The player explores near Mount Obsidian in Palworld.

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Every Pal has a use in Palworld, from combat to work to farmable resource. Occasonally you'll come across Pals that you just don't want to keep, however, and you may want to get rid of them. There are plenty of reasons why this may happen:
  • You accidentally caught the wrong Pal
  • You caught a ton of a single Pal type while trying to get an experience bonus
  • You had some form of work in mind, but no longer need the workers
  • The Pals you've caught are underwhelming compared to newer Pals
Regardless of the reason, you need to find a way to get rid of your Pal. Fortunately for you, there are a few methods to dispense of unwanted Pals.

The player prepares to butcher a poor, defenseless Pal using a Meat Cleaver in Palworld.


The primary ingame method for getting rid of pals is to butcher them. Once you reach Player Level 12 you'll unlock the Meat Cleaver Technology. Spend Technology Points on it and you can thereafter craft Meat Cleavers at any Workbench. Meat Cleavers cost 5 Ingots, 20 Wood, and 5 Stone.

Equip the Meat Cleaver - it passes for a weapon, though not a very good one - and put the Pal you want to butcher in your party. Open up the Command Pal menu (press down right joystick on controller / 4 key on keyboards) and look at the top of the command wheel. If you have the Meat Cleaver equipped the 'Pet' command will change to the 'Butcher'. Choose this option, and... see what happens.

You don't get any resources for butchering your Pals, they're just gone. Make absolutely sure that you want to butcher a Pal before doing this, as it never comes back.

The player drops a Pal Sphere in Palworld.


A less permanent method for getting rid of Pals is to smply drop them on the ground. Open the main menu and scroll over to your party, then choose the Pal you no longer want. If you look beneath the list of Pals in your party you'll see the 'Drop Pal' option (press down right joystick on controller / R key on keyboards). Do this and you'll drop the Pal on the ground in its Pal Sphere.

Dropping a Pal is not a permanent thing. If you inspect the Pal Sphere you'll see that there's a Pal inside, including its species, level, and stats. You can pick the Pal up and put it in your party or Palbox, as if nothing happened. You can also use this method to trade the Pal to someone else.

And, if you just don't want the Pal anymore... leave the Pal Sphere somewhere remote and forget about it. You probably won't ever see that Pal again. (Alas, Pal Spheres aren't buoyant, so you can't just drop it in water and let it float away. I tried.)

The player prepares to sell their Pals to a Black Marketeer in Palworld.


The final option - and the one most worth your time - is to sell the Pal to a Black Marketeer. These unscrupulous merchants have Pals of their own for sale, and will buy your unwanted Pals for a few hundred gold apiece, depending on their scarcity and level. There are lots of Black Marketeers all over the map, but if you're looking for some near your starting point - likely the Windswept Hills - you have two options:
  • West of the Rayne Syndicate Tower you'll find the Desolate Church Great Eagle Statue. If you check the lowlands west of this statue you'll find the entrance to the Abandoned Mine. A Black Marketeer lives in here.
  • Explore northeast of the Rayne Syndicate Tower and you'll find the Fort Ruins Great Eagle Statue, among an extensive amount of ruins. West of the ruins is a plateau covered in Ore deposits that's a great spot for a base. North of the deposits is a Black Marketeer, hanging out by himself on the high ground.
You'll have access to all of the Pals in your party and your Palboxes when selling to a Black Marketeer. This convenience, along with the added gold, makes selling to Black Marketeers the best choice by far - as long as you don't mind making the trip to one each time.

If you want to sell Pals and buy new ones you can refresh each Black Marketeer's stock by sleeping or Fast Traveling. If you want easier access you can also choose to catch the Black Marketeer and 'employ' them in one of your bases, though they're all level 40, and not easy to catch.