Part 31: The Eternal Xuanhuo

Main Walkthrough

With Xuanhuo Cult defeated - or, at least, turned over to new management - it's time for Yi and company to return to Wudang Sect. The trip back is uneventful, though upon arrival Xiaotong may part ways with the party, depending on how much she likes Yi. (I think, anyway. Haven't yet sussed out how the endings work.) Many cut scenes follow that explain the backstory of Wandering Sword, and once they're done you'll have a new Tai'e Sword, a new mission, and a new destination: Mount Tianshan.

Have a chat with everyone in Wudang Sect - all the important NPCs have new things to say, and this is your last chance - then leave the grounds. Travel back to Xuanhuo Cult, then continue east until the sands turn to snow. There's a tiny settlement here named Yu Village, if you need to stock up, but otherwise your only choice is Mount Tianshan.

Mount Tianshan - Enemies

  • Snow Leopard

Mount Tianshan - Drops

  • Fine Raw Meat
  • Premium Hide
  • Top-Quality Hide
Pretty. Aside from some Siderite Ore and Coldiron Ore there's nothing on Mount Tianshan besides the occasional Snow Leopard, and they will dry up after you leave the first area. Climb your way to the east, until you're in the Piedmont section, then cross the nearest bridge. During a cut scene you'll receive a Demon Mask. To the north of here you'll find the remains of Tianshan Sect, though there's no one waiting for you.

Follow the trail that leads off to the right from the grave spot where you found the Demon Mask. You'll have to climb for a while - and even find a fishing spot in the process - but eventually you'll reach... the top. Save your game once you spot a deposit of Coldiron Ore, as there's no going back if you climb any further to the east.


What a sad way to end. Empowered by the Wind and Cloud Method - as well as a ton of moves, and some great equipment - Mowen is your final opponent. Depending on your affection levels with other characters Yi may or may not have help in this fight, though they probably won't last long against Mowen's fury. He uses the following attacks:
  • A wide variety of normal sword strikes
  • Several multi-directional line attacks
  • Several AOE attacks
  • Grand Taoist Swordplay, a ranged AOE that Mowen will use as soon as the battle begins
  • Tai Chi Swordplay, a strong AOE attack
  • Zhenwu's Sword Intent, a strong multi-directional line attack
Yi will not win the first bout with Mowen. He does too much damage and takes too little in return. After an empowering cut scene, however, Yi wil be ready to take Mowen on solo. This is not an easy fight, as Mowen has a ton of HP and MP, and his Grand Taoist Swordplay move hits at an incredible range. Even if you strike as hard as him, Mowen will probably outlast Yi thanks to his heavy reserves.

To get through this fight you'll need to make use of Lightness and Conserve, as well as strategic attacks. Get behind Mowen, hit him a few times, then back off and recover once he puts up a shield to protect himself from attack. Once the shield is gone you can move in and get off a few more hits. If you'e built a quick Yi you may get in two or three strikes before Mowen gets to go again. Keep a close eye on your MP, as this fight can take a while, and is one of the few times where you may find yourself unable to use any moves. Careful use of Conserve will keep your MP in the green.

(If you're having trouble with Mowen you likely just need to power up Yi. Get out of here, talk to important NPCs, and learn more Cultivation Methods. Crafting pills via Alchemy, or stealing them off of NPCs in Sparring matches, can also help if you're struggling to defeat Mowen. Once Yi's HP is in the 9,000 to 10,000 range you should be ready to handle this fight.)

Whether you win or lose against Mowen, you'll watch an ending of Wandering Sword play out after the fight - though it varies quite a bit between victory or defeat. Things also change a bit if you've raised the Affinity levels of Xue, Yao Ji, and Xiaotong over the course of your journey. Either way, you've reached the end of Wandering Sword! Congratulations! (Care to play it again and find all the stuff you missed on the first go around? I guarantee you, there's probably quite a bit you didn't see.)