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A pleasant grassland next to the seaside town of Porto Marinada, West Province (Area Two) is a nice change of pace after trekking through the nearby desert. Nothing too crazy goes on here, giving you a chance to explore fairly stress-free. Enjoy.

West Province (Area Two) is located on the western coast of Paldea, just north of the Asado Desert. To reach Porto Marinada you'll need to go through West Province (Area Two).

West Province (Area Two) Pokémon
  • Arrokuda - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Buizel - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Chewtle - Near the river in the north of the area
  • Crawbrawler - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Cyclizar - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Deerling - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Donphan - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Drednaw - Near the river in the north of the area
  • Dugtrio - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Finizen - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Flaaffy - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Gabite - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Garchomp - Inside the Collonade Hollow (Terastallized)
  • Gible - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Girafarig - Grasslands
  • Grimer - Grasslands near Porto Marinada lighthouse
  • Gyarados - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Hariyama - Grasslands near the bridge to Casseroya
  • Kilowattrel - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Kirlia - Grasslands near Porto Marinada lighthouse
  • Larvitar - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Lokix - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Magikarp - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Makuhita - Cliffs near Porto Marinada
  • Maschiff - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Meditite - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Meowth - Grasslands
  • Murkrow - Grasslands
  • Nacli - Cliffs near Porto Marinada
  • Naclstack - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Noibat - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Oinkologne - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Paldean Tauros - Grasslands
  • Pawmi - Grasslands
  • Pawmo - Grasslands
  • Phanpy - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Psyduck - Near the river in the north of the area
  • Sableye - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Salandit - Inside the Collonade Hollow
  • Sandygast - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Shellder - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Shellos - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Slowpoke - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Staravia - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Stunky - Grasslands
  • Tadbulb - Near the river in the north of the area
  • Tandemaus - Grasslands near Porto Marinada
  • Wattrel - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Wiglett - Beach outside Porto Marinada (need to throw a ball at it to fight one)
  • Wingull - Beach outside Porto Marinada
  • Wugtrio - Beach outside Porto Marinada (need to creep up and throw a ball at it to fight one)
  • Yungoos - Inside the Collonade Hollow

Areas of Interest
  • On the cliffs beside Porto Marinada is one of Paldea's lighthouses. The Pokémon out front of the lighthouse are different from elsewhere in this area.
  • Along the bottom of the cliffs to the north of Porto Marinada you'll find a beach. There are a ton of Pokémon along this beach that you won't find elsewhere on the route. If you swim out far enough from this beach you'll reach the islands of the West Paldean Sea.
  • If you follow the main path from Porto Marinada to the east and stick with it you'll wind up in a rocky, pillar-filled tunnel called the Collonade Hollow that leads to West Province (Area Three). The Pokémon in the Hollow are different from those in the grasslands.
  • There's an eastbound stretch of grass in the northeast of West Province (Area Two). The bridge near the end of it leads to Casseroya Lake, in the north.

Items and NPCs of Note 
  • Along the road out of Porto Marinada you'll run into a picknicker who will give you a bunch of Ingredients and heal your team.
  • At the Pokémon Center you'll find a Pokémon League rep. He'll give you a Focus Sash for defeating four trainers in West Province (Area Two).
  • You'll find a Moon Stone behind the lighthouse near Porto Marinada. Climb to the top of the lighthouse to find TM 163 Hyper Beam.
  • Check up the hill to the east of the Pokémon Center and you'll find TM 137 Grassy Terrain.
  • You'll find a number of items down on the beach outside Porto Marinada, including TM 080 Metronome.
  • There's a Rare Candy sitting near the hill that leads back south, into the Asado Desert. If you follow the edge of the cliff to the east of the Rare Candy you'll find TM 041 Stored Power.
  • There's a cape stretching out into the water in the northwest of West Province (Area Two). Check the end of the cape for a Max Ether.
  • If you follow the grass path east, past the bridge to Casseroya Lake, you'll come to a dead end near a waterfall. Here you'll find TM 118 Heat Wave, as well as an ominous black stake to pull out.
  • If you travel through the Collonade Hollow you'll find a Max Ether and an Iron near the west end, TM 116 Stealth Rock on a fallen pillar on the west end, a Fighting Tera Shard roughly halfway through, and TM 115 Dragon Pulse on a ledge in the back, accessible via the east end of the tunnel. Near the ledge with the TM is a standalone pillar with an ominous black stake on top that you can't reach normally. There's also a  Gimmighoul hunkered down over here. Once you leave out the east end of the tunnel you'll find a Protein on your left, before you reach the bridge out of the area.


Joaquin the Courier
  • Rufflet, level 23
Location: On the road out of Porto Marinada
Reward: 2,116 P

You probably fought a bunch of these little Flying-types in Asado Desert. No big deal.

Yassin the Student
  • Sandygast, level 23
  • Masquerain, level 23
Location: On the road out of Porto Marinada, near Asado Desert
Reward: 736 P

Neither opponent is terribly potent. Ice-type moves will take them both down.

Aina the Waitress
  • Kirlia, level 23
Location: Along the cliff path north of the Pokémon Center
Reward: 2,116 P

Part Psychic and part Fairy, Kirlia can do virtually nothing to a strong Steel-type.

Juan the Scientist
  • Flaaffy, level 24
Location: On the west end of the rocky tunnel through the route
Reward: 2,208 P

Flaaffy isn't weak, but it's slow. A solid Ground-type move will take it out.

Aurora the Student
  • Cetoddle, level 
Location: About halfway through Collonade Hollow
Reward: 736 P

An Ice-type that's a little out of place in this spot, Cetoddle shoudn't give you much trouble. Fire-, Fighting-, Rock-, and Steel-type moves all work.

Abril the Student
  • Seviper, level 24
Location: By the northern bridge leading up to Casseroya Lake
Reward: 1,248 P

A pure Poison-type. Capable of some pain, inflicting the poison status ailment, but not a big deal. Psychic- and Ground-type moves will stomp Seviper.

Mikel the Poké Maniac
  • Charcadet, level 29
  • Spiritomb, level 29
Location: Eastern entrance of the Collonade Hollow
Reward: 4,640 P

Charcadet is just another Fire-type. Spiritomb's typing and moveset can make it a bit problematic, though Fairy-type moves will wipe it out. Be prepared for Spiritomb to wipe out the PP for your moves with Spite if the battle takes too long.