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The following Routes are not necessary for completing the game. They're simply fun to explore, and offer a lot of trainers you can use to level up your pokemon in preparation for Victory Road, the Elite Four, and the Champion.

Route 129

- To get to Route 129 you need to pass through Route 128. You'll find it a short ways south of Seafloor Cavern.

- At the entrance of the Route and on your left you'll find two trainers sitting on a bank of sand. Just south of them is a large, dark Dive spot in the water. Submerge, then check to the east to find a spot to surface. (Between here and there you'll go through seaweed; check the gap in the seaweed for a Blue Shard.) You'll wind up in the midst of a large clump of rocky terrain once you surface. Head south and onto land to find an area known as Secret Shore, where you'll find a ton of places to establish Secret Bases.

Fisherman Fisk
  • Lanturn, level 39
Reward: $1,248

Problematic if you rely on electric-types for taking out ground-types. Still not that tough in the long run.

Fisherman Sheaffer
  • Sharpedo, level 37
  • Whiscash, level 37
Reward: $1,184

Bring grass-types into this fight for an easy go, though remain wary of Ice Fang from Sharpedo.

- Return to the first Dive spot and look south while underwater to find a trainer floating in the seaweed. Check the gaps in the seawood southeast of him to find a Splash Plate. West of the Diver is a spot to surface; check the lonesome sand bank above the water to find a hidden Big Pearl and a hidden Heart Scale. The first is in the middle, the second is off to the right. You'll find Heart Scales here on subsequent visits as well.

Scuba Diver Jason
  • Lanturn, level 41
Reward: $1,640

Ever so slightly stronger than the one you fought above the water. Still, no big deal.

- Return to the main Route. Return to the surface and you'll find two more trainers further west; one's to the northwest, the other's to the southwest. Dip below the seas again and you'll find another trainer near the second large patch of Divable water. There's one final Diver on the edge of the border with Route 130, aaaaand back above water near the Diver you'll find the last trainer on the Route.

Swimmer Reed
  • Pelipper, level 37
  • Seadra, level 37
Reward: $592

Eh. You've been here. You've done that.

Ace Trainer Honor
  • Torkoal, level 39
  • Medicham, level 39
Reward: $2,340

Torkoal's taking quite a chance on the open seas. Little of note otherwise, though Protect is kinda annoying for wasting your PP.

Scuba Diver Colten
  • Golduck, level 38
  • Gyarados, level 40
Reward: $1,600

Both dangerous, neither murderous.
Free Diver Coral
  • Clamperl, level 38
  • Tentacruel, level 40
Reward: $1,600

Weeeeeak. Tentacruel can hit kinda hard with Poison Jab, I guess, but...

Swimmer Tisha
  • Luvdisc, level 36
  • Azumarill, level 36
  • Corsola, level 36
Reward: $576

Route 130

- There's a small stretch of beach at the beginning of the Route with a sign. Dive into the water north of the sigh to find a small dead end; check along the walls to the north of the Dive spot to find a Griseous Orb. There's a trainer treading water south of the sign, and another to the west. Dive into the main section of dark water to find a third trainer in the vicinity.

Triathlete Karsen
  • Golduck, level 37
  • Tentacruel, level 37
Reward: $1,480

Same 'ol, same 'ol.

Swimmer Katie
  • Golduck, level 38
  • Seaking, level 36
Reward: $576


Scuba Diver Silas
  • Sealeo, level 39
  • Whiscash, level 39
Reward: $1,560


- Continue west. There's a final surface trainer just before you pass into Route 131. If you Dive at the end of this long stretch of dark water and head north, off of the main path, you'll find a trainer dawdling in the seaweed. Check the horizontal stretch of bare ground east of this Diver to find a hidden Meadow Plate, then head west to find a spot to surface. Beyond you'll find the Secret Meadow, which, surprise, is filled with Secret Base spots. That'll do it for Route 130.

Swimmer Rodney
  • Crawdaunt, level 39
Reward: $624


Free Diver Cordura
  • Corsola, level 41
Reward: 1,640

Route 131

- The Dive points come to an end here, mercifully, and the Route is pretty straightforward. Head down the middle and you'll face trainers; take the back Route through the rocks in the north and you'll find another trainer. Go through the rocks and you'll also find a massive tower which you can't enter until you complete the main game. We'll save the details of that place for another article.

