The party battles the Zone Eater, a disguised dungeon in Final Fantasy VI.

Triangle Island

Hop in the Falcon and fly to the northeast corner of the map. Just off the coast of the continent that’s home to the Veldt you’ll find a small, triangular island. This was originally the home of Intangir, the strongest monsters in the World of Balance, and now it’s populated by a different breed of creature: The Zone Eater.

Zone Eaters aren’t amazingly strong, and can be defeated with relative ease, but that’s not your purpose here. Instead, you want to let the Zone Eater Inhale your characters, one by one. Sit still and watch as the Zone Eater sucks everybody down. Rather than getting a Game Over...

Mog explores the Zone Eater's Belly in Final Fantasy VI.

Zone Eater's Belly - Enemies
  • Amduscias - 4,452 HP - Weak to Poison
  • Baalzephon - 3,609 HP - Weak to Fire - Absorbs all other elements
  • Covert - 4,530 HP - Weak to Holy
  • Kamui - 4,211 HP - Weak to Lightning, Poison - Drops Holy Water
  • Shambling Corpse - 3,850 HP - Weak to Fire, Holy, Healing - Absorbs Instant Death
  • Wartpuck - 3,559 HP - Weak to Fire

  • ... you’ll wind up in a dungeon. The enemies down here aren’t too bad, though Shambling Corpses can get really annoying with their Life Shaver attack if you don’t OHKO them. Be careful bringing Shadow down here, as several foes (Coverts and Amduscias) will hurl items back at him if he uses the Throw command, usuaully inflicting a ton of damage.. You can leave the Zone Eater’s Belly by entering the beam of light north of where you appear in the dungeon. Otherwise, head south.

    The next chamber contains a series of bridges that lead westward. They’re patrolled by men in green who will, given the chance, knock you off of their respective bridge and force you to start over. (Though you can find a Hi-Ether and a Red Jacket in chests if you’re dropped off the bridges, so it’s worth being shoved off once.)

    Mog stands across from the chest containing the Fake Mustache, an accessory inside the Zone Eater's Belly in Final Fantasy VI.

    Carefully time your jumps from bridge to bridge as you head west. You can find chests containing Genji Armor, a Magical Brush, and a Fake Mustache if you’re willing to brave the bridges a little more thoroughly. The Fake Mustache unlocks the Control command when equipped on Relm, allowing her to seize control of enemies and choose which commands she wants them to use.

    Past a save point - which, given what’s to come, you should really use - is a room with a falling ceiling. Get caught under the ceiling as it descends and you’re immediately dead. You need to watch the descent of the ceiling and get into the gaps when the ceiling rises to survive this area. You can find a Zephyr Cloak, a Hero’s Ring, and a Pinwheel as you move to the west.

    Mog grabs items from a chest inside the Zone Eater's Belly, a dungeon in Final Fantasy VI.

    Almost done. This last area contains a chest-hopping puzzle. Hop across the first three chests, then hop from the bridge to the button on the island to the south to create two more jump points. This lets you to hop to a Thunder Shield on the west side of the screen. 

    Head for the door in the north after popping open the chest and you’ll find a surprise on the other side...

    The intro screen for Gogo, a playable (and secret) character in Final Fantasy VI.

    ... a new party member, by the default name of Gogo. Capable of Mimicking the actions of your characters, Gogo can also mimic the general abilities of your characters by equipping their special actions on the Status screen. They'll possess the cumulative spells of the characters in your party if given the Magic command, though they cannot learn magic or equip Espers normally. Paired with the correct people, Gogo is a powerful asset.

    Once you have Gogo you can either use the Teleport spell, a Teleport Stone, or the light beam at the beginning of the dungeon to return to the world map.