Main Walkthrough 

Prerequisite: Start a new game

Reward: $100

Unlocks: The New Farmer

Welcome to Coral Island! After a quick introduction to the island - as well as several of its inhabitants, whom you'll get to know quite well - you'll be thrown into the thick of things. You're given a huge plot of land, one that's covered in stuff to clear, and left to fend for yourself. Cue the first quest of the game, Starting Out.

Your goal here is pretty simple: Plant and water ten seeds. You have fifteen Turnip Seeds to start out, as well as a bunch of tools, so you have everything you need to get the job done. First, though, you need to clear the land a bit. That's where the tools come into play.

Clearing the Land

At the moment almost every inch of your farmland is covered in stuff. Three of the tools you were given can clear away said stuff. You can access the tools via the Toolbelt menu at the bottom of the screen, either via your keyboard or by clicking on the icon. Each tool can rid you of different obstructions:

  • Your Axe can chop down trees, as well as clear fallen branches. You'll receive Wood and Sap for cutting up trees and branches.
  • Your Pickaxe can smash apart rocks. You'll receive Stone and Coal for smashing rocks.
  • Your Scythe can slice up weeds, tufts of grass, and piles of garbage. You'll receive a variety of items for completing these tasks, such as Fiber, Hay, Trash, and Scrap.
Everything you collect while working will appear either in your Toolbelt, or in your Backpack. All of the items you'll receive while clearing the land have their uses, so don't throw anything out. You have a bit of space in your Backpack for excess stuff.

Each time you perform an action with a tool you'll use up a bit of Stamina, denoted in the top-left corner of the screen. Stamina determines how much work you can do in a single day, and is restored either by eating food (such as the Candied Tree Seeds in your Toolbelt) or by going to sleep. Once you run out of Stamina you're done working for the day, so keep an eye on the top-left corner of the screen so you know how much more you can do. Don't get too over-zealous cleaning up, or you'll run out of steam.

Once you've cleared away enough debris you can begin the next phase of Starting Out: Planting your crops.


In order to plant seeds in Coral Island you first need to till the land you've cleared. You can do this by equipping your Hoe, which is also in your Toolbelt. Use the Hoe on a cleared section of dirt and you'll create a patch of darkened soil that's suitable for planting. After that all you need to do is equip the Turnip Seeds and interact with each patch of soil to plant them. The seeds will appear in the soil and begin the growing process, which will take several days.

You can't just plant seeds and expect them to grow, however - you also need to water them. This brings us to your final tool, the Watering Can. Equip it and you can sprinkle water onto the tilled squares to nourish the seeds you've planted. You don't need to be right beside the tilled squares to water them, so this process requires a bit less movement than you might think. (Especially if you've played other farming games.) Your Watering Can carries a limited amount of water, and you can refill it via the pool to the right of your farm when you run out.

Plant a minimum of ten Turnip Seeds - though you might as well plant all fifteen - and water them. Now begins the waiting game. It will take four days for the Turnips to fully ripen, allowing you to harvest them. Once you've pulled your Turnips out of the ground you can place them in the Shipping Bin near the front of your house. Anything placed in the Shipping Bin will automatically be sold at the end of the day, and the resulting profits will go straight to you. This is your primary (but not only) method for making money in Coral Island.

Visiting Town

Before you can complete Starting Out you have one more thing to do, and you can get it done before your Turnips grow. Head into town to the east of your farm. A short walk east of town square, near the Community Center, you'll find Sam's General Store. Inside is Sam, who will sell you additional Seeds to plant. Sam's Seeds formulate the backbone of your money-making efforts early in the game, and you should probably buy some more while you're here. Visiting Sam will also trigger the next quest, The New Farmer.

Harvest your Turnips and speak to Sam for the first time to complete the quest. This does not, however, close out the quest. To do this you need to enter your Journal, scroll to Quests, choose Starting Out, and Claim Reward under the quest details. This will earn you your reward and officially complete the quest. You won't earn anything until you do this, so don't forget to check your Journal.

Main Walkthrough