Main Walkthrough

Walkthrough in progress, and will be updated over the course of Winterfest.

Christmastime has come 'round again, and Fortnite is giving out the usual array of festive goodies. This year Winterfest is a little less flashy than before - there's no decked-out cottage full of gifts, for example - but you do have some quests to complete, and they'll earn you fun, Christmas-themed items.

Winterfest currently has two Bonus Goals. The first earns you the Snowglobe Smasher. You need to complete 19 Winterfest Quests to earn the item, so you'll need to finish the majority of the quests. The second goal earns you a level, and you'll need to complete a storyline to snag it. We'll start with that level.

Ship It! Express Snapshot

The first quest available is the Ship It! Express Snapshot line. You'll need to complete four smaller quests to get this one done, and each is worth 15K XP. This quest requires completing several four-stage segments, unlocking every few days, and finishing them all will earn you one Battlepass level.
  • Stage 1 - Visit a Ship It! Express location. There are three in all, and you only need to visit one. Triggering the quest might be finicky depending on where you land, so try leaving and reentering if it doesn't work. They're in the following locations:
    • The large Ship It! warehouse between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields 
    • A building on the south end of Ritzy Riviera
    • A building on the east side of Hazy Hillside
  • Stage 2 - Investigate stolen present stashes. There are heaps of presents in five places around the map, and you need to inspect three of them. They're in the following locations:
    • The large Ship It! warehouse between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields (in the storage garage)
    • Ritzy Riviera (by a christmas tree in a square, middle of the location)
    • Hazy Hillside (two, east end - one by a Christmas tree, the other up in front of a store)
    • Grand Glacier (christmas tree on the first floor, main foyer)
    • Classy Courts (in front of a Christmas tree, in the southeast of the courts)
  • Stage 3 - Visit Crackshots Cabin when the floating loot island appears. This happens randomly each match, near the end, and there's no telling where the island will show up until it shows up. Check the map for its location. Crackshot's Cabin is on the island, so you can't miss it. You can immediately flee the island once you've landed and approached the cabin.
  • Stage 4 - Talk to Holiday Boxy. She's at the large warehouse between Pleasant Piazza, where you can complete a number of steps for this quest line. You'll find her in the shipping area, on the west side of the warehouse.
And then, the next day, four more stages, each worth 15K XP:
  • Stage 1 - Destroy 3 Drones at Hot Spots. Go to any named location that has golden letters on the map and you'll see Supply Drones flying around. Shoot down three of 'em.
  • Stage 2 - Use a Sneaky Snowmando prop disguise near Krampus and his present stash. Krampus hangs out in a cabin in the southeast of the map, in the snowy areas. Grab a Sneaky Snowmando disguise (they're Rare, blue items) and enter the cabin, then crouch down and sneak up to the second floor. Use the Sneaky Snowmando near Krampus when he doesn't know you're there. (If he's already been defeated you'll have to start a new match and try again, sadly.)
  • Stage 3 - Deploy a beacon at Krampus' present stash. Krampus has some presents sitting just outside his cabin. Once you've sneaked in, inspect the presents. Do not defeat Krampus before doing this! Run out and set up the beacon first!
  • Stage 4 - Defeat Krampus. Reveal yourself and take 'em out... if Krampus hasn't seen you already. Krampus is reasonably tough, but you should be fine as long as you have full Shields and a decent weapon.
And then again, the next day, four more stages, each worth 15K XP:
  • Stage 1 - Collect an item from a present thrown by Sgt. Winter. In the north of the map is a sort of 'Santa's Workshop' island, and it's patrolled by Sgt. Winter. Get close to him and he'll toss out a huge present for you to open. Smack it open and grab an item inside to complete this quest.
  • Stage 2 - Deliver packages to their rightful destinations. There are six spots around the map where you can deliver presents, and you only need to deliver to three of them:
    • Classy Courts - By a house in the north
    • Grand Glacier - Main foyer, by the front desk / Bounty Board 
    • By the front door of a water mill, between Lavish Lair and Classy Courts
    • Pleasant Piazza - By a bakery in the north
    • Fencing Fields - South end, inside the main building
    • By the front gates of the mansion to the east of Snooty Steppes
  • Stage 3 - Place festive snow creatures. Again, there are six spots that you can visit, and you only need to visit three of them. All are along the eastern edge of the map:
    • Northeast of Classy Courts, in front of a small, mountaintop outpost
    • East of Classy Courts, on a hill in front of a factory
    • Northeast of Grand Glacier, on top of a hill near a smaller hotel
    • South of Grand Glacier, in a small, mountaintop camp
    • Southeast of the island, atop the nearest mountain
    • Southeast of the island, at a camp on the east side of Research Rock
  • Stage 4 - Emote with Holiday Boxy or Sgt. Winter. Holiday Boxy is at the warehouse between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields, while Sgt. Winter is still at his little island in the north of the map. Any gesture or dance will do.

Winterfest Quests

Next up are the Winterfest Quests. These all count towards getting the snowglobe pickaxe. More of these will get unlocked as Winterfest rolls on, so we'll update this list in the future.

Week 1

Your task this week is to hit opponents with the Snowball Launcher. Effectively a grenade launcher, the Snowball Launcher lobs explosive projectiles in a lengthy arc. You don't need to be too accurate with this thing, and since it doesn't hit too hard you can hit one enemy multiple times. You'll find Snowball Launchers in Christmas Presents, golden gifts that you'll run across occasionally while exploring.

