Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Owain, Engineer
Unlocked: Complete Weird Science and Through the Maelstrom
Reward: Expanded Potion Satchel, 1 Goblin Coin, 50 Renown

In order to unlock this side quest you need to fulfil two prerequisites: 

  • First, you need to complete Weird Science, a side quest from earlier in the game.
  • Second, you need to complete Through the Maelstrom, a main story quest that will take you out to sea. Return to the Hideaway and Even Weirder Science will be waiting.

Visit Mid's Dungeon, below the Atrium, and you'll find Owain waiting. He wants to create a smelter that can churn out higher-quality metals, but he needs some Fallen materials to get the job done. Agree to help and Owain will send you to three locations to collect the Spherical Echoes he needs:
  • The first is in Lostplume, a region of Shallop Rock. Travel to either Hawk's Cry Cliff or the Auldhyl Docks via their Obelisks, then make your way into and through Shallop Rock. (Note that Amber is now overrun with Akashic, if you decide to head this way.) Lostplume is the largest clearing in the region, roughly halfway through Shallop Rock. You'll need to wipe out a Woken Guardian to retrieve its Spherical Echo, which is sitting in the grass.
  • The second is in Advent, a clearing on the west side of Clairesview. Head southwest of Northreach to find the Fallen ruins. Several Woken Bugs and Defense Nodes are protecting the rear of the clearing, and you'll want to take out the Defense Nodes so they can't cast Protect. Annoying. The Spherical Echo is sitting along the edge of the area the robots were guarding.
  • The third is in Silent Sough, part of the Krozjit Echoes. Jump to the Krozjit Echoes Obelisk and follow the main path south to reach the sub-region. You'll find a cluster of Woken Hunters and a Bomb Errant waiting. Take them all out and you'll find the Spherical Echo sitting in the dirt to the south of the battlefield. 

Take the three Spherical Echoes back to Owain to end the quest and earn your reward. With the Expanded Potion Satchel you can now carry even more items in the field: Eight Potions, five High Potions, and four of each Tonic. (Really could just buy Clive a bigger bag, though.)