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Babel Tower

- After a short cut scene you’ll be inside Babel Tower. The enemies have changed on this trip through. Most of them are element-neutral, though cold magic seems to have better success than the rest of your magical repertoire. Most notable are the Mad Ogres, which you may have seen via a treasure chest in Eblan Castle. These bastards can maul you pretty badly if you don’t take them down in a hurry. Status ailments are a solid option, and Blink can render their attacks useless.

- Immediately left of your entrance point is a Unicorn Horn. Head west and follow the path until you reach a door. To the right of the door you’ll find a Silver Hourglass.

- B2. Head north until you find a split in the path. Head south across the central bridge to find a chest containing a battle against four Mad Ogres. Ouch. Beating them will earn you an Ogrekiller. Continue along the northern wall to the west to find the path off this floor.

- B3. To the right is a door. Continue past it a short ways to find a Kiss of Lilith, then backtrack.

- B4. The left of the door is useless, so head right and north. Follow paths across bridges - along the way you’ll find a chest containing an Ahura - and you’ll find the door rather easily.

- B3. There are two doors in the east. The left leads to a save point; the left leads to the fourth basement, and then beyond.

- B5. Take the left bridge south, then ignore the central bridge for a moment and head west. There are three more bridges. The middle bridge leads to a chest containing 82,000 gil. Pop it open, then cross the central bridge to hit a cut scene, an emotional battle where you should just defend over and over, and then a real boss battle. Edge will learn Flood and Blitz before the fight, and Flood in particular will come in handy.


The elemental fiend of fire, Rubicante is probably the weakest of the lot because his weakness is so obvious. Anything to do with cold or water - namely, Blizzara / Blizzaga, Shiva, and Edge’s Flood Ninjutsu - will hurt him rather badly. The caveat here is that Rubicante will occasionally throw his cloak over his body, and casting spells at him while he’s covered will heal him instead. Wait until he’s uncovered to go on the offensive. Rubicante tends towards normal attacks and fire magic, so any equipment you have that resists flame will make this battle a lot easier. The only attack Rubicante uses that you should really fear is Glare, which will probably kill one character automatically, but he uses it rarely enough that it’s not too dangerous.

- Head north after the cut scene that follows Rubicante’s defeat. You’ll be dropped down into another level of the Tower. North of where you land is a Hi-Potion; grab it, then follow the obvious path south, through several levels. Proceed until you hit an intersection. To your right is another Hi-Potion; to your left is another airship. Climb in and book it out of here.

- You now have a new airship! This one is capable of ferrying you around the underworld, though as of now it can’t travel across lava. You can fix that…

- … by heading to the Dwarf Castle. Enter, speak to the king for Luca’s Necklace, and check in the basement of the Castle. In the infirmary (down the hall from the local Fat Chocobo) you’ll find a familiar face lounging in bed. He’ll rig the airship so it can zip over lava without trouble. You’ll need this ability, not only to reach two optional areas, but to head to your next plot-worthy destination as well.