Jeff resuces Ness and Paula from their imprisonment beneath Threed, a town in EarthBound.
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- After using the Bad Key Machine to return to Threed, you should probably call up Escargo Express to get rid of some of Jeff’s stuff. He doesn’t need the Bad Key Machine or the Pak of Bubble Gum anymore. You can also use the Hotel and not be ambushed, thank god.

- Remember that dude south of the Circus Tent in the middle of town? He has stuff for Jeff. Speak to him and you can buy a variety of items, notably Bottle Rockets, which Jeff can use to maul enemies. Whenever you see this guy in towns you’ll know he’s there for Jeff.

- Once you’re all healed up, head to the fair in the south of town. There’s now a conspicuous-looking tent down here. Approach the ‘entrance’ to face a new foe.

The party battles the Boogey Tent, a boss in EarthBound.

Boogey Tent

This is a fairly simple battle. The Boogey Tent will either attack you normally or use Fly Honey to stick one character in place for a turn or two. Otherwise it will just increase its defence, making it even harder to kill physically than it already is, or if you’re very unlucky it will use PSI Flash to confuse your characters or make them cry. Beating the Boogey Tent with anyone other than Ness is usually a waste of time, so have Paula use either PSI Fire or PSI Thunder on the beast while Jeff uses Bottle Rockets or heals other characters. Not too bad overall.

- In the Boogey Tent’s place after it’s gone is a trash can. Check it to find Fly Honey. You’ll want to keep this in your inventory for the next two dungeon areas.

- Wander around town. Soon you’ll get a call from Apple Kid regarding Zombie Paper, and a Mach Pizza guy will bring the item to you. Take the Zombie Paper into the Circus Tent and use it anywhere to apply it to the floor, then sleep at the Hotel. This will draw zombies into the Circus Tent and clear the path in the northwest that Ness and Paula tried to use earlier.

Zombies approach the circus tent of Threed in EarthBound.

- You’ll find an underground path. Follow it and battle the enemies within. You’ll find a Skip Sandwich DX and a Silver Bracelet in caskets inside this path. At the end you’ll fight a Mini Barf, an odd creature that loves to make you cry. Use any PSI move besides Freeze to take it out. Don’t bother curing cry status in-battle - he’ll give it back again in no time.

- Beyond you’ll wind up in a valley. Directly ahead is a man who sells food. Buy restorative items as necessary, as this area has a few, rather tough enemies:
  • Armored Frogs resist physical attacks but are highly vulnerable to PSI attacks. Fry ‘em.
  • Farm Zombies are tougher versions of their Urban counterparts, but not terribly different. Kill them with fire or freezing.
  • Plain Crocodiles are hefty fighters who hit hard and resist many attacks. PSI Freeze is a handy weapon against them.
  • Red Antoids are stronger versions of the earlier Black Antoids, and can call help if given a chance. Kill them quickly.

- Head north along the shore. You’ll find a present containing a Bomb, and further up a second present containing a Protein Drink. Near the Protein Drink is a cave. Enter.

- This cave is populated by Violent Roaches, enemies that might be difficult if they approached in groups. Otherwise? Easy. Wander east through here, checking a side cave for a Bottle Rocket, and you’ll eventually arrive in a weird and wonderful place…

The party visits Saturn Valley, an odd - but friendly - town in EarthBound.

Saturn Valley

- Home to the Mr. Saturns, a strange race of pig things, Saturn Valley is ultimately one of the more important locations in EarthBound. For now it’s just a happy pitstop. You can rest and save in the first house on your left, and the house on the right has doctor healing services that are unrivalled elsewhere in the game. All for free, too.

- North of the doctor’s office and up a ladder is a Rust Promoter. To the west of this ladder is a cave containing three trash cans. They hold a Sudden Guts Pill, a Protactor, and a Broken Spray Can.

- In the far west is another cave, up a ladder. A Mr. Saturn in here will offer to give you something later, and another will give you the password for a nearby secret base, at Grapefruit Falls. Hmmmm.

- At the top of the ladder here and outside you’ll find the local Drugstore. They offer the usual range of new equipment. You can notably purchase Horns of Life from the upper Mr. Saturn, making this one of the few places in the game where you can get these items. Horns of Life can be used to revive your characters in the field. Very handy if you don’t feel like visiting a Hospital.

- That’s all for Saturn Valley for now. Return to the lakeside path and continue north. You’re about to see the first major signs of an alien invasion…