Main Walkthrough

Recommended Level: 24

The second, more difficult half of Castti's second chapter takes place in the town of Winterbloom. Far from Canalbrine, where Castti begins her journey, Winterbloom is located in the north of the Winterlands. Take a boat from Canalbrine to the New Delsta Harbor: Anchorage, then travel east to the New Delsta Flats, north to the Southern Cape Cold Snows, east to the Eastern Cape Cold Snows, and north to the Western Winterbloom Snows. Winterbloom is on the east side of that final route.

If Castti is in the party when you arrive in Winterbloom you'll be prompted to begin her chapter right away. If you'd rather not you can instead trigger the chapter by visiting the Tavern, speaking to the Tavern Keeper, and choosing Hear a Tale. The Tavern is impossible to miss, as it's the first thing you see when you enter Winterbloom.

Following the clues in her treatment log, Castti travels to Winterbloom in search of her lost memories. Unlike in Canalbrine, where Castti was treated like a pariah for some time, she's greeted like an old friend in Winterbloom. Inquire each of the townspeople with green bubbles over their heads during the day to learn what Castti did to help them.

One of the townsfolk will point Castti to the huge manor in the northwest of Winterbloom. Approach the front door and Lily, the butler, will usher Castti inside. Go upstairs and you'll find Rosa, the lord of the manor, in the room on the left. There's also a chest on the second floor of the manor containing a Strengthening Serum.

During the conversation Rosa's daughter, Melia, will interrupt, and will mention an herb garden. It's attached to the right side of the house. Inquire Melia inside to learn of Medicinal Herbs that Castti needs to treat Rosa's condition, which is dire. Snag the Bloodberry, Snowgrass, and Scalebark Leaf that appear in the garden.

All this will get you Rosa's Medicine. Take it to her room and you'll find Greg, Rosa's nephew, who is eager to see Rosa die so he'll inherit her estate. Melia sees him out, and in the meantime, you need to Soothe Rosa at night with the Rosa's Medicine. Once Rosa is out for the count, Lily will approach Castti... and present a letter from Greg. It appears that he has kidnapped Melia.

Take a right from the front of the manor and you'll find the entrance to the Thieves' Quarter, the less seemly half of Winterbloom. In the northwest of the quarter you'll find a ramshackle Tavern, and you should save your game before entering. Greg has a proposal for Castti... but his hired goons are too eager to shed some blood.

Plukk, Mikk, and Makk

Shields: 7 (Plukk) / 4 (Mikk) / 4 (Makk)
  • Sword, Dagger, Axe, Fire (Plukk)
  • Polearm, Bow, Ice (Mikk)
  • Bow, Ice, Lightning, Wind (Makk)
Drop: Drifting Dagger
  • Refreshing Jam (Plukk)
  • Soldier's Spear (Mikk)
  • Silver Hatchet (Makk)

Hey, aren't those guys...? Well, whatever. Headed by Plukk, this party of ne'er-do-wells work well as a team, and can give you quite a fight if you come to Winterbloom early in your journey. Plukk, Mikk, and Makk use the following attacks:

  • A variety of normal melee attacks and Skills (Mikk and Makk)
  • Sweet Talk, which buffs Plukk's hitting strength (Makk)
  • Bemusing Strike, which debuffs a target's accuracy (Makk)
  • Jab and Sharp Strike, melee attacks against a single target
  • Swing, a melee attack against the whole party
  • Get 'em!, which pushes Mikk and Makk to target a single character
  • Finishing Blow, a charged attack that hits the whole party - Mikk and Makk will buff Plukk and debuff the party's defenses before the attack goes off
  • You'll pay for this, which boosts Plukk to three attacks per turn
  • Mikk's Whetstone, which buffs Plukk's attack and critical rate
  • Swift Step, which buffs Plukk's speed
  • Vengeful Blow, a charged attack that hits the whole party
Plukk starts off this fight with her weaknesses covered by Mikk and Makk. Break them and Plukk's weaknesses will be exposed, two per henchman. The three foes will take turns attacking your party, largely with melee strikes, and Plukk will occasionally point Mikk and Makk at a specific target. After a while Plukk will charge up, and Mikk and Makk will buff her - and debuff your party - before her attack, Finishing Blow, goes off. If you Break Mikk or Makk (or both) during this time Plukk will revive them after a turn or two.

If you defeat Mikk and Makk before you defeat Plukk - which is likely - she'll boost her attacks per turn to three. After this point Plukk can buff her own stats, and will occasionally charge up to use Vengeful Blow on your party. It's basically the same as Finishing Blow, just potentially more painful.

Your focus early in this fight should be to defeat Mikk and Makk, only Breaking Plukk if you have an opening. Raise everyone's defenses and have Castti keep folks healed while they whittle away on the two thugs, preferably one at a time. Both guys are vulnerable to Ice, while Makk is also vulnerable to Lightning, so a Scholar's Elemental Barrage will do nicely to Break them both. Neither one has a ton of health.

Once you've gotten one of the two guys down you are faced with a choice: Work with Plukk's exposed weaknesses and keep her remaining minion alive, or take down the other one and face a stronger Plukk. Both options are viable, though you may find fighting Plukk alone the easier option, despite her three turns per round. Seven shields is not a ton to Break, and if you use BP judiciously you may only face one attack before you can Break her again. Keep battering Plukk until she goes down.

Things will settle down after the battle, and Castti will remain by Rosa's side for... who knows how long. Inquire Rosa once you regain control to restore more of Castti's memories. Do it again once you're speaking to Melia alone. This will trigger a number of cut scenes, reminding Castti of another important person - Trousseau - but leaving her history a mystery. The journey continues. Chapter complete.

Main Walkthrough