Main Walkthrough

With a fake Dragonmaster exposed and Jessica on her way, the party needs to trek back to Vane and report to Ghaleon. Leave Lann and trek across the Nanza Pass to the Transmission Spring. When you reenter Vane Nash will again leave the party, though you'll find him inside the Magic Guild. Enter the main hall and speak to Mia twice to meet her mother, Lemia...

... who will promptly have Alex arrested, and Luna dragged away to another part of the guild. Great. Fortunately for you, Mia is not on her mother's side, and she'll let Alex out of his cell. She'll also give you Althena's Mirror, which she says reflects only the truth. Mia will join the party, and she'll prove quite handy with her Fire and Ice magic. Put her in the back row.

On the way out of the dungeon the party will stop to bring along a prisoner who appears to be tortured by a device on her face. Head upstairs and check out the blue door in the northeast to run into Nash, who clearly has a massive crush. He'll also join the party. With Luna gone you won't have a healer, so head into Vane to grab some Healing Nuts if you're low on them, then enter the blue door.

(You may also want to talk to the people of Vane while Mia is in the party. Most NPCs have something new to say.)

Crystal Tower

  • Blood Lord - 72 HP - Ranged opponent - Weak to Sword, Ice
  • Neutronitor - 81 HP - Melee opponent - Weak to Fire, Thunder
  • Plasma Fiend - 136 HP - Melee opponent - Weak to Sword, Fire
  • Reflector - 74 HP - Ranged and melee enemy - Weak to Fire, Ice, Thunder
Upon entering the Crystal Tower you'll discover that it has a special restriction placed on it: Your characters can't have weapons equipped. This isn't a big deal for Nash and Mia, but Alex will be greatly weakened without a sword. Load him down with items so he can handle healing and MP restoration while your casters fight the baddies. Sword Dance still works well, though Alex doesn't have a ton of MP. Buying Star Lights back in Vane is a good idea.

This dungeon is relatively short, and the compact nature of the floors make it pretty easy to navigate. You'll find the following on each floor:
  1. Entrance.
  2. The chest on the east side of the floor contains 500 silver.
  3. Enemies only.
  4. The chest in the south contains 750 silver. Go up the stairs in the northeast to find a chest containing a Star Light.
  5. Enemies only. Use the southeastern stairs.
  6. Enemies only. Use the northwestern stairs to eventually find a chest containing 250 silver.
  7. Enemies only. Use the southern stairs to find a chest containing an Angel Ring.
  8. Enemies only.
  9. Enemies only. Heal up here before using the stairs.

On the final floor of the Crystal Tower you'll find Luna, Lemia, Ghaleon, Royce, and Phacia, and something sinister is obviously underway. The truth behind the three mystery women is revealed, and as they retreat they will leave a little surprise behind to cover their exit.


Weakness: Ice

Four bosses? Seems like a bit much, but they're really just beefed-up normal enemies - and you have Luna back, to boot. Each Ultragoyle can use two attacks per round, so they can dish out damage, but Luna should be able to heal away the pain without much trouble. Have Mia use Blizzard a few times and you'll wipe out the Ultragoyles.

Defeating the Ultragoyles will end the threat to Vane, though only for the moment. Temporarily made the leader of the Magic Guild, Mia leaves the party to tend to her duties - and Nash goes with her. Again. Don't worry, you'll get them back soon. Alex and Luna are about to receive a stronger traveling companion anyway...

Traveling with Ghaleon

Before you head anywhere else, go to Althena's Shrine, near Vane. If you check out the northern room you'll find Phacia's former attendant waiting. Speak to her to receive Phacia's Bromide. This gets cut off once you travel to Meribia and speak to Ghaleon, so don't forget to pick it up.

Steer Alex, Luna, and Nall to Meribia and pay a visit to Mel's mansion. (And Ramus, for that matter. His shop now sells items, and the Silver Sword is an upgrade for Alex.) You'll find Mel, Jessica, and Ghaleon in Mel's office, and Jessica will play dumb, as she's supposedly a good, dutiful cleric, not an adventurer. Keep talking to Jessica once the party is in her room to skip to the morning.

Before you head down to the docks, as requested, pay a visit to Black Rose Street. There's a witch wandering the street who looks identical to the Old Hag who 'helped' the party earlier in the game. Speak to this woman until she requests that you pay her sister, the Old Hag, a visit. You must do this now to get a particular item. That finished, head to the dock and speak to Ghaleon.

Once you arrive in Saith Ghaleon will join the party. Much like Laike from a while back Ghaleon is overwhelmingly powerful, and his spells will annihilate every enemy on the screen without exception. He doesn't stick around for long, so enjoy Ghaleon's company while it lasts. There are a few things you should do while he's in the party:
  • Talk to people in general, if you like flavor text. Not everyone comments on Ghaleon, but a lot of NPCs are interested in him.
  • Speak to the guy in the orange cap in Saith's naval office. He'll give you 1,000 silver.
  • Assuming you spoke to the old woman on Black Rose Street before leaving Meribia, go visit the Old Hag, to the northwest of Saith. As thanks for your frequent visits she'll hand over an Ice Mace. Once Jessica is back in the party this will prove useful to her. (If you don't get it, don't sweat it. You can buy Ice Maces a bit later in the game.)
  • Visit Dyne's Monument, where you started the game. Ghaleon has some rather revealing opinions about the thing.

Ultimately you need to lead Ghaleon to the White Dragon Cave and guide him to Quark, the White Dragon. The meeting... well, just watch. Suffice it to say that it doesn't go as planned.