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- Heal up after defeating Aps, then check up the ladder to the south to find a Potion. Return to the water and climb the ladder to continue through the Sewer. Up the next set of stairs you’ll find Steal materia; grab it and climb into the pit to the right. This area is populated by aquatic enemies that are largely vulnerable to Bolt.

- After dropping down you’ll enter one more small section of the Sewer. Wind down into the water, then back out, to reach a ladder out of here.

Train Graveyard

- The Train Graveyard swaps up enemies, and the creatures here are difficult to defeat without magic. Fire is quite useful in these parts. While you’re here you may want to try and Steal from the Eligor, the odd wheeled creatures that travel about solo, as they will occasionally yield up Striking Staves. The Striking Staff will, at least for a while, making Aeris a rather powerful physical attacker.

- (Fun note: You can steal Ghost Hands from the Ghosts in this area. You can’t find Ghost Hands anywhere else in the game. They’re kinda useless, but, hey. Complete item list, amirite?)

- Use the save point after popping out the Sewer, then enter the car near the save point to find a path leading north. Check the barrel to the left of the car for another Hi-Potion. Head back south and climb onto the car to find a Hi-Potion and a northbound route.

- Wreckage connects two sets of cars. Walk off the left side of the wreckage and look north for a barrel containing an Echo Screen, then go south a short walk and take a right. You can enter another train car a short ways south, inside which you’ll find a Potion and a path to the far right set of cars. Climb up and over via ladders, enter the right car, and walk north to find a way out of this screen. There’s another Potion waiting.

- You’re now in an open area. Check to your left for a Potion and the barrel on the far left for an Ether, then look to the two conspicuous trains in the north. Walk between them to reach a train car you can climb to reach a Hi-Potion. That done, hop into the lower engine to push an adjacent car out of the way of the upper engine, then hop into the upper engine to create a path from the car with the Hi-Potion to the exit of the Train Graveyard. You can’t come back here, so make sure you complete your business now.

Sector 7 Pillar

- Bad stuff happens, and Aeris will leave the party for a while. You now need to climb the massive Pillar in the north. Speak to the man in the red vest on the left if you need items, save, and start to climb.

- Fight your way up. It’s a more or less straight climb, with some last minute encounters with old friends. The enemies up here are elementally neutral, so use whatever you need to fight your way to the top.

- Barret will rejoin the party when you reach the apex of the Pillar. Take the opportunity to equip him, then prepare for a boss battle.


Slippery Turk. Reno has three attacks: either he’ll smack you normally, use his Electro-Mag Rod to zap and potentially stun a character, or use his Pyramid attack to entrap one of your characters. You’ll have to smack the Pyramid once to free the character and allow them to move again. Reno will pretty much always keep one character in a Pyramid, so don’t attack them unless two members of your party get trapped. Try to keep whichever character has your Restore materia in the open. Beyond that, just beat him up with spells, physical attacks, and Limits. Not that difficult overall.

- A cut scene follows your attempts to diffuse the bomb atop the Pillar. Escape, and… well, goodbye to Sector 7.