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Sylvan Cave

- This optional dungeon is located in the far northwest corner of the underworld. Land and pop inside. Note that you can complete half of this dungeon while Kain is still in your party, but you’ll have to go back through a second time regardless.

- Similar to the Cave of Summons, the Sylvan Cave’s floor is coated with harmful toxins. Use Float to bypass them on each floor. The enemies down here absolutely love status attacks - you’ll spend a large portion of your time down here healing toad status - and they run the gamut of weaknesses. Rydia’s Titan is a good option, as well as physical attacks.

- Head right from the entrance. There are three chests here containing a Bestiary, an Angel Arrow, and… something you can’t reach. Head southwest from here to find stairs.

- B2. Go around the wall to the stairs in the north. They lead to a cluster of three chests containing a Hi-Potion, a Maiden’s Kiss, and a Fairy Rod. You can reach the Rod by slipping through the right wall beneath the chests. Those nabbed, return to the stairs, but don’t go all the way up. You can pass through the right wall beside the exit. It leads north, to another staircase, and in the next thin passage you’ll find four chests containing a Bomb Core, a Remedy, 2,000 gil, and 3,000 gil. Further south is another cluster of chests, and here you’ll find a Bestiary, an Emergency Exit, two Maiden’s Kisses, and an Ether

- Dropping through the hole in the floor in the midst of these chests will, ultimately, take you to a teleporter through a fake wall. Beyond you’ll find six chests, each containing monsters you’d face elsewhere in this dungeon. The top-left chest contains a Red Fang; the bottom-left chest contains a Full Moon; the middle-top chest contains a White Fang; the middle-bottom chest contains an Avenger; the top-right chest contains a Blue Fang; the bottom-right chest contains a Medusa Arrow. The teleporter here will send you back outside.

- Assuming you did all this, return to B2 from the entrance. Directly south of the starting point are stairs leading deeper into the dungeon.

- B1. On your right, in the midst of a pool of poison, is a save point. North of here is a secret path that leads to the chest you couldn’t reach before; it contains an Elven Bow. Return the stairs, head west, and look up the northern passage at the far end for a Cottage and 1,000 gil. Backtrack and go down the stairs.

- B2. Head north and you’ll see stairs on your right. They lead to a dead end chamber containing an Ether, a Hi-Potion, a Thunder Arrow, an Ice Arrow, and a Fire Arrow. Backtrack to the stairs and continue north to more stairs, but look through the wall beside the stairs first to find a secret path. It leads to a chest containing monsters - yay, a Bog Witch and her frogs! - which will drop a Mage Masher upon defeat.

- B3. Down a tunnel to your left you’ll find an Elixir, and to the south, a house! Inside you’ll find a group of sylvan sprites, and with them, an injured Yang. You can’t do anything for him now, but coming here was nevertheless important. Check the chests for a Cat Claw and a Hell Claw, then step upstairs. The obvious tile up here will send you back outside.

- Fly aboveground and head to Fabul. Speak to Yang’s wife in the western tower and she’ll give yo a Frying Pan. Take this back to the Sylvan Cave - yes, you have to go through it all again - and use it on Yang. He won’t rejoin the party, but Rydia will gain the Sylph summon.


- In order to complete this quest you must first find the Rat Tail. It’s located in the Land of Summons. Check out this article for its exact location. You’ll also need the hovercraft, which means you’ll also also need your original airship. Both should be back by Eblan. Last, you’ll want to visit Mysidia and watch the cut scene that follows.

- Head aboveground. Fly to Mysidia, then Mt. Ordeals, then almost directly north. The town of Mythril is up here. The stuff they sell is pretty useless at this point in the game, though you can find 5,000 gil in the grass behind the Weapon / Armour Shop, a Mythril Knife in the grass northeast of this same Shop, and a Mythril Staff in grass to the far right.

- Plop the hovercraft down somewhere near Mythril and use it to get into the cave south of town. Give the excavator inside the Rat Tail you found and he’ll fork over Adamantite.

- Head back underground, then look in the southeast corner of the underworld for a small location called Kokkol’s Smithy. Check the jars on the bottom floor for a Remedy and the bookcase on the second floor for a Soma Drop, then give the old man on the second floor the Adamantite. He’ll take your Sword of Light, and when you speak to him downstairs he’ll give you Excalibur, one of Cecil’s most powerful weapons. Note that you must raise the Lunar Whale before he’ll finish the Excalibur.