The player using a damaged Axe on a tree in Palworld. Not very efficient!

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Early on in Palworld - before you fully enlist your Pals in doing grunt work for you - you'll probably spend a bunch of time cutting down trees, bashing rocks, and attacking enemies with Stone Age weaponry. The tools you make only last so long, however, and eventually they become Damaged. You can still use Damaged tools, but they won't do nearly as much damage. A repair job is in order.

This guide will teach you how to repair your Damaged tools and weapons in Palworld. You can begin this process almost immediately after you start the game, and if you want to keep your base-building operations going at a good clip you'll want to know how to do this.

A Repair Bench in Palworld.

In order to repair tools or weapons you'll need a Repair Bench. Repair Benches are a level 2 Technology, available more or less right at the beginning of a new game of Palworld. Beat up a few Pals, chop up some trees, collect some Stone, do whatever you must to reach level 2. You can access the Technology menu by pressing the center button on the controller, or the T key on a keyboard.

Assuming you have sufficient Technology Points, gained by leveling up, you can snag the Repair Bench right away. Set it up somewhere in your base, preferably in a spot that's easily-accessible. Repair Benches cost 10 Wood and 10 Stone. Depending on how long you've been without a tool you may need to go smash rocks or chop down trees with your hands for a bit.

The player prepping to repair an Axe at the Repair Bench, a useful structure in Palworld.

Once it is built, approach the Repair Bench and press the X button / F key to open it up. You can then choose the tool or weapon you want to repair, which appears on the right side of the menu. The menu displays the materials you need to repair the item. Early on you'll probably only need Stone and Wood, though more advanced items require more advanced materials.

Got everything you need? Then hit the Repair button in the bottom-right corner. Voila, your tool is instantly returned to its original durability, ready to be used. You can also choose to Repair All (Y button on controllers, R button on keyboard), which restores all of your damaged tools to their original state.

Two further things before we move on from this subject:
  • First, you probably don't want to use Repair All most of the time. This repairs every tool or weapon you have, regardless of its level of durability, and uses up a bunch of resources. Stick with the tools that are all the way down to Damaged.
  • And, second, there's an item known as the Repair Kit. Despite what you may think, these are not used to repair your tools or weapons. Repair Kits are reserved for fixing up damaged structures. Still handy, but... not what you're looking for.