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Now that you have an airship that can fly across lava, you can reach two optional dungeons in Final Fantasy IV’s underworld. One of them isn’t much use to you until you can reach the surface again, but the other can be completed right now without worry. You’ll find the dungeon to the west of Dwarf Castle, on a small, remote island...

... though before you go there, check out the village of Tomra to the south, along the bottom wall of the underworld. The equipment sold here is fantastic, though it'll also cost you an arm, a leg, and a few more body parts of your choosing. A building in the northwest of town will also yield a Bomb Fragment, a Rage of Zeus, a Dry Ether, and 2,000 gil. You'll find an Antarctic Wind if you check the pots, as well.

Cave of Summons

- The first thing to note in this area is the floor, which is coated in lava. Cast Float on everyone to avoid the effects. Float will also help you survive against the enemies inside, one of which uses a powerful Quake spell to inflict a lot of damage. The enemies down here can be quite brutal; Rydia’s Titan Summon will help you destroy most of ‘em.

- B1. Take a right, then head north. Up here is a chest containing a Phoenix Down. Pass through the wall on your left to find a hidden chamber containing an Ether. Return to the previous chamber and go south two rooms to find a Hi-Potion, then go west to find the next set of stairs.

- B2. Wander east as far as you can to find a Hi-Potion, then go northwest to find a Cottage. The next set of stairs is down and to the right from the Cottage.

- B3. Walk one chamber west and one south, then pass through the wall on your left. This leads into a long passage that leads south and east. Slip into the chamber with three chests on the way south to find a Hi-Potion, a Poison Axe, and a Kikuchimonji, then head back into the passage and continue along the way east. You’ll emerge in a small passage leading to a single chest, this containing five Warriors. These jerks are very dangerous; cast Blink on Rydia to keep her safe, then use Titan twice to bring them down. They’ll drop a Defender.

- Head back to the west and return to the main path. It leads to a Phoenix Down, a Bestiary on the left, and a teleport pad.

- B4. You’re now in safe territory. Check the five chests on this first platform for 6,000 gil, an Ether, a Bestiary, 5,000 gil, and a Rat Tail - in particular you want this last one - then step on the teleport pad in the north.

Land of Summons

- A town! The Land of Summons, obviously enough, is catered to the needs of Rydia. In the north you’ll find an Item Shop and an Inn; in the south, Armour and Weapon Shops. In the northwest house you’ll also find a save point, and near it chests containing a Bestiary and a Phoenix Down.

- Pop into the Library, the unmarked building on the west side. Aside from a bunch of books and a Namingway, you’ll find a teleport pad in the basement. It will take you to the king and queen of the Land of Summons. Save and heal, then, if you feel up to the challenge, speak to the queen.


This first battle absolutely requires that Rosa know Reflect, assuming you come here in the mid 30s. Asura will spend the entire battle casting white magic - Curaga, Life, Protect - on herself. She’s so powerful that any damage you do will be wiped away in no time. Worse, every attack you use on Asura will result in a powerful counterattack on one character. Use Reflect on Asura to essentially steal the effects of her white magic for a dozen or more rounds, cast Blink to avoid her physical attacks, then go on the warpath. Cecil attacks; Edge attacks or uses Throw; Kain Jumps; Rydia uses Summon, preferably Titan. Keep Rosa ready to recast Reflect as needed. It’s not a really difficult battle, but it’ll take a while.

- Defeating Asura will teach Rydia how to summon Asura in combat. It will also unlock a battle with the king. Head out, save and restore yourself, then return to battle the old man.


This battle is much more straightforward than the last. Leviathan starts out with his mouth opened, and will use the Tidal Wave attack against your party for 500-ish HP damage at most. He’ll then clam up for a few rounds and use Blizzara on individual members of the party. Once he’s bored of that, Tidal Wave will come out again. Rinse and repeat. Leviathan maintains this pattern throughout the fight, and it’s not that difficult to keep your party members healed in the meantime. Let Rosa work on healing while everyone else hits Leviathan with normal- or lightning-elemental attacks. It will be a long fight unless you come in with, say, Thundaga, but it’s not too difficult.

- Defeating Leviathan will earn you the summon of the same name. That’s all for the Land of Summons…

- … save one caveat that’s easy to miss. It’s possible to Teleport out of here and back to the surface, but it’s not a wise move. Instead, head back the way you came. Just north of the south-most chest on B4 of the Cave of Summons is a conspicuous dark spot. Step on it and you’ll find a separate room. There are four chests here containing a Yoichi Arrow, an Elixir, a Dry Ether, and a Yoichi’s Bow. Just south of the teleport pad is another conspicuous tole; step on it and you’ll jump back to the world map.