Part 9: Crystal Tower

Main Walkthrough

The true enemy has been revealed, and Luna has been stolen away. Alex and Nall are determined to get her back - but first, you'll need to thank their rescuer. Head up to Dyne's monument and you'll find Laike, the old guy who saved the party in the Weird Woods. He'll test Alex's resolve, then give you the Dragon Wings. You can use these to instantly teleport to any city you've already visited. Handy!

Before you do anything else, head back to Alex's house. Check the left bookshelf in the basement and you'll find Luna's Bromide 2. This is apparently the only time you can get it, so make sure you snag the Bromide now.

Alex and Nall can't face the growing threat of the Magic Emperor alone. Fortunately, there are four people who are ready - and willing - to join Alex in saving Luna. Unfortunately, they're not in Burg. Time to gather the PCs who will form your party for the remainder of the game. (Most of it, anyway.)

There's one more thing to note before you head out. Now that Alex is officially on the path to become the Dragonmaster, he gains a new spell: White Dragon Protect. This powerful piece of magic simply appears in his skill list, without any preamble, and when used protects the whole party from any amount of damage one time. This would be amazing if Alex had more MP, but it costs 60 MP to use, which at this point may still be more MP than Alex has total. Still, good to know you have the option.



  • Gargoyle - 106 HP - Melee opponent - Weak to Sword, Fire
  • Guardian - 81 HP - Teleporting close-range attacker - Weak to Fire, resists Ice
  • Rook - 76 HP - Melee opponent
  • Shadow Lord - 108 HP - Strong melee opponent

Start your worldwide journey by returning to Meribia. The city is under siege by monsters, and you'll find Jessica fighting a pair by the entrance. Help her get rid of them and she'll join the party. You'll now need to fight your way through Meribia to Mel's mansion, where Jessica is convinced he's under personal attack. Most of the enemies along the way are hard-hitting, so you may want to use Alex's skills to kill rather than trying to conserve MP.

Meribia is full of stacked crates as part of the siege, so you'll have to take the long way around the city. Start by heading south of the statue of Althena to Ramus's shop, which is open for business. Stock up on Star Lights so you can battle your way through Meribia. You can head west to Black Rose Street from here, though there's no point... unless you want to talk to the NPCs who are huddled in Royce's old fortune telling shop. (One of them is a little... uh... well, you'll understand.)

Head south from Ramus's shop and around the warehouses in the southeast. You can use them to avoid battles if you'd rather press forward undisturbed. Head east until you reach the exit to the docks, then head north until you reach the northeast of Meribia. Head west of here to find the entrance to the manor.

Head to the bedrooms, then enter the training area in the southeast. You'll find Mel facing off against Xenobia, and he becomes, uh, incapacitated. She'll take off, and Jessica will vow to put her down. That's one party member down. Before you leave Meribia, however, head to Black Rose Street and check out Royce's old shop. The guy inside who is, uh, obsessed with her will give you Royce's Bromide. You must get this before heading to your next destination.


Travel to Vane next. There is no outbreak of monsters... as in, not in the plural. There is one monster here, and it appears to be more than enough to imperil the city. Alex and Jessica will join Mia and Nash in fighting the creature off.

Vile Crustacean

Weakness: Sword

Yikes. That is a sizable creature. The Vile Crustacean is an anti-magic monster, making it the perfect weapon against a place like Vane. You'll have to rely on melee combat to take this thing down. The Vile Crustacean uses the following attacks:

  • Melee strikes (two per round)
  • Mini Doom, a heavy ranged attack against one target (eye goes yellow)
  • Crimson Ray, a line attack against multiple targets (closes eye)
Although your other characters can do some damage with their weapons, especially Jessica, this fight comes down to Alex dishing out pain with Sword Dance. (Again.) Use Vigor on him, then let him loose every round until the Vile Crustacean crumbles. The rest of your characters can either attack, heal, sling items, or in Mia's case, use Ice Shell to buff defenses. Keep Alex alive at all costs or you'll be in trouble.

After the battle Mia and Nash will express their shock at Ghaleon's betrayal, and you can speak to them in the Magic Guild's main hall to get them to join Alex in fighting the fiend. That's two more members for the roster. Speak to Lemia and you'll learn where to go next, which will bring you straight to the final candidate.

Nanza Barrier

Jump to the Nanza Barrier. (It's just listed as 'Nanza' when you use the Dragon Wings.) When you enter you'll find Xenobia and her cronies attacking a, uh, 'defenseless' woman. This is quickly proven to be a ruse, and you'll need to battle four Scythe Masters as Kyle, the boss of the Nanza Barrier. Use his Power Sweep ability to send them all packing simultaneously. This will also drive Xenobia away.

After a quick conversation it'll become clear that Kyle is your final party member, and you'll need to speak to him one more time to make it official. Before you do, though, descend into the lower levels of the fort. If you check the bedroom in the northeast of the lowest floor you'll find Jess's Bromide 4 under Kyle's bed. You won't get a second chance to grab this once Kyle is in the party, so snag it now.

Head back up to the Nanza Barrier and speak to Kyle. He will join up with everyone else, and you'll have a full complement of characters ready to tackle the remainder of the game. With Kyle onboard you'll finally have another melee character who can keep up with Alex, and though he's not quite as strong as the would-be Dragonmaster, Kyle is still a great addition to the party. Put him in the front lines with Alex and they can soak up damage aplenty.

Leave the Nanza Barrier via the southern exit and you'll find yourself back in the Nanza Pass. The enemies here are the same as they were during your first visit to the mountain range, and you'll be more than strong enough to piledrive your way south. Take a right when you get a chance and head back north to find a chest containing an Angel's Tear, as well as a locked, red chest containing a Silver Light. You're getting closer to being able to open these stupid things.

In the south you'll find the exit back to the world map. Your journey to become the Dragonmaster begins here, and your first step on the trip is the town of Reza.

Main Walkthrough