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A tiny settlement on the outskirts of the nation of Ku, Ryu is little more than a glorified campsite. All of the necessities for travel are within arms' reach, and you probably won't spend more than a few minutes here while passing through the region. Ryu is nevertheless a good place to stop early in the game if you want to stock up before heading north or east.

Ryu is the starting point of Hikari, once you've completed the first chapter of his story. You cannot move back to the kingdom of Ku from here. If you chose another character as your party leader you can recruit Hikari in Ryu, though you'll need to help him defeat some mercenaries first.


  • Humble though it may be, the tavern is on the west side of Ryu. It performs all of the functions of a regular tavern.
  • A short walk north of the tavern is the inn. It is also humble.
  • There are item and weapon shops on the east side of Ryu. The Provisioner has the usual spread of items, and some decent ingredients for Castti to put to use. The Armorer is primarily geared towards suiting up Hikari, though Partitio, whom you will recruit in a nearby town, can also make use of this gear.
  • Ryu's sole treasure chest is beside the Armorer's tent. It contains an Empowering Lychee.

NPCs - Day
  • The Elder on the west side of the camp has a Wooden Staff and an Energizing Pomegranate in his possession. You can learn the Discount at the Inn info from him.
  • The Merchant by the camel has a Healing Grape (M) and an Inspiriting Plum (M) on his person. He knows of a hidden Rare Stone near the tavern. 
  • The Male Merchant on the east side of Ryu holds a Diffusing Serum and an Empowering Lychee (M). Inspecting him for information will reveal New Equipment for Sale, improving the stock of the Armorer by adding the Sandstorm Spear. 
  • The Female Merchant on the east side of Ryu carries a Cleansing Leaf, a Blusterbloom, and a Sticky Flower. She knows of a hidden Plum Leaf by some nearby pots if you ply her for information.
  • If you sail out into the pond in the south of Ryu you'll find a Boy, staring at the fish in the water. He's carrying a Tree Nut and a Light Nut. He knows of a hidden Fortifying Nut, at the top of the rise to his right.

NPCs - Night

  • The Mercenary on the left by the fire carries a Strong Axe and an Empowering Ring, though he's quite strong for this area of the game, making acquisition difficult. 
  • The Mercenary on the right by the fire carries Iron Mail and a Sprightly Ring. He knows the Skill Steel Defenses. Learn what he knows and he'll tell the group of a hidden Broadsword behind the Armorer's stall.
  • The Peddler by the Armorer carries a Healing Grape (M), an Inspiriting Plum, and some Slumber Sage. He knows the Skill Heave Sand. The Peddler knows of a hidden Empowering Lychee by the inn.

Main Walkthrough