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Old Route

- The enemies here are no different than what you faced in the Canyon. Head north through the Old Route and, beside a doorway, you’ll find a chest containing a Mana Potion.

- There’s a chest in the next room that you can’t currently reach. We’ll come back to it. Continue north through this screen and the next.

- There’s an Antidote to the north on the next screen. Nab it, then head through the passage in the middle of the room. Head to the northeast corner of the next area and the path will split; look a short ways south for a chest containing Dynamite, then slip down into the pit in the middle of the room to grab a Potion. There’s a hole in the middle of the floor; fall down into it. 

- You’ll land beside a chest containing a Bomb. Go through the cave down here to return to the previous room, then head north and through the northeast door. Beyond you’ll find a familiar gate, but… you can’t do anything with it. Vexing.

- Return to the Goaman Hut. Speak to Mohu and he’ll join your party. Note that you won’t be able to return to Oasis while he’s in the party. If you need to rest, go to the Goaman Hut and inspect the ground near the cauldron inside the Hut. (You may be able to trigger Mohu joining the party earlier than this. Anybody know when? At the very least you need to enter the second Canyon.)

- Back to the gate in the Old Route. Approach with Mohu and you’ll pop through to a new area.

Ruin Town

- Though it’s elaborate, there isn’t much to see in Ruin Town at first glance. Look to the right of the main building in the centre of town for a save point, then walk clockwise around the outside of the main building to find a small side building. Inside is a path into the palace, and through an inner door…


- Head north to the first split, then take a left. There’s a small room here. Hit the button on the wall in here. This will trigger the appearance of a moving platform back in the main room of the Sanctuary. Ride it north. It will take you to a button that activates another platform; ride the first platform back and hop on the second.

- Hop on the platform to the left and ride it west. Hit the button to the south, then ride the platform back and hop on the new platform to the right. It will take you to a doorway.

- There’s a chest containing an Herb to the northwest of where you pop out. Continue west from here and you’ll find another doorway and a southern path. Head south and you’ll find a platform that’ll take you to a chest you couldn’t reach before. It contains a Dragon Tooth. Then pop back up to the doorway you passed and head inside. You’ll find a chest containing Metal Coins and another button.

- The button will activate a platform back through the door to the east. Ride it through the main chamber, press the next button to your right, and ride the platform it produces to the north. Another button waits. (Sensing a pattern?) Ride back to the previous island, run south along a narrow ledge to find the resulting platform, and ride it to yet another button. Press it, go back an island, and ride the last platform (on the right) to find a doorway.

- The pathway ahead is twisting, but straightforward. (Ignore the right-hand turn.) It will eventually lead you to a button which will activate two platforms, one on your right and one that heads to another room. Wander back the way you came quickly enough and you’ll see the lower platform slink into the right wall. Walk into the wall and hunt around to hop onto the platform. It will take you to chests containing a Gold Key and a Potion.

- Head back to the platform closer to the button and ride it north. It’ll take you to a button that’s locked, requiring the Gold Key. Use it to summon another platform. (Almost done with these, I swear.) It shuttles you over to a button. Hit it, then watch the platform it brings over. It will slide in behind a nearby thick column (the left column). Hop on and it will take you to what looks like an empty island, but there’s a hidden chest in the wall to your left. It contains a Big Key.

- Ride back to the previous island. There’s another key switch on your left. Use the Big Key on it to summon a platform; it will take you to one final hall, this with a chest containing a Mana Potion and a save point. open the chest, save, and head south. Boss battle time. Make sure everyone’s healed before you get into a fight, as this beast is a doozy.


Accompanied by a pair of Amoeaba, the Crab is one terrible opponent, despite having such a simple attack pattern. It uses two attacks: either it will swipe one character, typically doing over 100 HP of damage, or it will leap into the air and do approximately that much damage to everyone. Yikes. Have either Edessot or Alina use an all-hitting spell to take out the Amoeabas and damage Crab, then begin collecting and smacking the creature with your best attacks. Nothing fancy, just your strongest stuff. (I found Edessot’s Dynamite especially good.) The key here is to always have Alina on healing duty, and to never let your characters get below 100 HP. Mohu makes a good backup healer with items if necessary, and it probably will be necessary if Crab uses its drop attack too many times.

- Defeating Crab will reveal a chest containing a Compass. Grab it, then warp out. (For a speedier escape, use Mohu’s Sweet Home spell to return straight to the Goaman Hut.) Back at the Hut you’ll hit a cut scene - making this a good time to save - and when you enter the Hut you’ll get into a battle with a group of Soldiers. Take out the guys with the swords first, as they’re easier to kill, then go after the Soldier with the shield and spear. This fight is almost as difficult as a boss fight in and of itself, so make sure you heal before entering the Hut.

- There’s another battle waiting once you beat the Soldiers. You won’t win this one. Just saying. Mohu will leave the party in the aftermath, and the team will retreat to Oasis.

Part Five: