Main Walkthrough

Part fisherman and part musician, Theo is a friendly guy with what appears to be a bit of a tragic history. Living with his father and sister in Starlet Town, Theo is just trying to take his life one day at a time, and he seems happy to make new friends. Just... don't offer him any alcohol. It's a bad idea.

Theo's birthday is on the 11th of Fall. He can be romanced.

Theo's Schedule

Theo lives on the east side of Starlet Town with his father, Jim, and his sister, Lily. When he's not at home Theo spends much of his day working as a fisherman, down by the docks to the south of Starlet Town. Even during his time off you can sometimes find him down here, practicing his guitar near the Coral Inn. Overall it's not that difficult to track down Theo, even when his schedule changes.
  • Theo gets up fairly early, but he's usually the last one to the leave the house if Lily hasn't decided to work in the mornings. Once the home opens up you'll find him in the kitchen, doing dishes. Around 10:00 he'll set out to go somewhere in town. If Theo doesn't make the trek to the docks he may be headed to the Community Center for the day.
  • Theo spends most days fishing down at the docks, near the diving spot. He'll stay there until 16:00. If Theo went to the Community Center he'll spend most of the day there, going home after he's done sitting in the main hall. 
  • When Theo is done fishing he'll go to the Community Center On the weekends Theo will sometimes spend the evenings playing his guitar on the stage of Fishnsips. He'll stay there most of the evening before he heads home.
There's no one place you'll consistently find Theo, but once you learn the four spots he's most likely to be you can easily track him down on the map.

  • At two hearts Theo will randomly send you Black Sea Urchins in the mail.
  • At two hearts you can trigger a cutscene with Theo by entering the Community Center while he's inside. (It went off for me at 18:00, after he walked to the Community Center from the docks.)

Likes and Dislikes

Unlike the vast majority of townies in Coral Island, Theo will happily accept a few fish that you might catch. (He'll accept them all, though most get a neutral response.) That said, the easiest way to win his heart is to buy him Whole Coconut Drinks from the Beach Shack, available every season except Winter. They're 75 C apiece, and require a much smaller time investment than fishing. Do not give Theo any alcoholic drinks.

  • Fish Tacos
  • Fruit Juice
  • Whole Coconut Drink
  • Giant Stingrays
  • Monkfish
  • Octopuses
  • Red King Arowana
  • Yellow Moray Eels
  • Green Sawfish
  • Most Cooked Dishes
  • Most Flowers
  • Most Fruits
  • Most Vegetables
  • All Insects
  • All Artifacts
  • All Alcoholic Drinks
  • White Truffles
  • Black Truffles
  • Almonds
  • Peonies
  • Milk