Citizens of Threed help fix up the Skyrunner in EarthBound.
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Rainy Circle

- On your way to Summers you’ll have to make a quick pitstop in Winters. Speak to Dr. Andonuts and he’ll tell you to visit Rainy Circle, the cave near Stonehenge that Jeff passed through much earlier. Speak to his caveman buddy to buy stuff if you like, save and heal, then enter the cave to find a boss waiting.

The party battles Shrooom!, a My Sanctuary boss in EarthBound.


What a name. True to its appearance and name, Shrooom! likes to infest your party with mushrooms. This ability alone gets very annoying since you can’t heal it in battle. Otherwise Shrooom! can poison your characters, also annoying, and will hit for a decent hunk of damage. Batter Shrooom! with physical attacks and Paula’s PSI Freeze or Fire abilities. Pull back on PSI abilities if anybody gets hit by a mushroom, as you’ll probably take a terrible hit to your own characters if your luck is bad. An annoying fight, but not especially difficult.

- Beating Shrooom! will open the way to Rainy Circle, healing away those stupid mushrooms and providing you with the fourth melody. This will also turn the enemies of the cave coward, and you can kill them at your leisure. Yes, they are different from the ones Jeff fought on the first trip through here.

- Return to the Lab. You can now continue your journey to Summers. Woo!

The party arrives in Summers, a location in EarthBound. Bye bye, Sky Runner.


- Nice arrival. Summers is a resort town, and as expensive as it looks. There are a few enemies imported from Fourside, as well as two unique enemies, Tough Guys and Over Zealous Cops, which you may never see. Get down on the beach if you want even a chance of running into these physically-fierce enemies.

- There’s virtually nothing to see on the beach besides a familiar woman who claims to be an amnesiac and a photo op to the right of the vendor in the sombrero, so we’ll head to the street.

- The first building in the far west, heading east, is a Hotel. It’s pretty pricey. Despite the sheer amount of space in this place, there’s nothing to see upstairs. Next door is a Restaurant with some expensive items on sale, as well as another photo op on the left side of the room.

- Next to the east is a Drugstore. The equipment on sale here is so damned expensive if you go for the best of the best, and you may want to lower your standards just a little. The difference in defence between the Platinum and Diamond Bands, for example, is not that high. Next to this is Club Stoic, a place we’ll get to shortly. You can’t enter it just yet.

The party approaches Club Stone, an avant garde institution of Summers in EarthBound.

- Next: Museum. It’s important soon. There’s no point spending money to enter it yet. The hint dude is next to the Museum, and past him a Hospital.

- At the end of the stretch you’ll find the port town of Toto, which is really just a less-swanky extension of Summers. A Shop out here sells normal items, and the homes are filled with informative chatter. The only one you really need to enter is near a sailor who’s worried about his wife; the dude inside the house will teach you the phone number of the Stoic Club. Once you have the number you’ll get a surprise call asking for your name. This plays a role at the end of the game.

- Find a phone and call the Stoic Club. Now you can get inside. Speak to the man at the left table to learn of a woman inside who makes Magic Cake, then speak to her - girl in pink on the right side - to coax her into making some of her Cake. You’ll find her waiting near the Hotel sign to the west; speak to her to trigger one trippy adventure.

Poo, prince of Dalaam, makes his first appearance in EarthBound.


- You’re now playing as Poo, the final character. Poo is a mix of Ness and Paula, capable of decent physical attacks and a combination of restorative and offensive PSI abilities. Poo is not restored in the same ways as others, however, and ‘western’ foods will offer him barely any gains. You need to give him waters and ‘eastern’ foods to improve his HP in a scrape.

- Look to the left of Poo’s throne to find chests containing a Brain Food Lunch, a Cup of Lifenoodles, and a Brain Stone

- Leave the palace and wander down the hills of Dalaam. The first house contains a Bottle of Water; the third contains a Jar of Delisauce; the fourth (to the left) contains a Bowl of Rice Gruel and a Bottle of Water, as well as a store where you can buy these things.

Poo undergoes a spiritual test in EarthBound.

- Down and to the left are rabbit statues. Huh. Can’t do anything about ‘em, so head right, talk to the old man at the bottom of the spire, and start to climb. At the top is Poo’s test.

- The test is pretty easy: don’t move. Stay in place until a spirit arrives to torture Poo. Allow it to have whatever it likes and, eventually, the test will end. Return to the palace and speak to Poo’s master to complete the training and earn Poo a buttload of experience and some fancy abilities, including the easier-to-use PSI Teleport B.

- Poo then pops over to Summers and joins the party. Huzzah! You have a full team at long last! Only took more than half the game! Poo can only properly equip for rare items total, so you don’t have to worry about spending much money on him. He’s good to go the moment he appears.

The party visits a museum display of Summers in EarthBound.


- With Poo in the party, head for the Museum and pay the $12 entry fee. Head upstairs and speak to the man in front of the door. He’ll take the Small Ruby from Poo’s inventory and let you through. Beyond you’ll find two Shattered Men, powerful physical fighters weak to PSI Freeze, and a tablet to inspect. When you try to leave the attendant will give you a Hieroglyph Copy, important for an upcoming puzzle.

- Head downstairs. On your way out you’ll see a ringing phone in the lobby. Answer it to speak to the curator of Fourside’s Museum, who speaks of an important discovery. You now have a choice: carry on with your trip to Scaraba, the next important area, or attend to the curator’s discovery. We’ll do the latter first so Poo can gain some experience.