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- After returning the Meinshu Herbs to Hoston’s parents and watching a few cut scenes, head to Edessot’s home in the south. Another cut scene will pop up and give you your next destination.

- Return to Reja Cave, deep in Reja Forest. You’ll quickly be shunted past a fence that you may have noticed earlier in the game, taking you to an area called The Altar. Check a chest in the south of this clearing for Gold Coins, then head north. One cut scene later…

- … you’ll be zapped into mystery ruins. Huh. Head west to spark a cut scene, then head directly south when you regain control of the party to exit the ruins.

- Cut scenes! Alina leaves the party! Visit Edessot the next day, then head to the Bridge. Cross to the far east (now open) to find a new section of the world map. There are several locations to visit, but your destination for the moment is Oasis.


- Ooooo, a new town. Head south from the entrance and look to your left. A chest here contains Berries. Then head south and check the buildings on your right. The one nearest the bottom is an Inn… and inside, Alina rejoins the party. What a difficult search.

- To the southeast is a market. Here you can purchase new weapons and armour. You can also purchase fruit, though it’s mostly useless. Stick to the equipment. Leave the market and head south, along the southern wall, and you’ll find a chest containing Gold Coins.

- There’s a small oasis next to the market; here you’ll find a save point. There’s another merchant half-hidden behind a tree in this oasis, and if you go right of the oasis and follow the eastern wall of the town to the north you’ll find two chests tucked in the far northeast. They contain an Antidote and Dynamite.

- Oasis doesn’t have anything else to offer right now, leaving only two options: the Camp to the east and the Canyon up north. We’ll try the Camp first.

- Among the nomads of the camp you’ll meet an older man with a lengthy tale to tell. Once he’s done, speak to him again and he’ll ask you to deliver a Lena Letter to a woman named, duh, Lena. She’s not ‘round these parts, so this quest will have to wait for a little while.


- First thing’s first: the local enemies.
Sand Snails. When they’re aboveground, they take damage normally. Belowground they take roughly half damage… but they also don’t attack. Leave these things until last if they’re dug in.
Amoeabas. Basically stronger versions of the red creeps you fought elsewhere. Meh.
Sand Worms. The strongest of the monsters in the Canyon, they hit hard at take a lot of damage. They can also poison your party members. Defending and charged attacks are ideal.

- Head north to hit a cut scene. Pursue the fleeing figure north to find a cave, then duck inside to find chests containing Metal Coins and a Potion. Double back and check to the southeast once you’re outside the cave again to find a chest containing Pepper Powder.

- Backtrack south. There’s a cave on your right. Head inside and follow it east to an exit. Along the way you’ll find two chests, one containing a Fire Gem, the other an Antidote. The cave continues east, but head south and out for now; back outside you’ll find another cave to the south, this leading to a Chisel. You can check the cave next to this one, as well, which leads to an Herb. Last, exit through the first cave again and you’ll pop out beside some Gold Coins. Confusing.

- Leave these two caves and head south. You’ll find another cave, this ultimately leading to a locked chest, Dynamite, and a passage back outside. 

- Look to the south for a chest containing an Antidote, then pop into the cave on your right. Inside is a chest containing Metal Coins. Head north and look to the right down a split in the path for Gold Coins. South of this chest you’ll pop back outside; look to your left for a chest containing a Mameluke.

- Return to the cave and the split in the path, then go north. You’ll pop outside and everyone will collapse. This culminates in a quick nap, a meeting, and a new location on the world map - one with a save point. Use it if you feel it necessary, then head west one location to find the rest of the Canyon.

- There are two chests near the entrance of this area, one to the north and one to the east. They contain an Herb and Berries. Head northeast through the Canyon and you’ll find Pepper Powder about a screen up, and, next to a dude selling items in the west, you’ll find one last chest containing Aloe Wera. It’s slightly hidden behind some cliffs. 

- Continue north and you’ll find a new area.