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The Moon

- Travel to Mysidia. After a rather epic cut scene, you’ll receive a new mode of transportation: the Lunar Whale. This massive vessel can go anywhere your first airship can go, and whenever you enter you can sleep for free in the rear quarters. There’s also a Fat Chocobo aboard that will store your stuff, and for once it will not demand a Gyashal Green to appear. Handy. All that said, the Lunar Whale’s true function is utterly unique: it allows you to travel to the moon. Touch the crystal on the central pedestal to jump from moon to planet as often as you please. If you just want to fly around, approach the grey panel to the north of the crystal.

- The moon is… different. There are some powerful enemies here, including an excess of flan-esque enemies that require swapping elements every two seconds. Rydia’s Titan is the easiest way to kill these things in short order. Everything else can be handled with physical attacks and careful healing.

- There are a few different places you can go on the moon. Using the large, central palace as a waypoint, you can find a small cave to the south that’s home to the Hummingways, the race of Namingway (who’s wandering around with the rest in here). They’re not much use. To the east / west you’ll find another cave, a side area that is a bit too difficult to explore with your current party. Ignore it for now and come back at the end of the game, when a certain somebody has rejoined your ranks.

- Land on the grey ridge to the left of the crystal palace and enter the cave at its base. Inside and to your right you’ll find a chest containing some easy monsters and a Golden Apple. To the north and the west you’ll find two chests containing a Lunar Curtain and Stardust, as well as an exit.

- Head east outside, then south. There’s another cave waiting. It will take you to the appropriately-named Crystal Palace in the middle of the moon. Be warned: Once you enter the Crystal Palace and watch the cut scene inside, you won’t be able to return to the world beyond the moon without first completing a dungeon.

- To the left in here you’ll find a tile to restore your health; to the right is a tile that will restore your MP. Straight down the middle you’ll meet an old man named FuSoYa, who will fill the gap Kain left when he took off. FuSoYa is basically an upgraded version of Tellah, with enough MP to cast Meteor without, y’know, killing himself. He doesn’t have much MP compared to your other casters, though, so use his spells with caution. FuSoYa has the Regen ability, which casts Regen on your whole party. Not that great, and it stalls FuSoYa from doing anything else for a while.

- Make your way back to the Lunar Whale along the same path. Pop back inside and head to Earth and, hey, a dungeon is waiting.

That can’t be good.