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Sea Mauville

- In order to reach the Sea Mauville you need to travel along the watery passage between Routes 105 and 109. Specifically, you want to look on Route 108, a relatively short jaunt west from the beaches near Slateport City. You can visit here on your first possible trip, though you need Dive to really explore the Sea Mauville.

- When you arrive at the wreck of the great ship you'll find two trainers outside. It's pretty easy to avoid both of them if you don't feel like fighting. You can board the ship itself by Surfing up to the submerged edge of the deck.

Tuber Charlie

  • Corphish, level 28
Reward: $112

Eh. No big deal.

Sailor Duncan
  • Wailmer, level 26
  • Machoke, level 28
Reward: $1,120

A bit tougher. Still little worry.

- A short ways up the deck you'll find a tour guide. You can donate money to her, if you wish. (No clue what that does. Anything? Nothing?) Wander around the deck and you'll find an Escape Rope near a scientist. Look to the right of this dude, past the entrance, to find TM18, Rain Dance, sitting on some half-ruined stairs.

- Pop inside the Sea Mauville via the door near the scientist. Follow the hallway here southwest until you see a balding dude. To the right of him is a somewhat-hard-to-see door, which, unlike the other two doors in this hallway, is open; inside the next room you'll find some trainers.

Young Couple Lois & Hal
  • Volbeat, level 29
  • Illumise, level 29
Reward: $1,856

It's the pooooower of love. Unfortunately, the power of love is quite feeble here.

- Head back into the hallway and look to the south. There's Divable water ahead. Look on the right side of the water for a Max Repel, then Dive into the depths. Meander southward through the submerged corridor and you'll hit an intersection; head northeast to start. You'll wind up at a place to surface, allowing you to access the second half of the previous corridor.

- The room on your left upon emerging from the water is open, and creepy, but otherwise useless right now. Return to the corridor and try to head north and some random dude will ask you to alert him about treasures. Sure, guy. There are some interesting notes in the room on the right, and you can grab a White Herb at the end of the passage, but the most important thing to check here is the little girl in the north. She'll give you the Key to Room 1.

- Before leaving, check out the unlocked door in the eastern hallway, down and to the left of the demanding dude. You'll get a creepy message inside. Assuming you have the National Dex, check the left side of the book shelf in the top-left corner of the room. You'll read something about an Odd Keystone. Enter any part of the menu that covers both screens, then return to the map. The Keystone will be floating behind you - and a Spiritomb will attack immediately after you jump back to the action. Not quite a legendary pokemon, but good enough.

- Dive again and return to the first half of the hallway. You can use the Key on the top-left door. Inside you'll find a Dive Ball and a pair of trainers. Check the shelving on the left side of the room for the Key to Room 2.

May Dives beneath the dry decks of the Sea Mauville in search of treasure.
May Dives beneath the dry decks of the Sea Mauville in search of treasure.

Mysterious Sisters Scall & Ion
  • Chingling, level 29
  • Kirlia, level 28
Reward: $1,232

Preeeeetty feeble. Physical moves will whomp you easily through this fight.

- Back to the hallway. The Key works on the next room to the south on the left side of the hall. Speak to the right girl inside for the Key to Room 6 (What exactly are they doing in here?), and look beside the left girl for a Revive. Leave them to their... shenanigans... though only after checking the cabinets for some interesting notes.

- Dive to the east side of the hallway. Room 6 is the top-right room in this hallway, and it leads back out onto the deck. Dip into the water to the south and you can Surf over to a nearby fisherman. Talk to him and he'll give you the Key to Room 4. Note the door on the side of the Sea Mauville, up and to the left of the fisherman, then head back the way you came.

- Room 4 is the next door down on your left in the hallway. Check inside to find the Storage Key. You can use this on that mysterious door you saw on the side of the ship to get inside Storage...

- ... where you'll find an odd cut scene. Huh. You'll also find four Nuggets, eight Big Nuggets, a Luxury Ball, TM13 Ice Beam, and a Beedrillite. The Nuggets alone will net you a veritable fortune when sold at a shop, and the rest of the stuff... awesome.

Return Trip

- Return to the hallway and Dive. We still haven't explored the southern half of the ship, but if you dip into the engineering room you'll seemingly find nothing. Check the ground near the bottom of the right set of stairs, however (look along the seam between the two larger floor plates on the right), and you can find a hidden Scanner. This will only appear here after you've dealt with the Groudon / Kyogre storyline, and, presumably, caught one of those two legendaries.

- Take the Scanner to Captain Stern, at the Ferry in Slateport City. He'll trade you the Clear Bell for the Scanner in Omega Ruby and the Tidal Bell in Alpha Sapphire. Take the Bell back to the Sea Mauville and either climb onto the rear deck that's listing into the air (OR) or descend to the engineering room where you found the Scanner (AS). You'll find a darkened ring waiting, and if you investigate you'll face either Ho-Oh (OR) or Lugia (AS).

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