Part 1: Sunrise, Sunset

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  • Goblin Mugger
  • Goblin Weaver

Upon leaving Rosalith Castle you'll have exactly one location you can visit next, and that's Stillwind. An abandoned bog, Stillwind is your first legitimate challenge in Final Fantasy XVI, and there are a few things to note before you set off:

  • First, Clive is now accompanied by two companions, Wade and Tyler. They're a pair of soldiers who will make things a bit easier for you. (Though you should nevertheless expect Clive to shoulder the majority of the heat in combat.)
  • Second, you can teach Clive a variety of Abilities via the menu. You'll start off with 50 Ability Points (AP), and can learn more as you defeat enemies. Which direction you go with your starting abilities depends on whether you're more comfortable with melee attacks (right side of the wheel) or ranged attacks (left side of the wheel). If you change your mind about an Ability you can Refund the points and reallocate everything to something different.
  • If you check your gear you'll find that you have Rings of Timely Focus, Timely Evasion, Timely Strikes, and Timely Healing. These accessories will slow down time a bit in combat and give you more of a chance to react to enemy attacks. You receive these items whether you chose Action-Oriented Mode or Story-Oriented Mode, though they start off unequipped in Action-Oriented Mode.

Follow the path into the swamp. Once you hit a clearing you'll find 2 gil sitting off to your right. Take a left at the clearing and you'll pass under a log, which will bring you to the first battle of the area, against three Goblin Muggers. Here you'll learn about two new moves:

  • Magic Burst. Use the triangle button after unleashing a melee attack and you'll smack the enemy with a burst of fire. Handy.
  • Parry. Wait until an enemy is about to strike, then tap the square button. If timed correctly you will Parry your foe, which slows time and gives you a chance to slice into them. Parries leave you open to attack if your timing is poor, so don't rely on Parrying unless you know what you're doing. (Having played Dark Souls or Elden Ring helps.)
The Goblin Muggers are no big threat. Slice them up. 

Cross beneath the dilapidated wooden wall beyond the Goblins, then check on your right. There's a house over here, or at least the remains of one, and you can slip through a gap to get inside. You'll find a Strength Tonic waiting.

Return to the main path and follow it until you find a clearing. There are a bunch of Goblin Muggers here, and they will attack en masse. It's no longer a three-on-three, so watch your back and try to stay on the edges of the fight. Dodging (R1) and Phoenix Shift (Circle button) are great tools for avoiding damage. You can also use Rising Flames (hold down R2, press Square) to clear out enemies that have grouped up around you, though you'll need to wait for Rising Flames to recharge (the red gauge surrounding the Attack button the screen) before you can use it again. Check the ruined home on your left once the battle is over for a Potion.

Up ahead are planks of wood to break with the R2 button. Snag the Potion off of the nearby cart, then check the home on your right to find a ladder. It will drop you into a clearing with more Goblins, including a Goblin Weaver. These spellcasters will harry you from afar, and should be taken out quickly. Phoenix Shift will zip you right up to them, where they're nigh-defenseless. You can also use your own spells to toast them from afar.

Break into the house on the left side of this clearing - once the Goblins are dead, of course - and you'll find a Potion on a destroyed cart. To the left is this cart is a dilapidated house, and if you head inside you'll find stairs to the second floor, where you'll find a Strength Tonic. Head back to the ground and climb the ladder to your right.

You'll drop into another clearing. There are more Goblins here, and included in their ranks is a Goblin Weaver. These are the first of many spellcasters that you'll encounter in Final Fantasy XVI, and they all tend to be rather annoying with their ranged attacks. In general you want to move around the edge of combat areas and take out the spellcasters first. Otherwise, this battle is the same as the others.

Check the right side of this area to find a house that you can smash open. Inside is a Potion. Next, approach the raised bridge at the far end of this area, and smash the wood propping the bridge up to create a path to the next section. There's another Potion on the other side of the bridge. Follow the path and you'll find Stillwind's square... which is, of course, infested with Goblins. The first round of attacks is more of the same, but after that...


That's a big boy. The Gigas is a nasty first boss, though it doesn't have a ton of attacks to use against you:

  • The Gigas will perform a side-sweeping swing with its club
  • The Gigas will perform an overhead slam with its club
  • Big Swing, in which the Gigas will whirl its club around in circles and move towards you, potentially striking Clive multiple times
For the most part the Gigas will use either of its simple club smacks. In both cases you should generally try to sidestep out of the path of the club, then slip back in and continue hacking away at the creature. If the Gigas is swinging sideways, however, a carefully-aimed Parry can catch it off guard and give you an opportunity to slip in more hits. Use Rising Flames whenever it is charged - and the Gigas is standing still - to do significant damage.

Once you've Staggered the Gigas it will start using Big Swing. This attack is slow, but its range is surprisingly long and it carries on for a while. Immediately back Clive away and use normal dodges to keep out of its reach. Once the Gigas stops moving you can step back in and continue fighting as before. Keep up the attack until the Gigas is toast.

You'll receive Hard Leather Armlets for defeating the Gigas. (I'm not 100% sure on this one, given the tutorial message received immediately after.) The leader of the Goblins will take off, and you'll need to pursue. Check the house it was standing on to find the path forward, as well as a Potion and a High Potion. Keep chasing the Goblin, and, well...


Another boss so soon? You bet. Larger and more dangerous than the Gigas, the Morbol is a worthy opponent. It uses the following attacks:

  • A sideways tentacle swipe
  • A one-two sideways tentacle swipe
  • A front-facing, double tentacle slam
  • An underwater tentacle jab, typically when you're shooting at it from afar with magic
  • An oil-spitting attack (one pool)
  • An oil-spitting attack (three pools)
  • An underwater dive that will allow you to perform a Cinematic Strike and a Cinematic Evasion
  • A charging AOE attack
  • Bad Breath, which launches a burst of foul gas in a staight line from the Morbol's mouth
  • Wild Rage, a crazed charge towards Clive

For the most part this battle is about keeping the Morbol in the center of the arena and circling constantly. The Morbol's attacks are relatively slow, and it telegraphs all of them with lots of time to react. Parrying won't do you any good here, so keep on the dodge button (R1) and slip out of the way any time a tentacle gets too close. If you're fast enough to avoid the tentacles you'll have no trouble getting out of the way of the oil, the gassy charged AOE attack, or Bad Breath.

Partway through the fight you'll get a chance to perform a Cinematic Strike on the Morbol. These are fancy moments where you need to pay attention to the on-screen prompt and press the appropriate button. Do so and you'll usually Stagger your foe, giving you a chance to heap on damage. There are also Cinematic Evasion moments, and you'll be punished if you fail these, so be ready on the buttons whenever combat suddenly stops.

Do enough damage and the Morbol will start using Wild Rage. This move will carry it straight at you, then turn the Morbol around for another rush and a diving tackle. Dodging to the side tends to not work all that well, so your best bet is to dodge straight into - and under - the creature. As long as you don't dodge too early you should slip right past both of its attacks. The second dive will leave the Morbol exposed for several seconds, and you can rush in and get off several sword-strike flurries.

Defeat the Morbol and the team will leave Stillwind. Next destination: Phoenix Gate.

Part 3: Flight of the Fledgling

Main Walkthrough