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Kickstart quests have been a feature of new Fortnite seasons for a while now, and the inagural season of Chapter 5 is no exception. The quests are generally quite simple, and help you build some early experience and levels. Shall we get started?

Deal damage to enemy players

Self-explanatory. Grab a weapon and find some players. Inflict 1,500 damage to earn 15K XP.

Get on board the Train

One of the new additions to this season of Fortnite is a train that circles the map at a steady clip. It stops briefly at Reckless Railways during each circuit of the island, and you can see its current location on the map as a moving icon. If you turn on Visualize Sound Effects (Volume menu, under Settings) an icon will appear on the screen whenever the train is getting close.

Once you've spotted the train you can sprint over and jump on. It moves slowly. Board the train once to receive 15K XP.

Search a Weapon Case

Another new addition to this season are weapon cases. They're a different, fancier version of treasure chests that only seem to appear inside buildings, and prominently display the weapon they contain. I found several Weapon Cases on the upper floor of Rebel's Roost, though they probably appear anywhere you'll fight NPC grunts as well. Search one Weapon case to receive 15K XP.

Use a Shield Potion and Medkit

Shield Potions and Medkits are standard fare for Fornite, and you'll find them all over the place. Either the large or the small Shield Potions will suffice for the first requirement, while you'll need to take some health damage to use a Medkit.

Hurdle at different named locations

A new maneuver to this season, hurdling allows you to sleakly pass over low objects. To hurdle you need to sprint at a barrier, then press the jump button just as you're about to run into the barrier. It's similar to mantling, but a bit faster. The timing is pretty precise.

Travel distance in a Whiplash

Climb in a fancy, high-speed Whiplash and zip around. You can find Whiplashes in a few locations - mine, for example, came from the entrance gate to Lavish Lair, and I saw another one in Fencing Fields. Travel 1,000 meters in a Whiplash to receive 15K XP.

Assist in collecting a Society Medallion

Another new feature to Fortnite this season, Society Medallions are special items dropped only by NPC bosses. Finding and equipping one will slowly replenish your shields - however, your location will be displayed on the map as long as you're holding one of the medallions. Bit of a double-edged sword. There are five NPCs whom you can defeat, or help a teammate defeat, to earn a Society Medallion:

  • Montague 
  • Nisha (Fencing Fields)
  • Oscar (Lavish Lair)
  • Peter Griffin (Snooty Steppes)
  • Valeria (Reckless Railways)
In order for you to earn credit for this quest you must inflict some damage on the boss. Just being in the party of the person who collects the medallion isn't enough to complete the quest.

Visit fishing spots

Look for fishing holes and... observe. You don't need to fish, just approach spots where fish congregate. A bunch of examples are displayed on the map when you highlight this quest, so it shouldn't be difficult. Note that visiting individual fishing spots does not count - you need to find three clusters of fish, as indicated on the map. Visit three fishing spots to receive 15K XP.

Apply a Weapon Mod at a Mod Bench

Yet another fresh additon to this season of Fortnite, Weapon Mods allow you to customize your equipment to your liking. In order to mod a weapon you need to locate a Weapon Bench. These are all in hostile territory, and are sometimes inside vaults. You may need to collect the Society Medallion from the nearest boss to get into the vault. Highlight the quest to find Mod Bench locations around the map.

Complete Match Quests

Match Quests are the replacement for Daily Quests. You get three at the beginning of a match, without knowing what they are ahead of time, and you can only choose one to complete per match. You can display them by pressing the left analog button on your controller. Complete five Match Quests to earn 15K XP.

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