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The Giant of Babel

- Yaaaaay, you’re… back. After a fashion, anyway. The enemies in the Giant of Babel tend towards robotics, and so are weak to Thundara / Thundaga. Rydia and FuSoYa will have a field day in here. FuSoYa can also massacre enemies with Meteor, but you’ll run out of MP in a real hurry if you do this too often. A lot of enemies down here drop Tents and Cottages, so grinding is a distinct possibility in the Giant of Babel once you reach a save point.

- Make your way north through the first two screens. On the third, the Chest of the Giant, you’ll find a narrow, winding path. Open the chests along the way for a Shuriken, a Hi-Potion, and an Ether. When the path spits, go northeast to find a Yoichi Arrow, southwest to find a Siren, and north to find a new area.

- You’re now in the Stomach of the Giant. North of where you pop out is a Silver Apple. Grab it and backtrack. To the east are two northern paths; the right leads to a Soma Drop, the left to a teleporter.

- Next, the Inner Path of the Giant. Follow the path south until you reach a bridge. There’s a chest across it that contains a relatively easy monster. It carries an Elixir. Continue east and then north to find a save point. As you can imagine, you’re facing some stiff competition in the hallway beyond.

Elemental Lords

They’re baaaaaack. You now have to face the four Elemental Lords that you battled earlier in Final Fantasy IV, and they play more or less the same as before, though their damage output is reasonably higher. Consequently, you can kill them in the same manner as before. Fry Scarmiglione with Fira and Firaga; take out Rubicante with Blizzara, Blizzaga, and ice-based weapons if you still carry any; Cagnazzo falls to Thundara and Thundaga; Barbariccia is sorta neutral, and should be handled with anything besides earth or wind. None of them have their special abilities anymore - no more cape protection for Rubicante, no more wind protection for Barbariccia - so this battle won’t be as difficult as you’d think. It’s more a matter of endurance than anything else. Keep Rosa healing while the rest of the party targets weaknesses. FuSoYa and Rydia can draw a lot of MP out of these guys with Osmose, which will help keep your damage output nice and high throughout the battle.

- Rush back and use the save point again after defeating the Elemental Lords. There’s another boss battle coming up. It’s not too hard, but you might as well play it safe.


An ominous floating sphere, the CPU is accompanied by an Attack Node (top sphere) and a Defence Node (bottom sphere). The CPU begins by casting Reflect on itself, then it sits idle while the Attack Node hits everyone with a weak attack and the Defence Node restores the CPU’s HP. Destroy both of the nodes and the CPU will respond with a powerful attack that will instantly kill a party member. It’ll do this twice before restoring the Nodes and going dormant again. Forget about attack magic, as it’ll only get you in trouble, and rely primarily on physical attacks from Cecil and Edge. Take out the Defence Node, heal away damage sustained from the Attack Node, and then smack at the CPU until it dies. Pretty easy, so long as you leave the Attack Node alone.

- In the aftermath of the battle you’ll learn some rather plot-important details, FuSoYa will leave the party, and Kain will, once again, join up. One sexist moment later, you’ll be off to the moon to bring this dramatic story to its conclusion.

Party Changing

In the original Final Fantasy IV, as well as in Final Fantasy IV for the DS, your party of Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge stood as your only choice for the remainder of the game. In the GBA and PSP versions, however, you can at this point head to Mysidia and change out your party members. The members you can recruit include Edward, Yang, Cid, Palom, and Porom. If your only goal is to beat Final Fantasy VI this isn’t the best idea, as the upcoming final dungeon is filled with equipment specifically for your current group. That said, the first time you change party members you’ll unlock a dungeon called the Cave of Trials at Mt. Ordeals which will net you equipment to bolster these additional party members.