Swimmer Kara
  • Clamperl, level 39
Reward: $624

So... weak...

Swimmer Herman
  • Seadra, level 37
  • Gyarados, level 37
Reward: $592

A big step up, but by the time you get this far out these pokemon shouldn't be a major concern.

Swimmer Richard
  • Wailmer, level 39
Reward: $624


Swimmer Susie
  • Starmie, level 39
Reward: $624


Sis & Bro Rell & Ian
  • Azumarill, level 39
  • Sealeo, level 38
Reward: $760

The strongest on the Route. That's not saying a whole lot.

May runs through the floating settlement of Pacifidlog Town.
May runs through the floating settlement of Pacifidlog Town.
What a weird name.
Pacifidlog Town

On the west end of Route 131 you'll find a floating town. Pacifidlog is nice and small, but there are still a few things to do here.
  • Start with the southern-most house. Look to the right of the front door for a Heart Scale. Then step inside and speak to the younger man; he'll give you TM03, Psyshock.
  • The next house over contains a woman who wants a Bellossom. She'll give you a Corsola in exchange.
  • The western-most house contains the brother of the president of the Pokemon Fan Club. He'll give you TM27, Return, if you have a friendly pokemon front and centre. Return is one of the best normal-type attacking moves, hands down. If, however, the pokemon at the front of your party is unfriendly (giving it items like Energy Roots or Heal Powders will do the trick), you will receive TM21, Frustration, instead. It's not nearly as useful, since you have to really make your pokemon hate you to get the most out of the move.
  • You'll find a Pokemon Center in the middle of town. There's little of importance inside, but if you Surf around the outside of the Pokemon Center and look on the left side of the Center, behind the sign, you'll find Kangaskhanite.
  • One final house to the west. Check inside and the man at the window will give you TM56, Fling. That's all for Pacifidlog.
Route 132 - Route 134

The remainder of this westbound path consists of a series of powerful water currents that will sweep you off to Slateport City. This is a one-way trip, and you need to choose your currents carefully to optimize your progress. You will have to Fly back to Pacifidlog and go through the Route again if you want to grab everything.

Northern Route

- From the sign at the beginning of Route 132, hop into the northern-most currents. You'l be swept to a becalmed area with a trainer. From here you can hop into currents to the north or the south; go south and you'll be taken to the top of a small island. Up here is a Rare Candy.

Swimmer Gilbert
  • Tentacruel, level 37
  • Sharpedo, level 37
Reward: $592


- If you continue following the northern currents you'll be swept to a small island with several trainers.

Swimmer Debra
  • Corsola, level 39
Reward: $624

Grass that sucker.

Swimmer Franklin
  • Whiscash, level 38
  • Seadra, level 36
Reward: $576


Swimmer Linda
  • Pelipper, level 37
  • Seaking, level 37
Reward: $592


- Continue taking the uppermost currents. They'll soon carry you to a large-ish island on Route 133. Speak to the Psychic here for TM77, Psych Up, and look near him for a Star Piece. You can't get at the rest of this island from here.

- There's a calm area between currents ahead. Two trainers wait here. Take the southern currents and you'll be washed to a nearby island; this stretches back east. You can also get here from the previous island if you stick to the lower currents. There's a trainer here, as well as a Carbos and two hidden Heart Scales, one right in the middle of the Black Belt's pacing track, the other on the far left side. You can hop to another island a very short ways west to face another trainer, as well.

Swimmer Jack
  • Starmie, level 36
  • Sharpedo, level 38
Reward: $608

Are these guys getting weaker, or is it just me?

Swimmer Laurel
  • Luvdisc, level 36
  • Luvdisc, level 36
  • Luvdisc, level 36
Reward: $576

Yep, so much weaker.

Black Belt Hitoshi
  • Machoke, level 37
  • Heracross, level 39
Reward: $1,248

Okay, this is a bit better. Flying-types still rule this battle.

