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Cave of Bahamut

- First, you need to locate the Cave of Bahamut. It is found to the east, or the west, of the Crystal Palace. You can visit it at any time when you arrive on the moon, but going once Kain is back in the party is a good idea. You’ll see why when you reach the end. The enemies inside are largely neutral in nature, and you can use whatever types of attacks you like.

- Head south from the entrance. You’ll find a chest containing Genji Gloves. Head back north and take a right and you’ll hit a rock wall; look along the top of this wall for a secret passage leading east. It will take you to a Genji Shield. Turn back and go south from here to find stairs.

- Follow the path on the next floor and it will lead you to Genji Armor. Go straight east from here and you’ll find a Genji Helm. Then, if you’re ready for a painful battle, step across the narrow bridge that separates you from the exit in the north.


They aren’t really bosses, but Behemoths are dangerous enough foes that it pays to know how to properly fight one, as you can’t run away. Behemoths are almost entirely reactionary foes, and they’ll encounter every attack on them with their own physical attack. It’s usually enough to wipe out someone on the front lines, and the guys in the back will take a hefty beating as well. This means that five attacks in one turn will earn you five counterattacks - and nothing you can do is strong enough to quickly kill a Behemoth, as they largely ignore all but the strongest attack magic, and will counter with the painful Maelstrom attack. Move through this battle methodically, only having one or two characters attack at a time while the rest heal and revive comrades as necessary. Blink and Protect are great choices for defending your team. Attacks that take a while to execute are fine, since the Behemoth usually doesn’t attack without first getting hit, so Kain’s Jump is a great choice for this fight. You’ll kill the thing in time.

- Why the big explanation? Because you get to fight two more Behemoths in the next corridor. Head south, take them out as necessary, and make your way to the temple at the end of the path. Another boss is waiting, this one even worse than the Behemoths… though only if you’re entering the fight blind.


Bahamut is a pretty one-shot boss, but that shot is a doozy. Bahamut begins the battle by counting down from five. Once it hits zero Bahamut will use Mega Flare, its only attack. Mega Flare will easily murder your whole party in a single hit, and the chances of beating Bahamut before it goes off are quite low. The trick here is to stop Mega Flare from ever hitting your characters. First, use Rosa to cast Reflect on all of your characters except Kain. You should be able to get it off twice before Mega Flare activates. Reflect will work as advertised, and Bahamut will take a shitload of damage (9,999). Kain, in the meanwhile, should leap off of the battlefield when Bahamut reaches one, which will protect him from Mega Flare completely. If Rosa is low on MP you can do this battle with only Kain, so long as you plan your Jumps carefully, though it will probably take a while.

- Defeat Bahamut and Rydia will learn the Bahamut summon. You can then Teleport out of the Cave of Bahamut and get back to your journey.

Part Nineteen: Lunar Subterrane