Main Walkthrough

Prerequisites: Max out Reyner's level 1 friendship

Reward: 125 G

Unlocks: Reyner level 2 friendship

The owner of the Bulk and Build, Reyner understandably spends a lot of time in his shop. If you're looking to befriend the carpenter then visiting the Bulk and Build in the west of Moonbury Town is the best place to start. He otherwise doesn't seem to have any places that he always visits besides his home, so you may want to use your dog to track him down when he's not at work.

Once you've maxed out the first level of friendship with Reyner you'll receive a house call the next day. Runeheart has dragged Rayner to you for an impromptu checkup. Diagnose his left shoulder and you'll quickly determine that he hurt himself while working. Reyner's quite stubborn about being handled by someone from the capital, however, and he'll leave before you can do anything.

The answer: Heat Paste. Heat Paste has a very simple template, with only eight squares to fill - but you can't use Water or Wind materials to make it. You can nevertheless concoct some Heat Paste with common ingredients from Meadow Range:
  • Place a Copper Nugget in the upper-right space on the template. Copper Nuggets are found by destroying rocks in Meadow Range.
  • Stick an Iron Ore in the lowest gap on the template. Iron Ore is also found by destroying rocks in Meadow Range.
  • Fill the two-square space on the left with Basil. Basil is located to the north of the landslide in Meadow Range.
  • All that will leave you a gap where you can place some Sap. You'll receive Sap from cutting down trees. Any kind of Sap will do.

Reyner is stubborn, so you need to deliver the Heat Paste to Runeheart. She works at Hearts and Sparks, a shop in the west of Moonbury, and spends most of the day in or around the store. If she's not there you may want to check Moonbury Park, a short walk to the south. Reyner (eventually) accepts the treatment, and your relationship will move to the second level as the quest ends.