The player faces off against a Lamball in Palworld.

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Palworld may push you into some high-technology realms later in the game, but when you start off you're basically a Stone Age forager. In order to work your way up the ranks to the better buildable items you'll need to start off with some basic structures, and to get them you'll need the simplest of building materials: Wood and Stone.

This guide will teach you how to collect Wood and Stone in Palworld. By the time you're done reading you'll be more than ready to set up your first little base.

The player chops down a tree with his... fists... in Palworld.

Collecting Basics

When you start a new game of Palworld you'll begin with... nothing. No items, no tools, no weapons, nothing but the loincloth on your character. This means you'll need to collect your first items with nothing but your character's fists.

Leave the starting point. You'll likely see one of two things nearby, along with the scenery:

  • Heaps of rock
  • Trees
You can collect Wood and Stone from both of these sources. Simply walk up to one and start swinging your fists (right trigger on controllers, left mouse click using a keyboard / mouse). Your character will begin smacking away at the rock or the tree, inflicting HP damage. Perform enough hits and you'll collect either Wood or Stone, depending on which source you targeted.

And that's that! You now have some basic resources that you can use to build your first little settlement. Note that you can also find sticks of Wood sitting around, from time to time, though by far your best source of the stuff is by cutting down trees. (At least at first.)

Punching the scenery is not ideal for resource collecting, of course. You should get some tools.

The player works on a Stone Axe at a Primitive Workbench in Palworld.

Axes and Pickaxes

To expedite your resource-gathering you'll want some tools. This is where Axes and Pickaxes come in. In order to create either of these you'll need to build a Primitive Workbench. Open the Build menu (up analog button on controllers, B button on a keyboard) and choose Primitive Workbench from the Production submenu. You can then choose a place for it in the world, preferably near a clearing where you can set up a base. Primitive Workbenches cost two Wood to create.

Once you've set up your Primitive Workbench you'll need to build it. Approach the blueprints you laid down and hold the button that appears (X on controllers, F on keyboard) to work on the Workbench. After a few seconds of idling you'll have a brand-new workstation for creating basic tools.

Press the same button as above to open up the Primitive Workbench. Assuming you have sufficient resources you can now create a Stone Axe or a Stone Pickaxe. Both will help you with basic resource collection, and serve as inefficient (but still useful) weapons when fighting Pals. You can equip your new weapon in the Inventory menu (central button on a controller, Tab on a keyboard).

There are three things to note:
  • Stone Axes work well on cutting down trees, while Stone Pickaxes are for breaking up rock piles. Don't bother trying to use Axes on rocks, or pickaxes on trees. The results are worse than just using your fists.
  • Both weapon types will, eventually, break down. You can repair them by creating a Repair Bench (10 Wood and 10 Stone).
  • You can only carry so much Wood and Stone at a time - or anythinig else, for that matter. If your carried goods become higher than your weight your character will slow down and becom unable to jump or even run. Carry way too much and your character will barely be able to move. Try to keep your carried items to a minimum, and store anything you don't need in containers. Construction resources don't have to be in your inventory to count towards building things - they just need to be in a container inside the boundaries of your base.

Advanced Resource Collecting

Wood and Stone continue to be useful throughout Palworld, and you'll need them to grow your base and construct new items in the future as well. Once you reach level 7 on the Technology tree (which doesn't take too long) you'll unlock two new structures: Logging Site and Stone Pit. If you set these down in the proper areas you can assign the Pals you catch to harvest both Wood and Stone for you, allowing you to focus on more important concerns. Happy building!