The party waits to enter Grapefuit Falls, a dungeon in EarthBound.
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Grapefruit Falls

- Head north of the path to Saturn Valley and you’ll eventually find the Grapefruit Falls themselves. After a quick photo op you can slip into and behind the falls. Hunt around back here…

- … and a mystery voice will demand a password. The password is simple enough: after the text box disappears, sit motionless for three minutes. Once the time’s up you’ll be allowed into the hidden base beyond. Oooo.

- The Grapefruit Falls base is fairly small, and only has a few new enemies for you to fight:

The party prepares to battle some Foppies, enemies specific to Grapefruit Falls in EarthBound.
  • Slimy Little Piles are weaker versions of the Mini Barf you fought earlier, and are similarly easy to kill with PSI Freeze.
  • Foppies are weak, relatively inept creatures that appear in large packs. Kill them with all-hitting moves such as PSI Fire. Foppies are amazing for grinding experience.
- Take a right from the entrance. You’ll find a small side room containing a Bomb. Back outside and to the left is a ladder, and going down the ladder typically leads you to a big group of Foppies. This is a great place to earn levels very quickly.

- Take a left. There’s a ladder nearby. Climb down to find another dead-end room. It contains an IQ Capsule and a Broken Laser. Climb back up and head left. Past a Mr. Saturn pressgang you’ll find another ladder; climb up to find a room containing a Vital Capsule, an HP-Sucker, and a Calorie Stick.

- Climb back down and continue to the west. Ahead is another small room, this one always populated by a Magic Butterfly when you enter. Enter and reenter it to replenish your PP as many times as you like. Further west you’ll find one final, puke-filled room…

The party battles Master Belch, the foul master of Grapefruit Falls in EarthBound.

Master Belch

The king of the Grapefruit Falls secret base. Master Belch is a fierce opponent, inflicting a series of status ailments on your team, hitting them with normal attacks, and occasionally calling in Smelly Little Piles to help his side. Nevertheless, this battle isn’t too bad so long as you remembered to bring along Fly Honey, as it will force Master Belch into a hopeless meal for a few turns and give you plenty of time to mash away his HP. You can also stop his attacks by using PSI Freeze, as he usually gets frozen for the rest of the turn. He has a lot of HP, but he’s nevertheless kind of a pushover given the number of ways you can stop his attacks.

- Go through the back tunnel behind Belch and you’ll emerge back at Saturn Valley, near the now-accessible hot springs. Wash the puke off of your party, and, if you like, speak to the Mr. Saturn near 
the coffee cup for a fancy, scrolling summary of your journey.

- Hop down into the room beneath the Drugstore. One of the Mr. Saturns in here will give you a Cup of Lifenoodles, a Mr. Saturn Coin, and a Stag Beetle for freeing the Mr. Saturns. Woot.

- Threed is now saved, and if you want you can leave Saturn Valley and return to the journey. You’ll probably notice a cave beside the hot spring, though, and it leads to another Your Sanctuary location…

The party stands outside the entrance of Milky Well, the third My Sanctuary location in EarthBound.

Milky Well

- On your way in you’ll get a snapshot from the cameraman. Yays.

- Milky Well has its own host of unique enemies that are quite annoying:
  • Tough Mobile Sprouts are similar to their lesser counterparts, only… tougher. PSI Fire works well against ‘em.
  • Struttin’ Evil Mushrooms has the usual mushroom-slinging ability. Problem is, there’s no one near here who will buy the damned things. Kill them first with PSI Freeze or you’ll have to tolerate one annoying status ailment. Their spores can also poison you, but this is much less troublesome than the mushroom.
  • Ranboobs are largely defensive creatures that will very occasionally put your party to sleep. They hit reasonably hard, but are probably the least-annoying enemies in this dungeon.

- Milky Well is as straightforward as they get. Fight your way down the path, through three different areas, until you come to a present. It contains a Coin of Slumber. This Coin is the sign that you’ve reached the boss’s chamber. Shrug?

The party battles Trillionage Sprout, a My Sanctuary boss in EarthBound.

Trillionage Sprout

Accompanied by two Tough Mobile Sprouts that you should wipe out first and foremost, Trillionage Sprout is similar to the other plantish enemies in this dungeon. It tends towards physical attacks and will protect itself with PSI Shield, and has a fair weakness to PSI Fire. The only exception here is the Sprout’s ability to diamondize your characters, an affliction for which you will not currently have a defence. Use weak psychic attacks to get rid of its PSI Shield, then batter the thing with PSI attacks and physical strikes. This fight only becomes difficult if a) You’re unlucky enough to get diamonized early, or b) You entered the battle with mushroomed characters. The Trillionage Sprout just doesn’t have enough HP to last long.

- Behind Trillionage Sprout is the lovely Milky Well, which will dispel any status ailments gained during the battle. That’s three melodies down. You can now head back to Threed and wander east, to the big city of Fourside.