doesn't become truly worthy of exploration until later in the game, after you've dealt with the Groudon / Kyogre situation. Don't bother exploring the place in great depth until then.

- To reach the Scorched Slab, you must first have access to Route 120. You'll find the Slab in the pond roughly in the centre of the first half of this Route; you'll need Surf to get inside. TM11, Sunny Day, is sitting in the entrance, so even if you don't plan on exploring the area you might as well grab this.

- Head north from the stairs in the first basement. The area's darkened, but you should be able to see the Full Heal sitting by the water's edge. Head southeast through the area from here and you'll find Flannery, the gym leader of Lavaridge Town, near a set of stairs. Freak her out, then head downstairs.

- This room is divided into sections. Go down the lower set of stairs on your right, then check the blockade between sections to the north. There's a hidden Nugget flush with the rocks. Get back up on the platform and head west; in the bottom-left corner of the area you'll find Charizardite Y, glittering away.

- Head north, then up the second set of stairs on your right. Hidden just south of the top of the stairs is a Super Potion. Continue northeast from here and you'll find a massive boulder to move via Strength. This will allow you to make it back through the room a little more easily. Beside it are stairs...

- ... and at the bottom you'll find a large, ominous ring. Approach the ring and interact with it to get into a battle with a Heatran. A fire- and steel-type legendary, Heatran will put up a decent fight before you can snag it (though, honestly, it's not that difficult to catch).

Main Walkthrough Page