Main Walkthrough

Guide has been discontinued. I suspect the remaining CG images are tied to the endings I didn't get. Check that guide for more information.

Like any good visual novel, Yog-Sothoth's Yard is chock-full of great art. Most of these scenes only show up for a few moments and then disappear again, so normally you'd need to go back through the game and replay a particularly cut scene to see the images a second time. Mercifully, this game is kind enough to have a CG Catalog built into the main menu, where you can revisit these images as often as you like.

There are three ways to get these images for the CG Catalog:

  • Get to a specific point in the story
  • Unlock a specific Affinity Invitation by one of the four Staff Members
  • Trigger one of the endings

Once you've seen an eligible image at least once it will be unlocked in the CG Catalog. These images are not tied to a particular playthrough, and will remain unlocked after you start a new game. This means that you can strategically unlock images, then reload your game and try for a different one. You'll find this tactic especially helpful at the very end of the game, when you can get no less than six different endings on the final day.

The images are full of spoilers - and some of them are a little risque - so I won't post most of them here. Instead I've divided the guide into pages, each with four images, and will provide descriptions for unlocking each image in a particular order: Top-left is first, top-right is second, bottom-left is third, and bottom-right is fourth.

Page One

  • Play through the prologue
  • Storyline unlock - Week 1, Sunday
  • Storyline unlock - Week 17, Sunday
  • Storyline unlock - Week 32, Saturday

Page Two

  • Storyline unlock - Week 2, Tuesday
  • Storyline unlock - Week 32, Saturday
  • Storyline unlock - Week 8, Sunday
  • Storyline unlock - Week 25, Monday / Tuesday

Page Three

  • Little Leaf Affinity Invitation, Level 3
  • Little Leaf Affinity Invitation, Level 3
  • Little Leaf Affinity Invitation, Level 5
  • Haa Lou Ling Affinity Invitation, Level 5

Page Four

  • Haa Lou Ling Affinity Invitation, Level 7
  • Yevna Affinity Invitation, Level 5
  • Yevna Affinity Invitation, Level 7
  • Yevna Affinity Invitation, Level 9

Page Five

  • Tlipoca Affinity Invitation, Level 3
  • Tlipoca Affinity Invitation, Level 9
  • Returning to Nature ending
  • Master of Meteorites ending

Page Six

  • Storyline unlock - Week 43, Wednesday
  • Morning Call ending
  • How about call me Senior Sister? ending
  • Puppeteer ending

Page Seven

  • Through the Gate of Truth ending
  • Dragon Rider ending
  • King of the Forest ending
  • Exterminate Evil ending

Page Eight

  • Video Game Girl ending
  • Crown of the Night ending
  • Return to the Gate ending
  • ?

Page Nine

  • No Turning Back ending
  • ?
  • Capitalism Wins ending
  • Journey ending

Main Walkthrough