Location: Alubarna
Petitioner: Commander Kochi
Reward: Aroma Pendant, 18,000 Berries
Objective Reward: Rundown Ball

You'll unlock this goofy Side Story once you've completed two other goals in One Piece Odyssey:
  • Defeat Crocodile and free Alubarna. This will send you back to Waford, though you'll get to return to Alabasta shortly after.
  • Complete the Side Story The Truth About Eye-lashes. (I suspect this is a prerequisite, anyway. The camel is an important part of this Side Story too.)

Once you've done both of those things, head to Alubarna and check out the courtyard in front of the palace, in the north of the city. You'll find the petitioner, a soldier named Kochi, to the east of the entrance, and he's trying to get Eye-lashes the camel to do... anything, really. Eye-lashes tells Chopper that he refuses to listen to the orders of a gross man like Kochi, and requires more motivation. For some reason, Eye-lashes requires a beautifying of Nami and Robin before he'll do anything.

Travel to Nanohana. Near the Spice Bean in the north of the town you'll find the Aroma and Armor Shop. It's a short walk west of the market, and separates the back alley on that side of town in two. Speak to Aroma, the proprietor, and after some hemming and hawing she'll give you the Mixed Perfume.

Sanji will next point out that the girls could use some lotion for their skin. You know, to ward off the effects of that terribly dry desert. Head to Alubarna and travel to the southwest of the Market District, more or less to the spot where you found Sanji hanging out after you defeated Crocodile. A Gossip-Loving Woman in front of the fountain will tell you to check out a store near the Royal Mausoleum...

... though when you check in with the vendor, southwest of the entrance to the Royal Mausoleum, he'll tell you that one of Vivi's maids just bought his entire stock. Several people south of the palace will suggest that the maid is in some trouble with ruffians. Head to the connecting gate between the Market District and the southern road out of Alubarna, then check the small set of stairs on the east side of the main stairs to the gate.

The maid is indeed in trouble, and you'll need to fight three Burglars to save her. They're nothing special. She'll give you Popular Lotion as thanks for the rescue. Nami and Robin will apply the perfume and lotion, and when you return to Eye-lashes by the palace... well, let's just move on from this Side Story, shall we? Enjoy your reward.