Location: Great Sandy Dunes
Petitioner: Kung Fu Dugong
Reward: Five Bo Bo Bird Breasts, 6,300 Berries (for winning the battle)
Objective Reward: Ragged Ball

To trigger this little Side Story you need to do two things:
  • Complete Master and Student Showdown. This Side Story is located in Nanohana, and is one of the first you can do in the game.
  • Travel to Great Sandy Dunes. This requires progressing a fair clip into the events of Alabasta, and will require a lot of traveling through desert terrain.

Once you've reached Great Sandy Dunes - and Nami allows you to explore to the north - you'll find the petitioner, one of the three Kung Fu Dugongs, in the northeast of the dunes. They're practicing their fighting skills near a cliff wall.

Fresh off a successful fight with a Sandora Dragon, the Kung Fu Dugongs want to try their luck against your team again. Agree and you'll get into another battle against the trio. They're admittedly stronger than before, but... still absolute pushovers compared to your party. Put Zoro and Robin on your front lines and they will decimate these three Power fighters.

Despite their loss - because of? - the Kung Fu Dugongs insist on accompanying the Straw Hats, and they will only relent if Sanji makes them Sandora Dragon Steak Tips. You'll need two ingredients to make this recipe:
  • Bedrock Salt. You'll find this by picking up gleaming items at random. They seem more common back in Nanohana, though if you've been picking things up consistently there's a better-than-excellent chance that you have a lot of them in your inventory already, and won't need to hunt around.
  • Sandora Dragon Meat. You can find a Sandora Dragon in a side area almost directly south of where the Kung Fu Dugongs are based.
Cook up Sandora Dragon Steak Tips at a campsite - the nearest is at the oasis to the northwest - and give them to the Kung Fu Dugongs. This will complete the Side Story and earn you your reward.