Main Walkthrough

A newcomer from the big city, Scott has a passion for artifacts. Spending much of his time in or around the Museum - such as it is - Scott has dedicated his life to the discovery and preservation of all manner of antiquities, and he'll swiftly enlist your help in his quest. If you plan on filling up the Museum (which is a must if you want to raise the town's rank and unlock new features) you'll see a lot of Scott.

Scott's birthday is on the 12th of Spring. He can be romanced.

Scott's Schedule

Though he rents a room from Charles in a small home northeast of Fishnsips, on the docks of Starlet Town, Scott is usually found elsewhere on the island. He spends much of his time at the Museum, though Scott also has a touch of wanderlust, and can be found well beyond the bounds of the town from time to time. He's nevertheless fairly predictable, and not too difficult to find.
  • Scott leaves his home around 8:00, then usually starts the day with a coffee near the Sacred Tree just south of Ling's Laboratory. If he doesn't go for coffee Scott will travel to the Cavern, northwest of Starlet Town, and spend most of his day either outside, by the Fast Travel point, or inside, in the hub area. He'll stay here until 18:00.
  • Scott will usually head to the Museum between 10:00 and 12:00 when he's done with his coffee. He'll work there in the rear office until 18:00, emerging once it's dark outside. Occasionally he'll work late at the Museum and go straight home. On the weekends Scott will find somewhere to read, such as the plaza just north of Fishnsips. He'll stay here until it starts to get dark.
  • In the evening Scott will go to the plaza north of Fishnsips to read for a few hours before he goes home. On the weekends Scott will head to Fishnsips once it gets dark, along with much of the rest of the populace, and he'll hang out there until around 23:00. 


  • At two hearts you can trigger a cutscene with Scott by visiting the Community Center during the day (I went in at 11:00 and it went off).

Likes and Dislikes

True to his archaeological passions, Scott is a lover of Geodes, and will happily accept any you give him. Geodes are pretty valuable, however, so you may want to appeal to Scott's appetite instead. He likes egg products, and making him Mayonnaise is pretty easy once you have some Chickens on your farm.

  • All Geodes
  • Egg Custard
  • Falafel
  • Mayonnaise
  • Red King Arowana
  • Yellow Moray Eel
  • Giant Stingray
  • Pink Diamond
  • Most Flowers
  • Most Fruit
  • Most Gems
  • Most Cooked Dishes
  • Amaranth
  • Okra
  • Turnip
  • Tea Leaf
  • Milk
  • All Insects
  • Most Vegetables
  • Most Fish
  • Tulip
  • Violet
  • Trash