Dragon Tamer Aaron
  • Shelgon, level 39
  • Kingdra, level 39
Reward: $2,340

Go straight dragon-type here for an easy win.

- This small island is pretty much the end of the road for the northern stretch of these Routes. Continue west from here and you'll wind up just off Slateport. Time to zip back and check out the southern side of the Routes, which features some slightly more interesting oddities.

Southern Route

- Surf south along the currents at the beginning of Route 132. Keep your eye open for the tips of a horseshoe-shaped island to the west. Surf onto it and you'll find a trainer. North of here is another, smaller island; on it is a Protein.

Black Belt Kiyo
  • Machamp, level 40
Reward: $1,280

Huh. Not bad. Machamp is stronger than all those Machokes you've fought over the course of your journey, but it goes down the same way. I prefer special moves over physical.

- Move to the very tip of the horseshoe and Surf. You'll be carried to a tiny island with TM34, Sludge Wave. Head directly west into the current from here and you'll be shuttled west, south, and into a small, rocky inlet where another island waits. There's a Max Revive on the island. Surf west of here, back into the current, and you'll be carried to another island with more trainers.

Bird Keeper Beck
  • Skarmory, level 39
Reward: $1,560

Tough, but it'll probably waste its first turn with Spikes. Fire it up. (Stupid Sturdy.)

Ace Trainer Warren
  • Lairon, level 38
  • Alakazam, level 38
  • Manectric, level 38
Reward: $2,280

Eh. Reasonably strong.

Backpacker Grayson
  • Girafarig, level 39
Reward: $936


- Surf west of the Backpacker. You'll be shunted to a small, bland island. On the west side of the island you'll see a small, four-square-long indent in the shore. Surf west from one of these four squares or you'll be swept to the north or south and miss the Dive spot in the middle of the next becalmed area. This leads to an area called the Sealed Chamber, which we'll visit in another article. It's an important area for gathering legendary pokemon.

- Hop back in the current. At this point you're pretty much done, and Slateport is just a short float away...

- ... but there's something else we can see along here, as well. Return to the island just before the Sealed Chamber. (You can get there more quickly by Flying to Route 133.) This time, however, Surf off of the top-left corner of the island. You'll be carried to a small, stoney maze. TM80, Rock Slide, waits here on a central island. Grab it, then Surf west from the northern gap in the rocks. You'll be carried to one final island. A trainer and a Star Piece wait here.

Ace Trainer Elaine
  • Lairon, level 38
  • Tropius, level 40
Reward: $2,400

Fire it up!

- Fly back to Route 133 again, then take the northern water stream away from the Route sign. It will sweep you to an island with a trainer. There's a Calcium sitting behind him. Hop into the stream and ride it until you find a Mickey Mouse-esque island with the Route 134 sign. Ride the steam from the top-left corner of the island (not the stream that's one square above the island, mind) and it'll sweep you to a tiny island with a hidden Heart Scale. This is a one-tile trip, and you'll be swept away from the island if you mess it up, so aim carefully. Fortunately, you can Fly back to Route 134 if you foul up and wind up on this island.

Fisherman River
  • Seadra, level 39
Reward: $1,248

If only you hadn't fought Kingdras already... if only...

Central Route

- This trip through the currents is only a little different from the southern route. (It's also the most fiddly, so it comes last.) Float out to the horseshoe island and the small island to the north, but this time set out west from the northern end of the calm water. You'll be swept to a small island with a trainer.

Fisherman Ronald
  • Gyarados, level 36
  • Gyarados, level 36
  • Gyarados, level 36
Reward: $1,152

Yikes. Electricity rocks this battle.

- Hop in the current from the southern side of the island and you'll be swept to another island with a Big Pearl. Surf from the top-left tip of this island to hit another one, where another trainer is waiting for you. Surf west from here at any point to wind up near, you guessed it, a trainer.

Swimmer Sheryl
  • Luvdisc, level 36
  • Pelipper, level 38
Reward: $608


Bird Keeper Alex
  • Swellow, level 37
  • Altaria, level 37
Reward: $1,480

No big.

That's that. Routes 129 to 134. Have fun. Yeesh.