Main Walkthrough

Location: Tianshui
Prerequisite: Complete Birthday Banquet in Tianshui
Petitioner: None
Reward: None

In order to trigger this quest you not only need to gain access to the northwestern lands of the world map, you need to complete the main story quest Birthday Banquet in Tianshui. Once you've completed this quest you'll be sent back to Wudang Sect, and if you walk back to Tianshui you'll find Cheng Wanqing unlocked and waiting for you.

Travel to the Outer City, one map north of the entrance, and check the courtyard of the inn. There's a young man and an older man in the bottom-left corner of the courtyard, and if you get close they will have a heated discussion, then rush off. Check the spot where they were standing, beside a tree, to find a packet on the ground.

Cross the street and check in with Yang the Physician. He'll identify the contents of the packet - they're mildly scandalous - and drive Yi away with embarassment. You now need to speak to three people who are spread throughout the city:
  • First is Qian Liu. She's standing with Wang Wu, outside the inn. (Their names overlap so it can be difficult to spot Qian Lu's name.)
  • Next is Zhang San. He's on the left side of the street, standing with Li Si, as you head north through the Outer City.
  • Last is Hongxing. She's beside a house a little ways up the street from the physician.
Yi's scant discoveries will leave him without clues, so for the moment he drops the matter. We'll come back to this, however...