This quest consists of four levels, so you'll spend a bunch of time with the Snowball Launcher. You'll earn 15K XP each time you hit an opponent a certain number of times with the Snowball Launcher. The hits are cumulative over the stages, so you don't need to start over each time.
  • Stage 1 - 3 hits
  • Stage 2 - 6 hits
  • Stage 3 - 15 hits
  • Stage 4 - 30 hits
Also available during the first week is Damage enemy players with throw items in the Ship It! Express LTM. This is a Creative mode where you need to inflict 300 damage to other players only using thrown items, most of them explosives. Ship It! Express is a team game, so make sure you set the game to 'Fill' if you don't have any friends, or... you'll be facing a lot of enemy players. You'll receive 15K XP for inflicting 300 damage on other players.

Week 2

You have three tasks during the second week of Winterfest. They're not too difficult, but you will have to spend a bunch of time in the snow.

Land from the bus at Winterburg and finish in the top 20 players

Your first task is pretty simple: Drop on Winterburg, then vacate the premeses and survive until there are only 20 players left. Winterburg is the North Pole-esque workshop in the north of the map, and though it doesn't appear when you're in the Lobby it will appear on the map once you start a match.

You don't need to stick around on Winterburg. Drop there, then immediately head for shore. If you want to be safe you can just hide somewhere until the match is down to 20 players. Not too difficult. Land at Winterburg and finish in the top 20 to receive 15K XP.

Hit Weakpoints

Another quest that is just a matter of time, all you have to do is smack a wall / object with your pickaxe. This will reveal a weakpoint, which appears as three revolving circles, two blue and one red. Reorient your pickaxe by aiming the targeting reticule and hit the weakpoint. Hit fifty weakpoints to receive 15K XP. You can do this over as many matches as it takes. (Or just try to get it done in one match. It won't take long.)


The last of the Winterfest quests requires that you complete multiple steps over several matches. All you have to do is land in snowy areas in each match. If you're impatient you can start the match, land, leave, and begin another one. You'll receive 15K XP for completing each step, and each step requires you to land on snow twice, for a sum total of eight matches landing in snow.

NPC character locations in Fortnite, Chapter 5, Season 1.

Week 3

Three more tasks for the third week of Winterfest. They shouldn't take you too long - assuming you've made friends with a few of the NPCs already, anyway.

Talk to Characters to receive free items

The map in Season 1 has fewer roaming NPCs than usual, but there are enough to get this done. Speak to any NPC - friendly NPC, that is, as bosses will just attack you - and they will give you a free item. You have several options for completing this quest:
  • Sun Tan Specialist - Southwest of the map, near a row of buildings
  • Metal Mouth - Building between Classy Courts and Reckless Railways
  • Vengeance Jones - Underground HQ, south of the warehouse between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields and inside a train tunnel
  • Hope - North of Hazy Hillside
  • Snow Striker - Small camp in the eastern, snowy mountains
  • Steelsight - Rebel's Roost
  • Contract Giller - North of Classy Courts
  • Mecha Team Shadow - Train station north of Pleasant Piazza
  • Holiday Boxy - Warehouse between Pleasant Piazza and Fencing Fields
  • Leelah - At Research Rock, a base in the southeastern mountains
Speak to any three characters listed above to receive 15K XP.

Assist in searching Winterfest Present containers found around the map

Similar to normal chests, Winterfest Present containers are storage spots for items - they just look like wrapped Christmas presents. You'll find them in the following areas, usually beneath or near Christmas trees:
  • Winterburg (northern island, near Classy Courts)
  • Classy Courts
  • Ritzy Riviera
  • Grand Glacier
  • Hazy Hillside
Assist in opening five Winterfest Present containers to receive 15K XP. Being on the team of someone else who opens one also counts.

Travel distance while sprinting

This one you'll accomplish just by playing. Sprint 1,000 total meters to receive 15K XP.

Final Quests

Now that Christmas has come and gone, the last of the Winterfest quests are finally active. They're not a big deal, but they will force you to spend some time in the snow.

Consume Snowy Floppers or hide in a Sneaky Snowmando

You have two options for this quest: Either use a Fishing Rod to pull out Snowy Floppers and eat them (any fishing hole will do) or you can deploy a Sneaky Snowmando, found randomly around the map, and hide inside it. Do either of these activities three times to receive 15K XP.

Emote on a dance floor

There are two active dance floors on the current map, in very different locations:
  • One is in a large factory / warehouse, in the northeast of the map
  • The other is under the main stage in Ruined Reels
Use any emote on either dance floor (you can't miss them - they're covered in flashing, colored lights) to receive 15K XP.

Damage opponents while in a snowy region

This is the quest that will take the most time, but it's not that difficult: Simply inflict any type of damage on enemies while you're in the northeastern, snowy sections of the map. Lavish Lair, Grand Glacier, and Hazy Hillside are all great spots to complete this quest, as there are many NPCs whom you can quickly wipe out to build up your damage count. Fighting a boss can get you through all four levels, if you take the time to wipe out every enemy.

There are four stages to this quest, and each one will earn you 15K XP.
  • Stage 1: 250 damage
  • Stage 2: 700 damage
  • Stage 3: 1,500 damage
  • Stage 4: 2,500 damage

Light off a firework

The final step of Winterfest is pretty simple: Activate a firework. They're located in each of the named locations, and not too difficult to find. Light off one firework to receive 15K XP, and bring Winterfest to a close. Well done!