Part 30: Upcoming Catastrophe

Main Walkthrough

The end is almost at hand. With Yao Ji kidnapped and Xiaotong jumping onto the team, Yi now has to tread on the home turf of Xuanhuo Cult, to the northeast of Valley of Dragons' Slumber. At this point you can no longer access any areas outside this sandy valley, so if you need to do anything at a town you'll need to visit either Linchang or Li City.

Enter Xuahuo Cult and you'll receive some unexpected help that will get you inside. Outfit your party members with all that fancy gear from the battles in Valley of Dragons' Slumber, if you haven't already, then enter the cult grounds. There's a chest behind the fire pillars on your right that contains a Four-Time Refined Spirit Pill, Confusion Incense, and an Eight-Treasure Shovel. Otherwise, all you'll find out here is the front door.

Xuanhuo Cult (Holy Fire Parlor, Dungeon) - Enemies

  • Holy Guard
  • Xuanhuo Cult Strongman

Xuanhuo Cult (Holy Fire Parlor, Dungeon) - Drops

  • Brocade
  • Celestial Garment
  • Coldiron Knuckles
  • Demon Conqueror
  • Fanyang Straw Hat
  • Jadeite Guanyin
  • Lanling Liquor
  • Satin
  • Silverlight Saber
  • Tiger Claws Boots
  • White Tiger Sword

Xuanhuo Cult's Holy Fire Parlor branches off in three directions, to the north, east, and west. Start by looking a little ways north and on your left. There's a chest here containing Quickstep Powder and High-Grade Scorchelixir. There are lots of Holy Guards hereabouts, though they shouldn't give your team much trouble at this point.

Head back to the entrance, then go west. You'll trigger a cut scene where the team rather easily receives a key. If you check to the south of the big, flaming brazier over here you'll find a chest wedged up against the bottom of the screen. It contains Royal Jelly and a Geng Metal Pill. Grab the items, then head to the west end of this area. You'll find a path leading to a doorway.

Beyond the doorway you'll find the Dungeon. Fight your way east until you see a cage near the bottom of a flight of stairs. Save your game, then approach the stairs to trigger a cut scene - and a battle. The fight is against a group of Xuahuo Cult Secret Guards, and despite being surrounded it isn't that big a deal. The battle that follows, however...

Zhang Hongyan the Flame Envoy

If you played through the Sweetwater Village scenario you likely learned to hate Zhang Hongyan, and, well... here he is again. Accompanied by more Rabid Xuanhuo Cult Secret Guards, Hongyan puts up a decent fight, even if you have seven characters depoyed. He uses the following attacks:

  • Close-range fist attacks that can Ignite characters
  • A ranged AOE attack that can inflict Ignite, as well as the Igniting Spark debuff
  • Sun-Blazing Palm, an AOE move that triggers additional damage to anyone affilicted by Igniting Spark
First thing's first: Wipe out the enemies at your rear. They're much weaker than Hongyan and his crew, and you don't want to get caught in a pincer attack. By the time they're gone you'll probably be under attack by Hongyan, at which point you should spread out a bit and engage enemies individually. Hongyan's AOE attacks hurt quite a bit, especially if added effects are involved. Let Yi keep him busy until Hongyan is the only enemy left, then gang up on him and take him out.

Yao Ji will prove to be less captive than she looks once the battle is over, and she'll rejoin the party. Head back west through the Dungeon to the Holy Fire Parlor, then head to the northern door. Yao Ji will provide you a small bounty before you go through the door: Stewed Five Treasures, Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Fish, a Bing Fire Pill, Gui Water Pills, and Yi Wood Pills. Heal your characters, use up the pills (Yi is the best candidate), then head through the door.

Xuan Li

One of the larger fights in the game, the encounter with Xuan Li and his Rabid Xuanhuo Cult Secret Guards will tax your team's abilities. Xuan Li is quite powerful, and his high health ensures that he'll outlast all of his guards. Li can use the following abilities:

  • Close-range fist attacks that can Ignite characters
  • A ranged AOE attack that can inflict Ignite, as well as the Igniting Spark debuff
  • Sun-Blazing Palm, an AOE move that triggers additional damage to anyone affilicted by Igniting Spark

In other words, yeah, he's a stronger version of the Flame Envoy that you just fought. Lovely. Your first goal should be to attract Xuan Li's attention, so you can pull anyone on the right side of the screen (Xue and Ji) over to the left side, with the rest of the party. Wipe out the cultists on the far left, then group up and counter the wave of enemies that will rush over from the right. Use your best AOE attacks to wipe out the guards while hitting Li, and do your best to avoid clumping up your party members too much. Li's AOE attacks usually hit for 2,000 HP or more, and can quickly decimate your team.

You'll receive a large number of valuable items for defeating Xuan Li. (In particular I received the Heart-Torturing Nail and Golden Lion Boots Advanced Blueprints, along with the Saha Hell manual.) Yao Ji leaves the party, and the battle against Xuanhuo Cult ends... but there's still one loose end to tie up.

Part 32: Mount Tianshan Duel

Main Walkthrough